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Peace Talk Radio: 
"Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith"

Faith, HeartLight Communications, is in collaboration with Michelle Manders, Palace of Peace, Johannesburg, South Africa, and is co-hosting this Peace Talk Radio Show with Michelle. 

It has been a dream of Faith's for many years to have a platform where free, candid conversations about living life here on Earth in the New World can take place, and Michelle has created such a platform! 

Palace of Peace is a University of Spiritual Life Skills with teachings of the Ascended Masters as channelled through Michelle Manders. Listen live by joining us on Tuesdays. Scroll down to view our schedule. Click here to register.
We are ALL co-creating this new world together! 
The lower ego complicates; the soul simplifies.
Join Faith and Michelle as they share
essential soul skills for these new times!  

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Faith with Michelle Manders
Pilgrimage to Greece
September 2013
Welcome to a most momentous occasion for humanity, a time that our souls and Mother Earth have waited 26,000 years to arrive! And although the soul, at times, resists energies due to these many thousands of years of different lessons, growth opportunities, change, life, death, rebirth, your soul knows this is marking the greatest change in its evolution to date!

The place you originate is a place of love, a place of peace, a place of harmony, and this is where you are returning. Finally, we can live the "High Life," meaning the heights of love, of light.

We are now in a world that embodies a totally different system of action, communication, and living, which most of humanity is unaware. Everything still "looks the same." This new world we've recently entered (between the dates of August 13-20, 2016) requires of us to take actions in every-day-living in a whole new way from now on!

Perhaps you're thinking that things look like they're getting worse, there are even more challenges than ever before? Instead, the truth of the matter is that what needs to be exposed for transformation is being brought to the surface and out into the *Light*! Anything that does not serve the greater good is showing you that it's time for new, higher solutions.

This is the realm of "mind-full living," and your soul has anticipated this for a such a long time! We are learning to master the material world, the old world.

These new solutions and the higher ways of life can only be obtained by detaching from our habits of old-world living.

In order for every soul to meet the empowering aspects of their internal Palace of Peace, they have to make peace with challenge, as challenges are often times the soul's way of detaching from the experience of fear.  I wrote a newsletter about this at the beginning of 2016

The soul essence does not experience fear, so 
it will initiate the detachment process.

The Ascended Master and Angelic realms (the angelic host) is continuing their assistance with us to ensure that we understand what it is we need to do, humanity, to bring the necessary changes, and they have also assisted in Mother Earth's healing and clearing as well.

Michelle and I have been writing, sharing, and speaking about many of these changes over the years, but what makes this a most significant time is that Mother Earth has recently (August 13-20, 2016) undergone a major "reset" as it relates to no longer anchoring major energetic grids that has kept us prisoners of a very greedy and fear-based world.

The intention of this series is to provide a platform of discussion for real-life living processes on this "new Earth." This is extremely important and goes far beyond reading or listening to channelings.

Michelle (the Palace of Peace) and I (HeartLight Communications) are in collaboration together to bring awareness and to reach as many people as possible by discussing the new way of life so that you know how to change your own life, what to do, and to answer the many emails they both receive from many who are weary.

We must understand and get used to the idea that Mother Earth is like a new planet: it's like moving to a whole new world and learning how to live. This is how significantly different these times are for all of us, but because things look the same and worse, it's assumed things are getting worse.

This is an opportunity of deploying the many simple methods recently taught to us by Kuthumi-Agrippa, Mary Magdalene, et al, as they teach us how to master the material world, to be ascended masters and to work together to bring this New Earth now and for the future.

The reality is " Things Are Getting Better! " Life on Earth since December 2012 has changed significantly as we've known it, and since then there have been major planetary events to assist Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants to leave the old world behind of poverty and lack consciousness so that we can now bring our own idea of what Heaven on Earth means for each of us. Regardless of your own vision, the commun-unity of prosperity consciousness, victory consciousness, unconditional love, etc., is the primary motivation fueling the lives of those who are ready to heal their wounds and own their lives in a whole new way!

If you're interested in learning how to live your life anew, to change the physicality and/or emotional/mental/spiritual parts of your life, please join Michelle Manders and I for weekly 60-minute discussions about living life in this new world, how to apply simple new ways of living "Life on Earth 101!," each Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. CAT/SAST, 6:00 a.m. EDT/3:00 a.m. PDT.

To convert from 12:00 p.m. CAT/SAST to your local time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html.

Please email me with any questions you may have about this radio program or if you'd like assistance with your particular challenges: [email protected]

Welcome to the new world, the new you!

Welcome to Peace Talk Radio's "Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith," 2017! 

This program is a platform where free, candid conversations about 
living life here on Earth in the New World can take place!

We talk about all things spiritual!

This is an extremely important time for you, 
for humanity, and for Mother Earth.

Life is no longer to be lead from a "lack" mentality, 
no more victim consciousness, no more poverty consciousness.
There is a zero tolerance zone (ZTZ!) for lack now!

Learn more about these new times and how to properly use your free will!
BE the change you want to see in the world.

You, standing in your Light, can make a difference--more than you know!

Join us for Peace Talk Radio's "Soul Chat with Faith and Michelle," 2017!
 ~ Tuesdays, 12:00-1:00 PM CAT/SAST ~
6:00 AM EDT / 3:00 AM PDT

This is your live, free guidance and support webinar 
for living life in the 
New World of Prosperity Consciousness.
This is a new time of merging Heaven on Earth,
Regardless of what's going on around you!

Michelle Manders, your Host, www.MichelleManders.com
Faith Parent Hendrickson, co-host

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If you can't attend live, listen to the recording posted after the broadcast.

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July 2017 throughout the rest of 2017
Please click here to read this email for details, as we had another event on Wednesday.
Tuesday, July 18Our new Foundation for our NEW LIFE is set! Click here for the recording of today's broadcast as we discuss what the Reunion is, why it's important for all of us, and Harmonic Universe #4.
Wednesday, July 19Want to have a life you LOVE? This is not a Soul Chat show, but a very important opening (in a Soul Chat format) to the next step of a massive Ascension Wave and the project we are working on for this massive transition: The Sacred Chronicles of Aurora. Click here for the meeting and to view the presentationClick here for just the MP3 and the full presentation--no video.

Click on the date below for the Recording Link for broadcasts from July 25, 2017, to present:
July 25: Discussion around this new Harmonic Universe #4, what it means to you, and what you need to do.
August 1: Authentic Awakening and Ascension: Be brave! It's a time of stepping out, honestly communicating your truth--which may not come in a sophisticated, lady- or gentlemanly-like manner. Learn more about this and the Universal Time Matrix experiencing a reality that houses the Earth many different levels of consciousness. Within this is 5 densities of different levels of consciousness systems. Those connected to the 5 senses are having massive wake-up calls, some having major losses, think the world's gone mad etc. This Universal Time Matrix is teaching everyone!
August 8: This is a powerful day today, where the 8:8:8 transmission is held, and this is discussed in today's broadcast. Begin to consciously direct energy to the good--choose prosperity consciousness over poverty consciousness. This is an important overview of the recent and upcoming August energies and how to live your life. I asked questions such as: families and/or spouse/mate/partner verbally attacking us, where is our divine counterpart, and why you may be feeling sick. This is such an important time for all of us. Hear the tips on how to manage life!
August 15: "The Masculine Rising": This month is such an amazing month of events where we now have parts of our life blueprint integrating where we've never been able to before. What does this mean? This month is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure that the Golden Age of Peace comes together, ensuring love-based unity consciousness is successful. This is a massive healing taking place: not just a little, but a MASSIVE cosmic wound healing. You'll learn more about this, how EVERYONE is being effected, and the importance of choosing a different way of reacting, and what to do when negativity comes your way. You'll also learn more about the dark force agenda deliberately doing all that they can to throw you off center. This can show itself a great deal in our relationships and within our families as well. The dark forces have retaliated in full swing after this recent weekend of the "Switch On". Implement valuable lifestyle tools now! Hear more examples and tips in this broadcast. 

**We also highly recommend that you strengthen your 12th Dimension Platinum Shield of Living Liquid Light, the energy system that is specifically designed to strengthen our energy multi-dimensionally and multi-universally. Your shield ensure every dimension of our authentic self is aligned with the higher dimensional energies which are beyond Harmonic Universe #1, #2, and even #3. At Harmonic Universe #3, we're already accessing the pulses that these higher dimensions offer that becomes the invitation magnetically drawing the energy into our spaces where we've awoken, triggered, activated on these advanced levels, so the more these advanced levels connect with us, the more aware and conscious we become. There is an excellent piece of work by Lisa Renee that you can use to strengthen your 12th Dimension Platinum Shield. Here is the link to her page that includes a video (scroll to the bottom), which is very easy to follow. At a MINIMUM, do this twice a day, morning and night:http://dragonlive64.weebly.com/12-d-shield.html.

The following link provides an explanation about the Harmonic Universes and is also by Lisa Renee: 

August 22: "Staying positive IS the remedy."The energies of August, including yesterday's eclipse, are simply over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities we've never experienced before, so listen to today's broadcast to hear more about symptoms and WHY you're going through what you're going through. You also hear more descriptions and definitions of key terms used and part of the new world. Some of the questions sent in: Why am I having such intense emotional outbursts? I've been "releasing" and "doing my inner work for years, so where's my "stuff" (relationships, job, family, etc.) I wish manifest in my life? We have so many "selves," that I'm loosing track: our higher self, Christ self, empowered, future self, etc., what are the differences? Explain the 24 God seeds, as the show of July 25th had a connection drop. And listen to the feedback we're receiving from our listeners! Have a question or comment? Email me: [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

August 29: "When will my ship come in?!" In today's broadcast we expanded on last week's topic of "where's my ___?" and called this broadcast "When is my ship coming in?" First we talk about ways to quiet your mind, as asked by a listener, and that was a beautiful segue to fully discussing why there's an area (or even areas) of your life that is not manifesting as you wish. Quite frankly many are frustrated and just fed up! This is a great conversation that is like having a personal coaching session for living life in these very challenging times. You'll hear tips and questions to ask yourself that can be very revealing. Enjoy! 

Sept. 5: "Planetary Ascension" Lip service, cliche? Much of what is said about our Ascension does sound like a bunch of strung-on cliche catch phrases, but this is when it's taken in the mind only. When you actually embody the Living Light and Living Love invitation being extended to us, it takes on a whole new experience of Healing Intelligence. In Part 7 of the Sacred Chronicles of Aurora we were told that our healing intelligence needs to be awoken by us and to invite this into our entire system to communicate to us: Invite the intelligence of the organs of your body to speak to you. Listen to your body. Faith shares an example of an easy technique she used to reveal a surprising answer. This may leave you quite inspired in doing the same for yourself! "God within itself is now ready to know itself in its fullness in you. Therefore, you in your fullness knowing you means God know you in yourself in that manner you know yourself." Part 7, Sacred Chronicles of Aurora  This will shift your idea and previous notions of your own creativity and limited thinking/fears around this critical life skill in the new world! (Please note that we had a problem with the first few minutes of recording the show so the initial introduction was lost.)

Sept. 12: "Shielding and Protection" This is a time of seeing every single soul on Planet Earth being touched in some way or form; whether they believe it or not is irrelevant. The energy touches every single soul. This is the massive shift that will result in us manifesting the Golden Age of Peace on Earth and this is an extraordinary event and opportunity. While the world may be in chaos, you can still experience a deep sense of peace and live your life in a state of bliss; however, there are times where we do have rough and tough times. This Soul Chat platform Michelle and Faith hold to nurture you, our tribe, our family. Tune in to listen that we are free and can rid ourselves of every single code, frame, structure that resembles the old word ways. We're placing our power back in our hands. Focus on 100% re-establishing your real Mommy and Daddy's full protection where you are that third element of what we know as the Trinity (our one and only true Father God and Mother Goddess of Unconditional Living Love and Living light and you), where there is no ego or arrogance. Let this emanate through every fiber of your being. Step out of this lifestyle of "I have to make ends meet." See any weakness as the dark agenda's means to an end, and unhook from it. Involve the full presence and essence of our Supreme Heavenly Creators, "Mommy and Daddy," to completely saturate every level of your being, etc. There's great examples and easy, basic assistance in this broadcast. It was also announced today that the Palace of Peace is now the Palace of Peace and Prosperity! Welcome HOME! Heaven On Mother Earth! 

Tuesday, July 25, and each week, we will be discussing this incredibly important time of stepping into the new realms now available to us:

On Tuesday, July 18, we discussed the powerful transition we are all in as a result of the recent success of the Reunion project anchored physically in England and Scotland: The Reunion of the Divine Alpha Masculine and Feminine, activating a new super-conscious, a super-intelligent creative force, peacefully radiating forth through us and from within us. The recording link is available above.

This is the end of "family feuds," the war between the sexes...we now have a brand-new foundation, Family Grids--along with the Play, Curiosity, and Creativity Grids--have been created for all of humanity, for all souls who, through their own free will, wish to choose to participate in a whole new prosperity realm never made available to us before.

"It's time to be more than you have ever been before! There is no reason for fear in any way whatsoever...When you are fully merged with the Supreme Living Mother and Father of the Living Light, you will never, ever in your living days or beyond, ever again, experience fear or suffering or anything that depreciates your energy and value. When you're nestled firmly within Their Christ-All Heart Presence, suffering can never be imagined again!" (Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders, Reunion Project, Part 21, June 13, 2017, Oban, Scotland.) (https://www.michellemanders.com/the-reunion)

Join us every Tuesday as we discuss this MASSIVE transition of stepping out of the dense Harmonic Universe 3 into Harmonic Universe 4, and the practice of practical steps to connect with this new realm, as well as the analytical and creative sides within-our inner Divine Feminine and Masculine.

It's time to wipe your slate clean of the densities you've been carrying and make way for your Higher Divine aspects of yourself by no more stubborn attachment to self-destructive patterns. 

Constant struggle is the illusion!

You're invited to engage with Faith and Michelle through this platform. 
Help change the world by changing your life!

Love, Faith and Michelle

Please send your questions to me at [email protected]
Wear a headset as positive-contributions are always welcome!
Announcements about this broadcast and other events are made through Faith's Newsletters.
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March 2017 Schedule
(The March 7th show is in the February schedule below.)

March 14: Got Pressing Issues?
Click here to listen to the recording.
Life's challenges are meant for you to grow, to learn from them, and to take the wisdom learned; they are not meant "to do you in." Most people don't understand this fact of "Life on Earth 101," and they certainly don't know how to deal with it. 

In this Soul Chat, join Michelle and Faith as they talk about how do you process your life? Do you take the time to process your life on a daily basis? Are you taking responsibility for your own healing? Are you taking responsibility for what you're building? Are you able to trust? How does your life look? How does your life feel? Learn not to be afraid. Learn what conditions you place on yourself, as these are most often what you extend to your life. Learn why this is most important and non-negotiable if you wish to see positive change in your life. This will be a fun and practical conversation to assist you: your life is waiting for you!

March 21: South Africa Holiday observed; there will be no live broadcast.
Listen to a prior broadcast posted here. Enjoy!

March 28: Fully implement your pressing-issue process!  
**Rescheduled to April 4 as Michelle lost power just before the show's broadcast.**
Click here for the recording and click here for the 2017 Planetary Retrogrades PDF.
April will experience 5 planets stationed retrograde: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune. This is a most amazing time of being pushed to go within as anything that is not for your highest good will be brought to your attention. This is not a time to be in fear, but realize instead that this is a huge opportunity to discover the areas in your life that need your attention, to have "love" brought into the area challenging you. Learn more about what to expect so you can use your tools in your tool kit learned on March 14th by joining Faith and Michelle! **We actually spoke quite a bit about the current worldwide challenges, understanding the nature of energy and of the Universe, and that we are actually in a position to make the necessary changes. Choose! Use Free Will! Mostly, those "in charge," don't have our best interests, so listen to this show and what to do and how this time of retrograde will serve you so very positively; it's completely up to you!

February 2017 Schedule
This month is the month of love, self-love, partnerships, and forming new foundations. 
Join us as we welcome guest speakers to partner with us, joining our show each week for the month of February:

February 7:
Dr. Estia Odendaal
Gynecologist and Functional Medical Doctor, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Presents:
"Are your Adrenals supporting the Foundation of your New Life?"
"What are you doing to support your Adrenals?"
*Click here for the VIDEO recording, to watch the slide presentation.
Click here to access the presentation and assessment with score card files.
*If you're using Google Chrome, you may need to download this to view it.
Estia is a gynecologist and functional medicine doctor, assisting women of all ages in achieving physical wellness that is in alignment with each patient's personal needs. She helps empower women to overcome disease by incorporating the body-mind-soul connection. This is done through the use of both conventional and functional medicine approaches. 
She is working from Nurturance - women's journey to wellness, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
Estia's shares the importance of understanding biochemistry, hormones, insulin, stress on the body/mind/spirit, the chakras and more.
We take what Estia's taught us about the importance of proper self care, body-mind-soul, into next week's show...

February 14:
Ginger Zucchino
Founder, The Gardener's Kitchen, Cary, North Carolina, USA
Click here for the recording, and click here for the one-page reference document.
Ginger teaches organic gardening, canning, fermentation, dehydration and food preservation workshops at THE GARDENER’S KITCHEN. She is a native North Carolinian raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up she apprenticed on a five-acre family vegetable garden and worked for a commercial landscape design business and a commercial greenhouse and nursery operation. Ginger learned to can and preserve fruits and vegetables under the experienced, watchful, and loving eyes of her grandmothers. She formalized her education by earning a Bachelor's degree in Botany at UNC Chapel Hill and a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at NC State University.
Ginger combines her love of organic sustainable agriculture with creativity and a passion for gourmet cooking. She created The Gardener's Kitchen to share with everyone her passion for growing, harvesting, cooking, and preserving fruits and vegetables through vivacious educational workshops.
Ginger believes everyone has the right to fresh, healthy, organically grown food. She wants you to enjoy acquiring the knowledge to provide organic produce for yourself - no matter where you live - whether in an apartment, urban or suburban home, or rural setting.
Join us as Ginger discusses the spiritual connections that can be made when we garden, especially using Biodynamic Gardening practices of Rudolf Steiner and the strength and unity that can be found and realized in gardening spiritually.  

February 28
Nicholas Mintern
Born in Chelmsford, Essex, now living in Nelson, New Zealand
Click here for Nick's photo presentation and click here for the recording.
If you've ever dreamed about taking your home-based organic way to life to your neighborhood, or connecting more with your own community, or if you've thought about changing your hectic lifestyle to one of living in a community where people know each other, pitch in to help each other, often bartering services to maintain each others' homes and properties, you'll enjoy listening to Nick and how he turned a lost job in in the East of England in the London commuter belt to a completely different way of life he always dreamed of, while also moving to Nelson, New Zealand. Here he is enjoying Community living (common-unity living) with his young family.
But this isn't a bunch of tents and yurts, living off the grid--although Nick does have a yurt and straw bale house.
What's most fascinating is by listening to Nick, you'll learn that you can take your own neighborhood and apply many of the same processes, shaping harmonious common-unity for mutual benefit even if you're still in modern living. This is more than community gardening, in fact, you don't have to start with gardens! It's really a one-step-at-a-time process for reducing stress in the modern lifestyle from you, your home, to a community level.
This will be a thought-provoking discussion that I'm sure you'll walk away with some ideas for your own common-unity!
And the next week is our guest, Nick's amazing partner...

March 7
Jennifer Burt
Nelson, New Zealand
Click here for both Jenni's photos and the recording of today's program.
Join us as Jenni shares her fascinating experience of raising her and Nick's sons, including her empowered birthing experiences at home. Jenni was in communication with her babies from conception onward. I found it fascinating to listen to Jenni describe her way of raising her children, allowing them to become self-reliant, filled up children from a young age. This is done by meeting her children’s needs from birth onward. Her children live in a world where they are the centre of activity not the centre of attention. They are free from judgments, labels and others expectations. They are raised with a huge amount of love, clarity and authenticity. This is a way of living in general, not just parenting. This is conscious, joyful parenting at it’s best in a very sacred everyday kind of way. The seed that unfolded this way of life for Jenni was a small book called the Continuum Concept

"Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and led her to a radically different view of what human nature really is. She offers a new understanding of how we have lost much of our natural well-being and shows us practical ways to regain it for our children and for ourselves.

"Though not written as a child-rearing manual, The Continuum Concept has earned a reputation as an excellent resource for parents and parents-to-be who intuitively feel that the parenting "techniques" of the modern era are inherently misguided. It has also been helpful to many adults — parents and non-parents alike — who hope to recover the natural state of happiness lost as a result of the modern child-rearing practices of their well-meaning parents."

~ January 2017 Schedule ~
January 10:
Intention Attention! A "can't miss" for your 2017!
What exactly are intentions, and why set them? Do you find that you normally give up after a short time or that you fail? Do you understand why most New Year intentions fail? Join us to learn how to have positive and actual results from intention setting. You can succeed!
Click here to download the recording of this extremely powerful and empowering broadcast! 
Please listen and share with others so we all can use this most auspicious time. 
Learn how to manage through this transitional time of your life!

January 17:
What's in store for you in 2017?
Click here to download the recording. We spoke a great deal about the current energies, which is extremely important for everyone to understand whenever you listen to this broadcast.
There's a great deal ahead as we hit the ground running for 2017. Michelle will briefly discuss each of the following:

1) Our Golden Monad Returns Earth Guardian Project: Our Golden Monad is our Merkaba Vehicle - a powerful vehicle of communication, we are being introduced to the powerful Higher Intelligence codes that activate the next level of merging with this Higher aspect of The One, thus we shall also be receiving a complete flush and upgrade to the energy mechanisms influencing our electromagnetic field. Energetically we have been working with the 3rd house of the astrological wheel, thus COMMUNICATION and the energy of Gemini will be highlighted during this Project as well as how and where we can improve on and expand our communication skills, and heal all related wounds, if any. We are directed to be mindful and aware of the energy in our immediate environment and how this energy impacts our mind and the way we communicate, including the quality of energy entering our electromagnetic field and mental body. This project further activates our Rainbow Bridge as we continue to build our Rainbow Lightbody so as to access the vaster universes of Superior Intelligence and God-Consciousness. 

2) The Purpose of These Times - Part 4: This series addresses the many issues and struggles a number of people face. Discover pearls of wisdom that deliver clarity and some sane advise to get you through these challenging yet awesome times!

3) Planetary Healing & Blessings for January 2017: This series focuses on channeling healing, light, peace, and relief into our Planet and the Collective Consciousness. 

4) 12 Golden Oracle Master Gateway into Shamballa: Introducing another stream of Michelle's work and energy now extending from Palace of Peace under the auspices of the Benevolent Beings of the Light world - The Emerald Planetary Grids Upgrade Project. This entails the process of upgrading all the planetary grids that have been activated between December 2012 and 13 August 2016. "The Reset" energies have shifted all the dynamics Mother Earth is engaging in as she continues to emanate her "Ascending Planet" status and shine as the "Great Emerald" within our Solar System.Learn what the Ascended Master and higher-realm. The new Metatronic Frequency is designed to stimulate our Quantum Field of Light and that of Mother Earth to open up to the Metatronic Frequencies encoded in our DNA, which, when activated, automatically trigger us to act in accordance with our highest potential! This new frequency upgrades all the energies that were originally channeled in 2012 during this project. If you didn't participate in the original project, you can still participate in this one. 

We ran out of time, as there was so much to discuss about the current energies and the above information! We will cover 5) next week. Join us!

5) The Supreme Alpha Goddess's Full Emergence ~ England, Scotland, & Denmark Earth Guardian Project: We are gearing up to receive the energy of the Sacred, Divine & Supreme Alpha Goddess/Priestess/Shaman/Mother in her full capacity as from June 2017, after which we welcome the Authentic Awakening Codes of the Sacred, Divine & Supreme Alpha God/Priest/Shaman/Father, signalling the full emergence of this powerful masculine energy so that ALL the awakening men of our world can rise fully and heal and restore the Sacred Family Blueprint on Earth. This is preparing us for another powerful Spiritual and Cosmic event happening in Peru in 2018 when the Divine Masculine & Feminine merge to become ONE pulsating Divine Love Code and Signature leading to full Unity Consciousness birthing from within the new Planetary Grids we are receiving and anchoring. This project includes a physical trip to the locations within the itinerary, as well as a private access gathering at dawn inside Stonehenge Circle, England, on the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 9th of June 2017; this energy began with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th of November 2016. (There will be opportunities for people to travel for for the entire series or for day-trippers!)

January 24:
Our Divine Mission Prosperity Oath of Service
(click here to download the recording)
Important information you should know as a result of the 12-day activation and grounding cycle from this important project of communication with the higher realms and Beings of Light: Our Golden Monad Returns. They are assisting and guiding us, their Ground Crew, to fulfill our Divine Mission Prosperity Oath of Service and re-seed the earth and her inhabitants with the original seeds of the Rainbow Golden Age. These projects now entail us re-seeding and re-engaging the Stargates and Crystal Gates that were placed in lock-down in order to preserve and protect the sacred information and multidimensional and quantum passageways of Higher Consciousness Technology and Intelligence they contain.
We also spoke about the definition and descriptons of "self-mastery," along with the announcement that empaths of the world are now freed from their feelings of heaviness due to this recent project as there was a powerful release of pain and trauma in the grids and pressure within Mother Earth. Another layer will be lifting on January 28th CAT/SAST, "Madiba's Planetary Love Project", as we anchor this project of Humanitarian Light & Authentic Love for our planet, inspired by Lord Madiba (Nelson Mandella). We are taking his legacy to a spiritual level, by healing & transcending the root of pain & suffering from within the core of Mother Africa & Mother Earth's Rainbow Lightwarriors, and he has made it clear Michelle that her group and she are to take this Love Project global.
Held: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 5:30 AM - 7:30 AM CAT/SAST
Click here for the recording.

This leads into our next project as we work with the 4th House of the Astrological wheel, which is...

January 31==> Now February 1st:
Our New Foundation! 
"What does it mean to self-master?"
Rescheduled to Wednesday, February 1, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
Click here for the recording.
The Supreme Alpha Goddess's Full Emergence ~ England, Scotland, & Denmark (Sweden) Earth Guardian Project. Personal, Collective & Planetary Stargate & Crystal Gate Activations. In this project, we will be working with the 4th House of the astrological wheel, thus creating our new foundation of life. This has been a build up since working with Houses 1, 2, and 3. This project is still "under construction" with the Beings of Light at the time of this publication--find out more by joining us!


2016 Show Recordings:
"Blueprint 4 Transcendent Living" Series

October 11: Introduction to the "New World" and what does this mean? (click here to download)
October 18: Our Origins Revealed! (Part 1) (click here to download)
October 23: Practical Processes and Information to purge the Soul of Old Energies (Part 2) (click here to download)

November 1:   The "Game Changer" (Part 3) (click here to download)
November 8:   Removing "Stinky Blankets" (Part 4) (no recording available for this week's show; please refer to either the PDF or MP3 for Part 4 available at this link: http://www.michellemanders.com/blueprint-4-transcendent-living)
November 15: Primary Motivation Requires Trust (Part 5) (click here to download)
November 22: Being Grounded in Our Bodies and the Presence of our Higher Mind (Part 6) (click here to download)
November 29: Cannot Fake it to Make it! (Part 7) (click here to download)

Each show will also be recorded. Bookmark this link, so you can download the recording each week OR click on the recording links above.

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We all benefit when we understand "Life on Earth 101":
Our families, our communities, our countries, our home: Mother Earth

We are the ones we're waiting for! 

Much love, Faith and Michelle

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