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"New Energy Portal Grids"
"...this is the first time in Earth’s spiritual history where vast groups, such as yourselves, will ascend the old world and step into the realm of conscious Masters who have ascended the world of the Illuminati Matrix and lead the life as the messengers of God and Goddess, leading by example and emancipating the human slaves from the shackles of the old world, therefore mastering your life by overcoming fear is what disempowers the Dark Forces making you immune to their influence.

"For ages your planet has been under the influence of many dark, ignorant, and greedy energies.  As a result of pain, suffering, rage, war, grief, and poverty, Mother Earth has absorbed a number of these very malefic, dense, and debilitating energies which paralysed certain areas of her body, in other words many of the major and minor chakra points of her body shut down as a result of this debilitation.

"The dawn of the new light has arrived bringing forth the light of souls who seek truth to collaborate and stand strongly in their light, centred within the presence and divine emanations of the superior sources of love and wisdom emanated through the Galactic Core and the major chakras of the essence grid of Mother/Father God..."  
Master Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders on March 14, 2012

Golden Temple Teacher at the Palace of Peace
"New Energy Portal Grids"

Palace of Peace, Michelle Manders, Newsletter Announcing:
"New Energy Portal Grids"

Full Transcript of Master Kuthumi-Agrippa's Channeled Message in .pdf below:
South Africa on 14 March 2012

And to stand strong in our light, we must understand and know ourselves completely:  "(Wo)Man Know Thyself," and this includes understanding that there are energies  animating every single one of us, either negatively or positively, but we are mostly unaware of this.  The ancient teachings explain that spiritual energies animate through us, but little has been specifically explained to the mass population that this also means Dark Force energies.  Christians know of the Dark Forces, or negative entities, as demons or the devil, and quite frankly, we think this happens to other people and not to us, to our families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or loved ones.  It is crucial that we each understand how any feelings we harbor that are of deep pain; sorrow; lack of love, self-love, self-worth; depression; are the very feelings that make us susceptible to the influences of these Dark Forces. 

Dark Force energies are beings that have lost their way and have forgotten that they are part of Source Energy.  (Yes, even they have light inside of them, too, even though it can be as small as a match flame. There is no "Source of Evil.") Just like we require food to sustain ourselves and our own energy, it is the energies we emit that are lower-vibrating feelings (fear-based feelings) that the Dark Forces come to Earth to collect from us to use as their food source; they literally collect these energies and bring them back to their own superiors. They are beings stuck in their own prison and blind obedience to create and to maintain here on Earth as much chaos and disorder as possible.  They don't want us to know this, and they want us to fear them and to feel disempowered because this is how they survive. This is a huge secret, and they love it when we don't want to talk about it, know about it, too embarrassed to tell people about it because those we tell will think we are "kooks."   This is why Master Kuthumi-Agrippa says that by "mastering your life by overcoming fear is what disempowers the Dark Forces making you immune to their influence."

If you look at what's on TV and the movies, you'll see that humanity is ready for information as there are many who are experiencing the horrors of these malefic beings, as much of what's portrayed is based on real-life stories.  Many are fleeing homes and relationships because they feel disempowered because they don't know what to do.  Personally, I've witnessed experiences within my own family, friends, colleagues, and clients where these Dark Force entities make their way into people's lives in subtle and insidious ways.  They LOVE to impact the family environment the most, but any environment is an opportunity for them to come in and take over the magnetic grid of any group of people, whether it's a family, work, religious group, etc.  

Mostly, if you are not clear where your intentions and your motivations reside most of the time, you are a prime target for this infiltration.  As described in this picture of the two wolves, humanity is feeling the pressure of the "evil wolf" most of the time, and often this pressure is from these beings we cannot see, so this becomes a most vicious cycle of dysfunctional relationships feeding each other that are both invisible and tangible maintaining havoc.

Our energy fields are at an all-time low, and this is our natural protection shield that cannot "do its job."  It is our aura, and this is depleted by lack of rest, poor diet, depression, drugs (legal and illegal, especially marijuana), alcohol, smoking, and believe it or not: negatively talking about someone/people, criticizing and judging others AND YOURSELF. These items leave holes in our auric field, or slice our fields; taking drugs and drinking alcohol are red flags to these entities that we are available. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there or happening.  Just like the law of gravity is always on, so is this: it's the law of attraction and it is in your energy field for them to see. So your emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies play a very key role in your system of defense.

They love it when families fight, put one against another, and this is often seen in marriages and with our teenagers, which we often just dismiss as "typical stereotype behavior."  Jokingly, parents will say to me how can you tell when it's my teenager or the Dark Force entity working through my daughter/son?!  Or they'll say that's my husband, he's so clueless, etc.  Just remember, everyone is extremely burned out, and there are many who are miserable and unhappy with life.  This is the Dark Force energy playground. They are counting on your own wounded and neglected inner child being in charge of your reactions.  

Often times kids won't want to sleep in their rooms because these beings have been around for quite some time and have even come to some when they were babies, so a portal has been opened in their rooms for easy access to these kids.  Teens pick up on these energies at school and have extreme anxiety and panic attacks as they are not only picking up the other students' fears (as well as the faculty and staff), but also all the "invisible buddies" that join people when they go about their daily lives. ESPECIALLY because teens turn to drugs, drinking, and sex. Then, they can't sleep at night because they are often pestered by these beings, picking up on their feelings. Unfortunately, the kids just think it's only their feelings, and they feel out of control. So this lack of rest keeps them susceptible to their attacks as well!

Some of the symptoms that you may consider as to whether there is Dark Force entity involvement:
--Fast vibrational feelings in the chest area and hyper-like with feelings of sadness, fear, or hostility.
--Feelings as if someone has placed a hand on both your shoulders; then, it feels like they wiggle into your energy field.
--Constant feelings of hostility, hate, anger, resentment, rage, abandonment, and depression with severe mood swings.
--Sudden onset pain and headaches or even chronic pain and recurring headaches.
--Seeking love/sex to feel better about yourself and always needing to be in a relationship. (This is a common example of how "pacts" are made with Dark Force entities.)
--Eating disorders.
--Drug and alcohol abuse.
--Anxiety and panic attacks often when trying to sleep at night or even in dream state where you are vividly being attacked or even raped.  Psychic attacks often happen in "dream state," and it's actually a very real situation playing out in another dimension.
--Attacks increase after being with groups of people, whether it's family or social or colleagues; often this increases after being in parties/bars where there's drinking and drug use--their favorite places to be! You become who you surround yourself with. Nothing is by chance, so find out why you got "sucked in" to this relationship/group in the first place. 

Yes, these are often conditions and situations where you'd consider these as "typical human problems and common conditions" that plague normal every-day life, but if nothing else is working, it is worth the consideration a Dark Force entity attachment is at hand. Denial or the resistance to this fact or not being open just makes you more susceptible, which they LOVE. And yes, they can work through animals, too!  Whatever it takes for you to be in fear and to keep you as their food source, they will promote behaviors through you to keep you in their energy!  Also, they own geographic areas, businesses, and, of course, since humans are everywhere, they are in the medical, financial, educational, and judicial systems, too.

Understanding your own susceptibility is key to empowering and changing your own life. Taking responsibility for the fact that your role as a lightworker is to embrace the choices you have made within the spirit world and within the physical world, opens new dimensions of awareness and ability to each and every aspirant. Seeing your family members, and all those you interact with, as key members contributing to everything you require for the purpose of mastering your life empowers you, it helps you to see that in every single moment every person is doing the very best they can with what they have at hand, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Remind yourself that the majority of humanity is in a state of arrested development; therefore, people are behaving like children a lot of the time because in fact, emotionally or mentally, that is what they are. Understanding the choices you have made helps you develop the skills of emotional and spiritual intelligence that those who have walked before you have not developed to the degree you have.  You bring the liberation for the inner child, and as every adult grows up so the skills for conscious parenting, conscious grandparenting, and conscious self-parenting become a natural experience and participation between all levels of consciousness.*

Accept only love and cooperation as your base intention and motivation, as the "good wolf" depicts and check yourself before you take action. This is standing in your own light.  These new energies of the Crystal Body Healing Field Energizers and Radiator/Generators that Master Kuthumi-Agrippa speaks of support the transmutation of these energies of the Illuminati Matrix. You can now enjoy, if you aren't already, the beauty of forming strong relationships with powerful spiritual entities and the realms of nature instead! 

Faith Parent Hendrickson
www.faithparent.net ~ [email protected] 

"Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather expose them." 
Ephesians 5:11
*Master Kuthumi-Agrippa and "The Parenting Trap"

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