​The Cosmic Laws Workshop:
Many people do not understand the analytical process of not only deciding but “dissecting” their life in order to manifest the process, the order, the routine, and the boundaries which are required to bring them into a higher state of their own being.  As in one-on-one sessions and in this group setting, Faith connects with your soul and the Angelic and Ascended Master Realms, higher forms of guidance and streams of consciousness, to provide important information to assist you in breaking things down into small, bite-sized pieces and rebuilding it. Faith assists through bringing practical processes into manifestation which enables stable processes to be implemented as a routine for the body, mind, and soul. She has the ability to see the big picture, helping one to gain wisdom through experiential learning, for it is when we realize that is through our pain and not getting “what I want” or “what I expect” that we can grow. 

Since each participant's soul, guardian angel, and higher aspects of the self will be included in this workshop, this brings a unique quality to each week's workshop and will be "going with the flow" based on the group's needs.

In the 8 weeks you will learn about the first 12 laws, and how each of the first 7 laws connect with the 7 main chakras in the body, as well as the 7 major planets. Plan on 1.5-2 hours for each class plus weekly homework. You'll need a notebook or something to journal in. PROGRAMMING NOTE: These laws will need to be purchased separately at the Palace of Peace website.

Note: All classes will be through GoToWebinar, and will be recorded and available for replay, so if you're not able to make it live to any or one of the classes, this recording will be as if you were live in attendance. You can use your phone, tablet, or your computer. I will also include a private closed-group Facebook page for us to interact in as part of our group work together. This course, as well as all of my work, is free of all negativity, judgment, criticism, and debates. It's a safe haven for spiritual growth, spiritual wisdom, and healing, and by signing up for this workshop, you are agreeing to this "prosperity consciousness" and conduct as well!

Weekly Workshop Schedule, Thursdays:
1) : Workshop opening remarks about the laws, energy, being grounded, journaling/activities each week, tips, and the Cosmic Law 1: Law of Fair Exchange
2) : Cosmic Law 2: Law of Free Will and Choice and Cosmic Law 3: Law of Abundance (Part 1)
3) : Cosmic Law 4: Law of Attraction and Cosmic Law 5: Law of Ascension
4) : Cosmic Law 6: Law of Purpose and Abundance (Part 2) and Cosmic Law 7: Law of Discernment
5) : Cosmic Law 8: Law of Acceptance and Surrender and Cosmic Law 9: Law of Authenticity
​6) : Cosmic Law 10: Law of Change and Cosmic Law 11: Law of One and Abundance (Part 3) 
7) : Cosmic Law 12: Law of Love and pairing of the "Heavenly" and "Earthly" Chakras. 
In preparation for the last class, record insights and review what the last week/overall workshop may have brought, such as any healings, etc. You can now move forward in a new way--even if it's a series of baby steps! 
8) : Workshop closing and wrap up! What plans will you make now?! What will you do to actually change your lifestyle?

Some of the benefits from working with the laws:
Learn more about yourself, why it's so important, and how to! 
Learn how to be an observer in your life; without this, you won't be able to yield the results you're looking for!
Learn why and how to set healthy boundaries
Manage and understand empathic traits 
Increase and understand energy 
Reinvent your life

Working with these Laws will:
• Help you understand some of your most debilitating core fears
• Help you find creative solutions to managing your fears, stress, and other debilitating issues
• Reveal to you parts of your personality you never acknowledged as strengths
• Help you recognize yourself from a new perspective
• Help you gain clarity regarding what motivates you and how your current life philosophy either supports or sabotages you.
• Help show you how to change your inner structures first so that the outer structures follow suit.

This is an event based on the intellectual property of Michelle Manders, the Palace of Peace Founder, Owner, Director. This workshop is authorized by Michelle as Faith is a Golden Temple Teacher.

"Earth is a school of powerful light. Each of our souls in the heavenly realms sent us here in order to master our personal initiations, challenges, or fate. Rising above theses challenges is our destiny.​.."Stepping into your destiny is one of the most powerful journeys of awakening you will ever experience. This is why a spiritual pathway is so vitally important." 
(Excerpts, Law of Destiny)

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Self-Empowerment vs. Self-Improvement!
The Cosmic Laws ARE our framework for this.
"The Cosmic Laws 8-Week Workshop"
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11:00 a.m. PDT / 2:00 p.m. EDT / 9:00 p.m. SAST
Your time has come to meet your destiny 
in a whole new way!
Do you wonder why nothing in your life changes no matter how hard you try? There are some very basic and easy-to-understand systems in and around our Earth that most are unaware of, and and this requires your direct involvement! These Cosmic Laws are applied in practical ways, thus creating a new life by implementing a foundation of deeper insights, greater clarity, and a much stronger connection with your Authentic Self. This is an amazing opportunity for you to be who you are in truth, which allows the authentic nature of your divine self to channel through your soul and merge with you in your physical form: this is being your Authentic Self. It's the freedom your soul yearns for, so discover how to gain a deeper understanding of your own behavior and the patterns which often sabotage or distract you on your pathway to becoming your Authentic Self!​ Click on the paint brush (document) below for  more information..

Email Faith:
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To register, you will be able to select a payment option below, and I am instantly notified when payment is received. You will receive an email from me with further instructions. Note: If you select Option 2 or 3, I will be happy to invoice you for  the other dates for your convenience. 
"May the truth embodied in the Cosmic Laws set you free to live your best life ever and show the way, setting your brothers and sisters free. May we be one in love, in service, and in essence." - Kuthumi-Agrippa.
 IMPORTANT PROGRAMMING REMINDER: "The Cosmic Laws" need to be purchased separately by going to the Palace of Peace's website for the Cosmic Laws, as Michelle Manders is the owner of this material of which Faith is authorized to teach. This link will be posted soon.
Listen to Michelle Manders' and Faith address an important and unknown major component of the Cosmic Law of Attraction. In this April 28, 2015, BlogTalkRadio program, discussion includes the important framework the Cosmic Laws provides that are essential soul skills while living here on Earth. Please contact Faith with any questions. 

Try one week of the workshop and see for yourself!
A personal note from Faith about the Cosmic Laws: 

As you may know from reading "About" me on my website, in addition to the angels, a very important teacher of mine is also St.Germain. Through his work and for many years, I felt an insatiable calling to find the Universal Laws he often mentions, and I had no success until...October 2009 I was introduced to the work of Michelle (formerly Eloff) Manders, and very soon after (and to my incredible surprise) Kuthumi-Agrippa, whom Michelle transmits information, announced the beginning of the project of bringing in and anchoring what was first called "The 55 Cosmic Laws": St. Germain was a very large part of this project as he also harvested fifty-five new flames which were activated with these laws. 

The 55 Cosmic Laws were brought through over a span of 13 months, and I was present for each and every law, including 5 laws added later to make a total of 62 laws. The truth, the simplicity, the healing, and the incredible information is so light-filled that your experience will be absolutely life-changing and freeing. You will look at yourself in a much different *light*, which also gives you a different perspective about others and life in general.  Self-love, self-respect, self-worth, lovingly tending to our neglected inner child are crucial to living life here on Earth, being grounded, positively manifesting your own Heaven on Earth. These are the ways in which to live your best life, and in so doing, you improve the lives of your loved ones, your relationships, your communities, and our planet. 

Please take a peek at the Cosmic Laws by visiting the Palace of Peace website (link to be posted soon). You can work the laws on your own, with me in private coaching sessions, or join me in this up-coming group workshop. I promise if you take the time for and with yourself, you will see how to work with yourself to change your life in the most uplifting ways. In fact, the Cosmic Laws are always woven in to my personal one-on-one sessions, and I'm very excited to teach these laws in a group format like this. Did you know that working in a group instead of in isolation can increase the amount of healing time significantly? What might take 10 months could take 10 weeks or 10 days or 10 hours, depending on the amount of time and dedication and intention behind the work being done.

This exploration and work you'll be doing also benefits you in your work life, whether you're a teacher (of students of all ages), therapist, manager, parent, etc. I'll be explaining the laws and using practical examples of how to implement them in your life (home, work, etc.). Think about the quality of your own work reaching a higher level. Think of reaching those in a most amazing way who may not be aware that they are looking for exactly what it is you're producing! We need you, all of you, to use your inborn talents and release yourself from the limitation. It's so very exciting when we find our light, our proper power that is love-based. 

This is the most important soul work and soul investment in yourself that you could ever imagine! You're the only one who can do it! You are the STAR in your life! 

Sending you much love always, Faith"   ^j^