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About Faith  
Faith works with the angelic host, your Guardian Angel of the Living Light, assisting you in rising above what is limiting you in your life. As a student of the ancient teachings of Medieval Astrology developed by Robert E. Zoller, she also uses this to assist you in getting to know yourself on a very deep level. "(Wo)Man Know Thyself."

Understanding that all of our experiences and our challenges are really our soul lessons is the first step to the key to freedom of life here on Earth. The second step is knowing what to do and taking proper action.

Faith assists those who struggle with limiting beliefs find their personal power, thus achieving a powerful new point of self-perception. This is extremely important so that we are fully grounded, honoring our life while we are here on Earth: our soul sent us here to learn, to grow, to heal ourselves, and to be in service in joy by using our “God-given” talents. 

It's time for you to live YOUR idea of Heaven on Earth. Learn how to live a happy and prosperous life!

Faith Parent Hendrickson
Founder, HeartLight Communications
P.O. Box 2311, Apex, NC 27502, USA
Office: (919) 362-0787
Web Site: 
Faith is co-hosting radio broadcasts with Michelle Manders of Palace of Peace Talk Radio (POP Talk Radio): Tuesdays.

Regardless of the area of life you need assistance, Faith works with you, your Higher Self, your guardian angels, and the angelic host to assist you in providing easy and practical methods that support you so you can live a joyful, empowered, balanced life, while living “Heaven on Earth”—even in the midst of chaos. One of the primary benefits of this work is the natural building up of one's auric field, so if you are an empath or sensitive to the energies of others and the energies around you, this work will help you as well..

Faith is an ordained minister, and a student of a two-year diploma program for Medieval Astrology (prior to “Traditional Astrology”—Medieval Astrology is the parent of modern astrology). Faith is also an Akashic Record Guardian and Akashic Record Gate Keeper, and she is the Founder, Owner, Director of HeartLight Communications. 

In addition, Faith has been initiated by Master Kuthumi-Agrippa, Cohan of the Ray of Love and Wisdom, to hold the Palace of Peace energy in the USA, representing Michelle Manders’ teachings; Faith is a Golden Temple Teacher for the Palace of Peace, a Spiritual University founded and created by Michelle Manders. 

More About Faith and Her Work...       
Faith has over 38 years’ experience in business, including a career in corporate America in administration and technical service management; HR; finance/accounting and revenue recognition/billing; contracts/legal and contract negotiation; as well as small business; owning her own businesses including an S-Corporation; and experience working in the entertainment industry. She’s currently a student of the diploma course in Medieval Astrology (known as traditional astrology which birthed modern astrology), expanding her studies on the journey of the soul.  Faith is married, a mother of two young-adult children and is a licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor (aerobic group fitness), which adds great joy in her life, as well as the extremely important subject of balancing the body/mind/spirit.

Many people do not understand the analytical process of not only deciding but “dissecting” their life in order to manifest the process, the order, the routine, and the boundaries which are required to bring them into a higher state of their own being. During sessions Faith connects with your soul and the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms (the Angelic Host)--the higher forms of guidance and streams of consciousness who provide important information to assist us. In sessions, you are assisted in breaking things down into small, bite-sized pieces and rebuilding it. Faith assists through bringing practical processes into manifestation which enables stable processes to be implemented as a routine for the body, mind, and soul. She has the ability to see the big picture, helping one to gain wisdom through experiential learning, for it is when we realize that is through our pain and not getting “what I want” or “what I expect” that we can grow. 

In actuality, these discomforts are where we can learn most about the attachments we hold about ourselves. Faith helps you to realize that in order to manifest, the first step is to be able to accept limitation first, and this means we are to become a master at something in our life. To do this, we sometimes have to limit ourselves to a specific activity until we are proficient at it. This includes assisting in indentifying the gift within the limitation from which wisdom can be taken, releasing the rest. Regardless of who we are in life and in society, we are not able to manifest all of our needs met if we are unwilling to accept limitation. When we can accept these limits with grace, nurturing ourselves--which nurtues the soul--this is when one can manifest prosperity for the self. If we don’t learn to do this, we are kept in survival mode.  

During sessions, Faith is able to provide specific suggestions for many areas of life in ways to take grounded, love-based actions to be able to move on. Her broad background and experiences in the many realms is extremely beneficial in developing one’s own complete holistic approach to life. After a session, people comment that how much they received spiritually from sessions and feel a change and connectedness that’s a fresh new start with a new perspective and new energy, feeling a sense of peace and believing in a better future as you receive assistance in how to build your life in this New World!During sessions, Faith is able to provide specific suggestions for many areas of life in ways to take grounded, love-based actions to be able to move on. Her broad background and experiences in the many realms is extremely beneficial in developing one’s own complete holistic approach to life. After a session, people comment that how much they received spiritually from sessions and feel a change and connectedness that’s a fresh new start with a new perspective and new energy, feeling a sense of peace and believing in a better future as you receive assistance in how to build your life in this New World!

In addition, Faith has been initiated by Kuthumi-Agrippa to hold the Palace of Peace energy in the USA and represents Michelle Manders’ teachings there. Faith is currently collaborating with Michelle and the Palace of Peace in bringing awareness and teachings on living in this new world post 2012 where all karmic contracts have ended.  It's time for you to choose which you refer to live in: Heaven or Hell here on Earth?   Please scroll down below to read more about this extremely important work with the Palace of Peace and click here to read Faith's article, "Peace is Where Your Power Is."

Faith has a very strong connection to the heavenly realms of spirit and has had many personal experiences with these various realms; her abilities include clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, and she has been providing "Ascension Readings" since 2007. 

Article: "From Fate to Destiny--Our Ascension" 
by Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson

Fate is living your life and experiencing struggles that bind you to certain individuals and situations that 
include limitation and much fear-based activity, which usually results in a fear-based response from either 
habit, upbringing, trauma, or lack of being "enlightened" as to the truth of the situation , which includes your
 belief or perception of a situation.  This also includes how we view/feel about our own self.  Every challenge 
is to show us the truth about ourselves.  In that moment of a challenge or obstacle, we are provided the Law 
of Free Will/Choice to choose to either respond from love or from fear.  If we continue to let our lives run us 
(chaos, detachment, victim, etc.) and not look at what our soul has placed in front of us to examine, then our 
lives continue with these struggles, and this is known as the Wheel of Karma.  

Ascension is the process of moving out of the Wheel of Karma, and entering a new life and experiencing "heaven" on earth without physically dying.  In that moment of free will when we choose to respond from love, understanding and cooperation, we are experiencing the "Light" side of God, or Mother/Father God or Source Energy.  We move from a life of fate and karma (fear-based reactions) into our destiny, which is to live a heart-centered life, and to experience here on Mother Earth what "Heaven" feels like.  Ascension is moving out of the inner Hell and into this inner Heaven, and we do this by "fighting" for our life.  As we learn to let go of the world that no longer serves us, including relationships, family members, jobs, situations, possessions, systems that are not in serving our highest path or that serve to disempower us, etc., we must face our "fight for our lives" from a higher perspective.  If we continue to resist the obstacles (our or fate or karma), then the challenges will continue.  The challenges in our lives are not meant "to do us in," but rather to push us to search our soul for a deeper understanding of ourselves.  Our journey here on Earth is specifically about experiencing life here as a human and getting to know ourselves and to create a whole new life and a whole new world, leaving behind the mundane and to experience of life of true freedom:  True freedom is:  the freedom to love, the freedom to live, to grow, to heal, to resurrect, and to create.  We've forgotten that the most important part of creating is co-creating with God at the center of everything, which is also love.  

The Universal Cosmic Laws are currently being anchored here on earth, replacing man-made laws that kept us from living free.  This means the end of a cycle of limitation and the mundane with the beginning of a new cycle where we create  in the "Spirit of Co-opetition," if you will, where we will construct our new world.  Because there has been so much distortion during our time of "sleep," it now falls upon each of us, individually, to discover our individual truth, and to face our fears, rising above them.  As humans we have never been this far in our journey, and we have no frame of reference, no past experiences, to grab onto from other life times, so this can add to any existing fears, too.  

As we anchor in the Divine Plan in which humanity is ascending into a "Golden Consciousness," we find ourselves between the old and the new worlds, which can also be confusing.  Our destiny is to find our own inner light and to rise above our world of limitation.  Know that there is a big difference between your fate and your destiny, and since you're reading this article, you have consciously chosen to rise above your fate and move into your destiny!  You are on a pathway seeing the world in a different way and from the perspective of higher knowledge, a higher awareness, rather than seeing it from a wounded self perspective.

You are not your fate.  You are a wonderfully powerful co-creator with Mother/Father God, and it is your Divine right to live your life from love and freedom.  We will be experiencing both love and freedom in ways that we've never accessed before, and to do this, we must get to know ourselves as individuals and tap into our personal intuition.  It is from our Inner Light, the Light of Mother/Father God, from which we will be living here on Earth.  We will be bringing in new technologies, sciences, arts, music, healing, anything we can create by tapping into the most amazing resource, which starts with each one of us.  

This is why a spiritual pathway is necessary to continue life here on Earth.  We need to learn to tap into our intuition, which is our spirit self communicating with Mother/Father God.  We are also receiving guidance from the angels and other members of a wonderfully vast spiritual hierarchy who are here to help us at this amazing time now and in our future.  The way we do this is by being disciplined, determined, courageous and  getting to know ourselves, as this is self-empowerment.  Self-empowerment is the journey of self discovery which leads to self love.  This process of self-empowerment is the most important process of uplifting the soul from fate and taking it to meet its destiny, where we can be creative, be free and rise in love, while being humble and grateful.

We are not alone and we are loved!  It is through my own  personal experience of moving into my destiny that I have witnessed this to be true. Although my destiny has been hinted to me over my entire life, in 2005 events occurred that were extremely profound where I was not able to ignore the signs anymore; it was, quite frankly, my time.  Yes, there is such a thing as "Divine Timing" as we exit our karma.  My soul had plans for me, and it was time to wake up on levels I never could have imagined.  I've had experiences that my soul took me through that I, as Faith in the physical reality of this Earth plane, never could have thought up, let alone create.  My experiences include more than just the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms and takes me into realms that show me what it means to be a multi-dimensional human being.  This is available for all of us, as we are entering a new dimension of self-discovery, offering a pathway and an opportunity to meet ourselves on an individual basis on a whole new level and a whole new way.  You will see that all of this work you've done on yourself is how you step into your destiny.  This is one of the most powerful journeys of awakening you will ever experience!  

At this point in my destiny, one of my current roles and responsibilities is to share how I found my own destiny so that others can find out for themselves as well, learning how to follow your soul's prompting, to develop your intuition, and to have a daily spiritual ritual, including to know yourself better and to know your beliefs vs. someone else's beliefs or illusions.  This is what it means to be your authentic self!

As a side note, as people are "waking up," they are having experiences they need help understanding, such as "seeing things" or beings they don't understand.  These experiences will continue and become more widespread as it's part of the Divine Plan for us to wake up and to know the truth about us, Mother/Father God, and our universe and the universes within our universe!   

It is my honor, privilege and a blessing to be able to serve in this capacity, sharing how I have worked to step out of my fate and continue my journey into more fully stepping into my destiny.    I wish you many blessings as you overcome your fate, facing your "shadows," to find out who you truly are.  It is well worth the effort!   This is just the beginning!  Many Blessings!     ^j^

Beginning March 2012... ​

Please read the following excerpt from a message from Michelle Manders, Founder of the Palace of Peace:

​As mentioned above, Faith has been initiated by Kuthumi-Agrippa to hold the Palace of Peace energy in the USA and represents my (Michelle Manders’) teachihgs there. Faith is currently collaborating with me and the Palace of Peace in bringing awareness regarding how negative energies and environment impact us and our families.  

​Over and above this, we also need to become acutely aware of how other people and our environment impact our energy and, therefore, our emotions, thoughts, attitude and actions. ​

Faith is adept at working with exorcising and eliminating from one’s energy field, or physical self/space, dark and negative energies. She has been assigned the task of assisting Mother Earth and humanity in being released from old paradigm "Psychic Black Mail" contracts and Ancestral Contracts pertaining to ancestors who made a so-called "Deal with the Devil." Understanding how these kinds of energies impact one is essential. Many times people do not even realise they are dealing with such ancestral baggage and go through life feeling they are "cursed" but have no explanation for it. Over and above this, we also need to become acutely aware of how other people and our environment impact our energy and, therefore, our emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and actions.​

Faith has written a fabulous article explaining this in-depth. Click here to read more about this.

The 2012 Ascension Gate Wave is growing in strength magnetically attracting us to opportunities to take on this almighty shift in consciousness. We are the Catalyst Angels paving the way leading to 2020. There is a gargantuan amount of new information awaiting us in support of co-creating what is required to ensure "The Light" become majority rule in the future. However, we are the ones who have to meet Spirit half-way and do our bit so that what has been promised can materialise. Complacency, fear and denial will get us no-where fast. We cannot expect our life and world to change if no-one is willing to step up and take on the task at hand. This is the awakening of the true Warriors and Warrioresses of the New World. If we choose to remain dis-empowered and paralysed by our fears we have given in to the Matrix of Illusion. No thanks!!​

I am extremely excited by the new projects I have been assigned. I am deeply blessed, honoured and inspired to continue serving as I do because I know "this stuff" works! It has for me and for the people I am currently working with. There are always solutions, you just need to know where to look - "Where there is a Will there is a Way." Embrace your Will in a new Way and you WILL be shown what that Way is. If you are Willing to do this, for yourself, then there is no other Way other than a New Way. ​

Join our Palace of Peace Group on Facebook for regular updates, inspirational articles, and guidance to assist you in keeping your healing momentum flowing.​

Much love,
Michelle Manders
Palace of Peace International

~Working with Your Intuition, Angels and Guides in a Spiritual Practice~
This angel was "given" to me as a vision on July 2, 2009.  As part of my spiritual practice, I've developed the ability to trust my intuition and to follow "threads" of information that lead me to more information which often provides a more tangible result of this rather intangible practice.  I didn't know what this angel meant at the time, but two days later I was guided to open the book, *UNVEILED MYSTERIES, by Godfre Ray King. You'll see the explanation of this drawing, which begins on page 223 and I have included below.  Also,this angel represents Science of Love, which is from the Temple of the Sun where the Tablets of The Science of Love are stored. This specific information was channeled on June 7, 2010. by Michelle Manders,, as part of the Law of Destiny.  This is also an example of how truth builds on more truth, as well as an example of "trusting what you get"!
These two sketches are just a couple of many examples I have experienced in dealing with the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms, including working with my guardian angels, since 2005.  This is also an example of how I help people do the same for themselves as part of their own spiritual practice.  Please note that I have been able to do this while working full time in a very demanding job, being married, a mother of two children, pets, and doing volunteer work. In other words, I made the time to make my spiritual practice a priority for myself.
~How Do I Work With My Soul Guardian Angel?~
This very powerful angel was "given" to me as a vision on July 2, 2009, as well, but all I was aware of at the time was I had this huge amazing angel working with me and protecting me. It wasn't until June 3, 2010, I was told that this very powerful angel is my Soul Guardian Angel.  Most of us are familiar with a Spirit Guardian Angel, but this is a different Guardian Angel. The collective consciousness knows this angel as Archangel Gabriel, or to some as Archangel Gabrielle.  Working with your Soul Guardian Angel will empower you immensely, as it is their role to assist you to move into your destiny.

To work with your Soul Guardian Angel (you do not need to know the name of your angel), simply call upon the angel and no matter how mundane or large your request, call any time of day or night.  Here are a few suggestions:
--As part of my daily spiritual practice:  I ask for protection, to harmonize my energies, and to be aligned with my sacred truth.  
--When I am facing challenges: I set aside a specific time each day for 7 days in a row and during that time, I focus specifically on the issue at hand with my Soul Guardian Angel.  It can be 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or even 5 minutes, it's entirely your choice, but focus on that for 7 days and then let it go, and trust that your Guardian Angel will help you find the solutions, the doors to open, and the truth, which shall set you free. So for 7 days:
--Ask your Guardian Angel to please listen to your intention/s and show and guide you as to the best way forward from where you are. 
--Read your intention out loud to your Guardian Angel. Finish off by giving thanks for your intention being heard and for the support you require in order to manifest your intentions in accordance with the highest will of your soul under grace in perfect, harmonious, and miraculous ways. 
--On the 7th day itself, repeat the above as you did for the prior 6 days, today you are to let your intentions go; safely into the hands of your Guardian Angel! Your Guardian Angel is now working to help you manifest your intentions, so pay attention in the days and weeks ahead of you and follow the signs! 

It is my prayer that this information was helpful to you on your own personal journey.  I plan to include more information about some of the specific things I do now (and have done in the past) that have helped me on my path of becoming my authentic self, strengthening my spiritual energies, intuition, and my very strong connection to the spirit world.  I know my destiny, and building my personal relationship with the balance of our true Divine Father and Divine Mother of Unconditional Living Love and Living Light is the most rewarding experience I could ever imagine. One of the most beneficial ways to live life is to respond with love and cooperation and that having this relationship helps keep me in a balanced approach to life.  These are amazing times where we are stepping into with a new cycle of putting emphasis on the higher mind, on Philosophies, spirituality, and I am very excited to be sharing in these times along with you as your partner in this new Earth!  Scroll down to read the article, "From Fate to Destiny--Our Ascension." Love, Faith 

*Quoted from UNVEILED MYSTERIES, Master Saint Germain...
"Love is Harmony, and without it in the beginning of form, that form could not come into existence at all.  Love is the cohesive Power of the Universe, and without it a Universe could not be. 
In your scientific world Love expresses itself as the attractive force between electrons. It is the directive Intelligence which wills them into form, the Power which keeps them whirling around central core, and the Breath within the core that draws them into it. The same thing is true of each vortex of force everywhere in creation. 
A central core and the electrons whirling around it form an atom. This core of Love is to the atom what the magnetic pole is to the earth and what the spine is to the human body. Without a central core or Heart Center, there is only the unformed Universal Light--the electrons filling Infinity and whirling around the Great Central Sun. 
The Electron is the Pure Spirit or 'Light' of God. It remains forever Uncontaminated and Perfect. It is Eternally Self-Sustained, Indestructible, Self-Luminous and Intelligent. If it were not, it could not and would not obey 'The Law'--the directing activity of Love. It is Immortal, Ever-Pure, Intelligent Light-Energy, and the only Real, True Substance out of which everything in the Universe is made--The Eternally, Perfect Life Essence of God. 
Interstellar space is filled with this pure Light Essence. It is not dark and in chaos, as has been the ignorant, limited concept of puny, human intellects. This Great Sea of Universal Light that exists everywhere throughout Infinity is consistently being drawn into form and given a quality of one kind or another, according to the way the electrons are held around a central point or core by Love.
The number of electrons which combine with each other in a specific atom is the result of, and determined by, conscious thought. The rate at which they whirl around the central core is the result of, and determined by feeling. The intensity of the drawing and whirling motion within the central core is the Breath of God, and therefore the most concentrated activity of Divine Love. Speaking in scientific terms, it would be called centripetal force. These are the determining factors which make the quality of an atom.
Thus you will see the atom is an entity--a living, breathing thing--created or brought into existence by the Breath, the Love of God, through the Will of Self-conscious Intelligence. In this way, 'the Word is made flesh.' The machinery that Self-Conscious Intelligence uses to accomplish this manifestation of its Being is thought and feeling.
Destructive thought and discordant feeling so rearrange the ratio and rate of speed of the electrons within the atom that the duration of the Breath of God within the pole is changed. The duration of the Breath is decreed by the Will of the Consciousness using that particular kind of atom. If that Conscious Directing Will is withdrawn, the electrons lose their polarity and fly apart, seeking their way back--intelligently, mind you--to the Great Central Sun, repolarizing themselves. There they receive Love only; the Breath of God is never ending, and Order--the First Law--is eternally maintained.
Some scientists have claimed and taught that planets collide in space. No such thing is possible. To do so would be to throw the entire Plan of Creation into chaos. It really is fortunate indeed that the Mighty Laws of God are not limited to the opinions of some of the children of earth. It does not matter what any scientist, mundane or otherwise, thinks. God Creation is ever moving forward and expressing more and more Perfection.
The constructive thought and harmonious feeling within a human mind and body are the activities of Love and Order. These permit the Perfect Ration and Speed of the electrons within the atom to remain permanent, and this they stay polarized at their particular point in the Universe as long as the duration of the Breath God within their core is held steady by the Will of the Directing, Self-Conscious Intelligence using the body in which they exist. In this way, the quality of Perfection and the maintenance of Life in a human body is always under the conscious control of the Will the individual occupying it. The Will of the individual is supreme over his temple, and even in cases of accident, no one leaves his body temple until he wills to do so. Very often pain in the body, fear, uncertainty, and many other things influence the personality to change its decision concerning what it has willed in the past, but everything that happens to the body is and will always be under the control of the individual's free will.
To understand the above explanation concerning the electron--and the conscious control the individual has through his thought and feeling to govern the atomic structure of his own body--is to understand the One Principle governing form throughout Infinity. When man will make the effort to prove this to himself or within his own atomic flesh body, he will then proceed to master himself. When he has done that, all else in the Universe is his willing co-worker to accomplish whatsoever he wills through Love.
 Whoever makes himself willingly obedient unto the Law of Love has Perfection in his mind and world permanently maintained. Unto him and him alone does All Authority and Master belong. He only has the right to rule, because he has first learned to obey. When he has obtained obedience from the atomic structure within his own mind and body, all atomic structure outside of his mind and body will obey also.
Thus mankind through thought and feeling has the power--each individual within himself--to rise to the highest or sink to the lowest. Each one alone determines his own pathway of experience. By conscious control of his attention as to what he allows his mind to accept, he can walk and talk with God Face to Face--or looking away from God, become lower than the animals, sinking his human consciousness into oblivion. In the latter case, the God Flame Within him then withdraws from its human habitation. After aeons of time it tries a human journey once again into the world of physical matter, until final victory is accomplished consciously and of it own Free Will..."
King, Godfre Ray. Unveiled Mysteries. Vol. 1. 1934. Schaumburg: Saint Germain Foundation, Saint Germain Press, 2005. Print. The Saint Germain Series. pp. 223-228; and
~More About Faith's Work~
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Before taking any action, which "wolf" has your heart? This is important to know/understand as that will be the motivating energy behind the actions you are about to take. The foundation you are building. Read the above "Cherokee" before taking action....the action you're about to take may not bring your intended result!