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​~ Coaching Packages ~  
Are you someone who is ready to enjoy life more fully? Would you like to have more energy and time? 
Would you like to make a bigger positive impact, be in service, and earn more money yet working smarter, not harder, improving your quality of life at the same time or 
would you like to but you’re just too exhausted? 
Do you have a vision for your life or 
are you in survival mode, 
thinking dreams are a luxury and “not the real world”? 
Would you like to improve your intuitive abilities? 
Do you want to feel empowered? 
Do you want to know what your “God-given” talents are? Do you think your prayers aren’t being heard or answered? Are you stuck? 
When you don’t know what to do, 
what are you going to do?

Learning how to "Master the Material World" is learning to allow the higher solutions to come through us and to ground them by taking action. Learning easy tools for every-day life in a persistent, structured manner will leave the chaos behind and help you create a new inner and outer world, which is how we co-create with Spirit, the Holy Divine Father and Holy Divine Mother. Unconditional Living Love is the fuel driving the actions instead of fear and constant survival mode. Where love is, fear cannot be! The changes can happen now. Mostly, we just don't know what to do. Scroll down...

Coaching Options that Suit Your Needs:
As Needed, 4-Week Plan, or 12-Week Plans
Soul Coaching Packages:
*4-, 8-, 12-Week and Custom Coaching Package
*Mastering the Material World Coaching
*Spend a day with Faith!

Explore what soul coaching can do for you!
Visit the " One-on-One Sessions" tab to schedule your complimentary 20-minute exploratory session. 

​Why is this? The majority of humanity, because of its current state of dis-empowerment, does not understand what motivates their behavior, let alone know how to change their behavior, or how to set boundaries in place and keep them there. Often, expectations are way out in the future or we lose ourselves worrying about it, distracted by the past, feeling angry, etc., and most are unaware that all of this is limitation that we are self-imposing. This is due to most people's current understanding and perception of life. We forget our lives can change in a moment, in an hour,  or next week. Most believe the past is their future.

We receive "signs" of where we need to change our response to life, but we don't recognize the sign or know what to do. If you find you are challenged by others, it is because your soul and your higher self are telling you to let go! We are trained by a society that is addicted to an expectation of what an outcome must be, instead of collaborating emotionally and spiritually, and to take on a much honored task of looking at our own self and allowing ourselves to experience something different. Yes, absolutely we are to have our goals, dream our dreams, but instead of losing yourself in the outcome, remember that the outcome is not written in stone; in fact, what is happening in the present moment of where you are right in that moment has the potential to change completely, which is why we must come together as a powerful group of people who allow ourselves to be healed, to love and to be loved, play and create as children do, and to enjoy every moment we are experiencing. Otherwise, we are fighting the process of life. 

The lower ego complicates and the soul simplifies...

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, and to make positive changes in our human lives, we need to take responsibility for changing our own lives by facing our problems with compassion and to truly see the lesson of the experience. If our inner world is at dis-ease, if there is disharmony and unresolved issues of pain and suffering locked inside of that inner world, it will find its way out, one way or another, which means it will be expressed in the external. That is the nature of energy. Our beliefs often hold us back, and some of these beliefs weren't our own in the first place! They were often handed down through the generations.

In creating a system (new life habits of reaching for higher solutions) that one feels safe with in order to set boundaries, one begins to recognize patterns of abuse that manifest in self-destructive behavior. Understanding what self-destructive behavior does for the self then brings deeper insight and clarity as to what one needs to integrate and re-embody in order to change behavior.

The more of us who choose to collaborate spiritually, by agreeing to focus on uplifting the presence of light, not only within our self, but within our environment, we create an indestructible grid of energy. As within, so without, as above so below; the nature of energy is what is going on inside, it will be expressed on the outside.  That is the nature of energy. 

This is a very new world we are creating! You own your life and what motivates you at the heart (fear/lack or love/plenty) is what you're attracting in your outer experience. There is power in this knowledge!

Love, Faith

~ Coaching Options and Plans ~
All include an MP4 recording of your session.

As requested! Faith is now offering coaching plans to assist you,  
accessing the support and guidance of the angelic host specific for you...

 "As-Needed Coaching" ~ Also known as "Readings" or Soul Coaching Sessions: This is how services have been provided since 2007, so this is "business as usual" as it relates to requesting a session.  Visit the "One-On-One Sessions" tab.


Below are suggested programs only, as it is very important to accommodate your needs. Please consider taking the time to explore what soul coaching can do for you, and e-mail Faith to schedule a complimentary 20-minute exploratory session. Soul investments an amazing life-changing experience!  Enjoy life again!​

4-Week Coaching Program
At this level of personal commitment, you may wish to accomplish a short-term goal or learn a new daily spiritual practice. It takes only 21 days to form a new habit!  Contact Faith for details.

"Mastering the Material World" Coaching Program "Coaching Member" 
This level of personal commitment is for those really wanting personal, focused support to make changes now. Contact Faith for details about this highly-specialized program that will require a meeting once every week for one hour. This is exciting break-through work to help you heal self-love/self-worth/self-respect issues that feed our "gremlins," the negative voice inside telling us that we can't do things or that we're unworthy or not good enough, etc, that hold us back. The primary benefit of this work is learning how to leave chaos behind and manage change/challenges confidently and learning to love and appreciate yourself first: where all things begin and end--with you. It really is all about you! Note that each week there will be homework related to each meeting empowering you to make a new enjoyable routine that accommodates you and your life style!

Week 1: Faith will perform a "Sub-Conscious Flush" with you: This will assist you in bypassing many of the levels of consciousness attached to third dimensional consciousness and the lower planes of fourth dimensional consciousness. It will assist in your release of self-sabotaging patterns, also impacting you genetically, so those connected to you will also undergo a level of the subconscious flush. It will last 90 days, which can be repeated at the end of this Coaching Program/every 90 days. You will have the recording from this session.
Week 2: "Changing Your Drama": Understanding the truth behind your life's obstacles. Faith will also take you through a brief meditation and into a sacred space to assist you in letting go. This time may be used to also clear karmic contracts.
Week 3: "Accepting the Beauty of Life": Faith will take you through a meditation as your personal guides, healers, protectors, and guardians join you in the spirit world leading into the greater worlds of transformation and transmutation. This process will allow you the profound opportunity for you to "die to the old" and be "reborn within a new world, also extending to your ancestral lineage.
Week 4: Create a Compelling Vision:The images in our mind either empower or deplete our willpower, which is our inner flame, our passion, our light. Now that you've successfully completed the first three weeks, it's time to create your compelling vision! Our imagination is stronger than our willpower! The higher parts of you, the Quantum self, (and Quantum space is where all things are possible) can communicate with you in an uninhibited fashion where the flow is uninhibited because none of your day-to-day responsibilities and distractions are there to sabotage your efforts! 
Week 5: Transform who you are being: This begins and ends with you! This powerful week is understanding that how and what you give and receive is directly related to your "inner game." It becomes the quality of what you experience here on Earth in your life, your family (spouse or partner if you have one), relationships, and your work/career. We answer the question: Who do I need to be in order to achieve my bigger vision? Soul motivation vs. lower-ego motivation. If you have your exact time of birth, place, and date, Faith will cast your chart (your horoscope, your sacred divine blueprint) using Medieval Astrology's "Primary Motivation" method to help you learn more about yourself, what drives you, and how you go about satisfying that. 
Week 6: Daily Spiritual Practice: Learn ways to increase intuition, trust, and discernment, which are essential soul skills. This is an important step to grounding your idea of "Heaven on Earth." Journaling and research techniques will be discussed so you can create a fun and sacred space for yourself. 
Week 7: Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges: Learning how to create a clear list of any internal and external obstacles and challenges to achieving your vision. This is when belief systems may pop up to work on.
Week 8: Create your goals, milestones, strategies, and actions plans: This time will be used to set goals that are in alignment with your deepest values and most authentic desires. This does not mean discipline, hard work, and sacrifice. It does mean setting the right goal for you and priorities need to be set, but mostly people don't set goals because they don't know what they want. The prior weeks have helped you to get to this point where you can now see the value of setting goals. Doing this activity directly takes advantage of your Reticular Activating System, the part of the brain that filters stimuli and determines what you're paying attention to--this is how you train your sub-conscious to look for opportunities to meet your goals. Goal setting also helps you discover what goals you want to set, if you don't know what they are. 
Weeks 9-11:  These next 3 weeks will be spent on supporting you through integrating and applying what is learned, as well as providing a "reading-type" session as further confirmation on your working and moving forward in any of your goals. 
Week 12: Celebration, Closure, and Future Vision

OR: Use Weeks 7-12 for a Mini Course on the First 12 Cosmic Laws from the "Cosmic Laws Workshop Series." The course material, the first 12 laws, would be a separate purchase made at the Palace of Peace website.*
*Faith is authorized by Michelle Manders, Owner/Founder/Director of the Palace of Peace, to facilitate or teach this material to others as a Golden Temple Teacher.

NEW! Spend a day with Faith! If you would like to have a personalized day of spiritual coaching and mentoring, email Faith directly.

~ A Few Reasons to Have a Session OR to Choose a Coaching Plan ~ 

"When there is one soul willing to take themselves on and truly own everything they feel without judgment, without expectation of what shall come as a result of challenging the self, challenging those negative aspects of self, you will be amazed at what results without placing that particular expectation on it." 
Lord Kuthumi through Michelle (Eloff) Manders Pre-Egypt October 2005

Assistance with:

*The bigger picture of life!

*Understanding the struggles in your life so you can move past them. 

*Loss of a loved one or assistance during the illness/coma of a loved one / mediumship.

*Balancing body/mind/spirit in your life.

*Personal energy management, such as setting healthy boundaries: what are they for you? Why are you so drained and exhausted? Are your children, too? 

*Being grounded: why is it so important to positive manifestation and how do you do become more grounded?  if you are not physically grounded in your body living the life that has been assigned to you, it will be virtually impossible for you to change those dynamics; it will become increasingly difficult for you to find harmony and balance. Also, when boundaries are in place, energetically and physically, invasion ceases to manifest. Therefore, as each soul integrates and anchors their personal will and power (through the red ray into their base chakra), the boundaries are anchored in place and invasions of any kind no longer are created. 

*Finding your own *Light*, which is also of self-Love and unconditional love.

*Receiving clear answers to your prayers/guidance; building your intuition and learning to trust it!

*Move past a "stuck" place in your life.

*Creating order in chaos! To consciously bring what Heaven is to you to your life here on Earth. Sometimes we just need help with getting out of our own way!

*Journaling! It is actually fun and rewarding, as well as extremely creative, but most understand it to be "just writing." You'd be amazed at how powerfully insightful AND creative this process can be. It's also a great tool to use in listening for the answers to your prayers, as well as a fabulously creative and a cathartic practice!

*Understanding the importance of and experiencing the benefit of a daily spiritual practice; assistance with creating one with you that is something you look forward to and enjoy!

*Understanding the importance of a strong auric field: our "armor of God"

*Negative energies and entities, as well as how this impacts children and teens. Understanding that a strong and healthy auric field is your natural "armor of God."

*Working with teens/young adults.

*Implementing the suggestions of any of my newsletters, such as:
--"Building Your Life in the New World" (post 2012 living!)
--"Peace is Where Your Power Is"
--"A Commercial From the Angelic Host"

*Integrating, implementing, or discussing any of the courses, ebooks, Cosmic Laws, etc., offered at the Palace of Peace, a University of Light. As an authorized Golden Temple Teacher, Faith is further authorized by the owner and founder, Michelle Manders, to provide services that support and teach this amazing body of multiple works assisting us to raise our vibration and learn the ways of a soul-lead life. You will find many mini-courses here as well, including several extremely important topics to bring about a deep, strong, intense healing in your life; meeting in a session would be extremely beneficial. Visit https://www.michellemanders.com/categories.

*Self-love, self-worth, self-respect. There are also free transmissions available at the Palace of Peace as well. The purpose of the Coaching session is not to teach these, as these are all set up as self-help works, but rather to assist you with the healing and/or integration/information.