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1948 film : "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein"
Costello with Dracula

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works 
of darkness, but rather expose them." 
Ephesians 5:11

Free Recording on Negative Energies is below...

Free Special Event in "Faith Talk" Series
"Negative energies: 
How do they affect you? What can you do?"
Originally Held: March 29, 2012
The recording of this event is available.
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It is a one hour and 50-minute free event.

Not surprisingly, I'm still seeing an increase of requests for help as it relates to psychic attacks, nightmares, help with children/teens, not just adults, wondering if there are spirits or ghosts around them. Often times people are sensing "negativity" around them or hearing and actually experiencing ghost-like experiences that scare or pester them. In some cases, kids are sent to their rooms for time-out for misbehaving, which often times IS because they are having a "ghost" experience that is provoking that behavior, including bullying! Then, the parents hear their child having full conversations in their rooms during the time-out and no other person is with them; it's more than "imaginary friends." Many  teenagers are having panic attacks and extreme anxieties. Some teens are leaving home with no memory of how they got to certain locations, and other unusual situations too numerous to list...
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Negative energies impact many! 

First of all, if you're being impacted or know someone who is, the information shared here is intended to assist those who feel isolated, afraid, or disempowered so they find reflief in truth and in what to do! This should help parents and anyone who've not had this type of experience and may have children or be in a relationship with someone who is suffering and as the observer, may not understand the real impact negative energies have on people and animals. Make no mistake: This is a topic that will not go away and will be brought out more into the mainstream as the truth of what's going on "behind the scenes", including "invisible systems", continue to be exposed.

Please visit the free Soul Chat platform to learn more about these energies. There is also a series called "Light Within the Dark," Click this link for "Light Within the Dark Part 1" and this link for "Light Within the Dark Part 2"...

It is highly recommended that one listen to at least these two broadcasts if considering having an appointment with Faith if you need help on this topic. This is extremely important information in living in the New World (post 2012). THIS IS A PART OF EVERY-DAY LIFE, PERIOD, AND IT IMPACTS US IN THE HOME, AND PARTICULARLY OUR CHILDREN AND TEENS. Scroll down for more information--this is a timeless issue. Unconditional Living Love conquers all!

Often times these experiences increase during the late evening hours and during the night, which is typical for these energies to increase. Sometimes people experience physical pain "out of the blue" or have strange dreams that are "off."

Then there are some whom experience computers and other technology "malfunctions", which once the negative energies are cleared, normal functioning can immediately return to the device.  

It is mostly that people are unaware of energies within and around them, their environments, and they are unaware of how this impacts each of us positively or negatively. Then, once they are aware, they don't know what to do, and they are often left feeling they have no power in their lives. This is a lie that is also fed through the media in TV shows and the movies.

So, on March 29th, I'll be setting a safe and sacred space to openly discuss what "negative energies" are, which are often ghost-based situations where someone has died and did not go into the Light (Christians refer to this as going to Heaven; when people die and choose not to "cross over into the Light," they become Earthbound spirits). I'm hosting this special Thursday, March 29th, event with Samantha Gilbert in a love-based intention to provide information and real-life experiences to help adults, parents, and our youth. 

Please know that in actuality many of my clients' experiences have been the beauty of knowing the truth that they were right!  It is very helpful just to have they're suspicions validated!  That's priceless as we all learn to trust our inner voice, guidance, and intuition, because THIS is how we know what to do when we don't know what to do! We receive guidance all of the time, but we don't trust it or ourselves! 

These are quite real situations that need to be considered as these otherworldly beings can often be the "unconventional" sources of human problems and common conditions that many of us struggle with daily, and these situations leave us spiritually unsettled and emotionally drained. Furthermore, and extremely important as a base understanding to all of this "negative energy" speak, many do not realize how great their wounds, pain, struggle, and suffering have become the identity they identify with. These are all the by-products of the dysfunction of our world. As humanity continues to grow spiritually and emotionally, many will be presented with these situations so they can discover the positive solution, which shall transform the negative into the positive. Often times this means relationships will change as the dysfunction is no longer needed; in other words, we don't need to learn from dark (sad, difficult, painful) experiences any longer. This we know as co-dependent and dysfunctional relationships, and many of us have these so we can actually learn more about ourselves, growing in our knowing God/Source/Spirit more fully. And mostly we don't wish to face the truth of these dysfunctional relationships that are on the Earth plane...Just imagine how difficult it is, then, to face that we have these same unhealthy, unsupportive relationships that bridge into the other realms, too!

Just as we seem to be attracted to or attract to us people we may know are "not good for us," this is the same energetic dynamic that plays out with those beings who remain stuck here on Earth after they die. 

As I mentioned above, these are the ones who do not go into the Light; they are not really dead or alive and often have very low-vibrating energies and emotions. They carry their anger, resentment, hate, jealousy, depression, anxieties, etc., with them, and these are the energies our psychic kids pick up on! No wonder these kids don't want to be in their rooms and want to come to bed with their parents! 

There is a need now to help to manage this, as these "ghost" energies not only deplete and negatively impact those of us here they relate to, it also impacts their families and their social lives--even day-to-day living. These are energies that impact all of us around the world, as these trapped souls feed off our energy fields. Also, people need to know that these situations will increase because of the amount of Light beaming to the Earth, which means all that is dark will be exposed. We're seeing this play out around the world in different ways as it relates to governments, people abusing power, etc., but most wouldn't think of "ghost" activity being a part of that! 

Also, did you know that some of these "negative energies" have come to some people when they were babies? You do not come to Earth in this lifetime with a "clean slate," which most people are also unaware of, and that's a discussion that involves the topic of reincarnation. Some of these beings are present now because of past lives we've had with them due to unresolved feelings held by these Earthbound spirits. Because so many have superstitions and have fears (or even a disbelief) of reincarnation, this inhibits truths from being learned and the much-needed spiritual knowledge. When you combine spiritual knowledge with love, this becomes spiritual wisdom. 

Another reason why this is important to discuss is because of what is in the media. Last Halloween I saw trailers for some of the movies coming out, and they were showing on daytime commercials--where ANY AGED CHILD can watch this--kids playing "Bloody Mary" in front of a mirror in a bathroom. I could NOT believe this! I have first-hand experience of the dangerousness of that game, and I know what it has done to the little girl who did that years ago with some visiting kids from out of state. She had no idea about it, and this tormented her and her family for almost 10 years until they found someone to move that lonely spirit on!

It is extremely important that the truth be revealed about dark energies so that children, their families, and all of us understand the *Light* side of the "dark." Too often we dismiss even teenaged behavior as "teenaged behavior," but it has been my experience that there is more going on than meets the eye, so to speak!  However, many are very fearful of this subject matter, but you know what? If you think about it, it's just like anything else we face in our lives really: What fear do you have that feels "comfortable" to address?

When you separate fact from emotion, regardless of what that fear is, it is the most empowering space to hold, and this topic is no different.  I know because I've been there, too. I was raised in a Catholic family with nuns and a Mother Superior in my family, so let me reassure you that I had a ton of fear with only some religious information. If someone told me that one day I'd be doing this work, I would have said they were crazy! As part of my own intense spiritual journey, I have learned to "face the fear and do it anyway." This is how we reclaim our power and our lives to live fully and in positive abundance, co-creating with Spirit and the higher realms of consciousness instead of these other realms distracting us and holding us in this lower realm where they reside in fear.

As I previously mentioned, many families need help, and they haven't a clue what's happening, and if they do, they don't know where to go or what to do. What happens is this area is not addressed, and it often gets worse.  How many times do we send a child back to their room or tell a teenager to get over it, nothing's there, or you've got to learn to build their courage? I have news for you, in the cases that have come to me, these kids and teens (and adults) are experiencing some very real experiences that most of humanity wants to insist isn't real. In some cases people are embarrassed, feel ashamed, or even guilty. 

While we recognize that this is a topic fully charged with emotion and that this topic is not for everyone, ignoring the truth of it allows it to continue, quite frankly, as with anything in life: The decision to do nothing is the decision of saying "yes" to that which we really don't want. Let's help each other by assisting these beings to be where they should be instead of here on Earth. This planet is for the living.

Everything we go through--EVERYTHING--is for a spiritual reason and our spiritual growth. Even these horrifying experiences. Remember, there's a solution for everything, and nothing can take it's power from you unless you allow it! 

Regardless if people find help in this webinar or somewhere else, it is our prayer that those who are afraid and wish to restore a sense of true well-being in their life find the truth so they can be set free! Anything is possible when you remember at the core of everything is the most powerful energy of all: Love...God, Spirit, Source Energy...this is Love and this is us!  As a result of this newly-found perspective, people are experiencing that their inner strength returns, and they take their lives and their home spaces back because they take their power back from an amazing space of self-love and self-worth! This is more than theory, as I know first hand that this works!

2012 marks the beginning of a whole new area of emotional and spiritual growth, so let us begin! In this special event of the series "Faith Talk", Samantha and I will explain what "negative energies" are and discuss actual experiences that Faith has had herself and with clients. Expect humor and some very touching stories that will shift your perspective!

Note: You may wish to rent the 1990 movie GHOST (Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore) prior to this webinar--even if you've seen it before to refresh your memory. This is one of the best movies I've seen that contains most of what we'll be discussing. It's extremely accurate and well done!  

Also, you may find reading my "Teen Lightworker Meetup" page helpful as well, which also includes information in my blog, "Words of Faith."

We look forward to seeing you in this warm and supportive special event of "Faith Talk"!  Email Faith with any questions you may have!

Much love, 
Faith and Samantha
In addition to the information below, please read an article Faith wrote two years ago, "Psychic Attacks Are Common: What are they? What is one to do?"
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