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2018 Events/Classes!

Tuesdays:  Register here: "Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith

Wednesdays: "Astro 101 Class: The First Step
September 26 to November 14, 2018
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM EDT/EST
REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED for this 8-week class starting Wednesday, September 26th, and is for 5 students maximum--see below.   This will be a great preparation for Michelle's "Astro 101: Next Level" Advanced Class, "Aramatena Astrology" TBA. To learn more about "Astro 101: The First Step," read this newsletter first. Then scroll down to learn more and how to register!

Scroll down for more about Astro 101...

Join Faith from anywhere in the world from your computer, Smart Phone, or dial in...
HeartLight Communications in collaboration with 
Michelle Manders, Palace of Peace
Wednesdays, September 26 - November 14, 2018
Also, be aware class times will change by one hour due to daylight savings time ending November 4. 
See the class schedule at the bottom of this page.
Class times starting September 26 are: 
11:00 AM Los Angeles / 2:00 PM New York / 7:00 PM London / 8:00 PM Johannesburg
Use www.timeanddate.com to convert to your local time.
Email me to register.*


Effective March 2017, Michelle Manders has transitioned her 8-week class, "Astro 101: The First Step", to me. Michelle's astrology classes continue with Astro 101: "The Next Level" Advanced Class, Aramatena Astrology, and if you're new to astrology, this 8-week class, "Astro 101: The First Step," is a pre-requisite for Aramatena Astrology. Also, if you're new to astrology and wish to learn more about yourself and your birth chart, your blueprint for your life, please read on! All are welcome!

I can’t wait to start another round of classes with you! Why? Not only because I love what I do, but the results each person experiences is incredibly and powerfully life changing!

Each 5-person class is unique due to each student participating, and everyone who has attended has shared their results with me that they’ve become far more knowledgeable about themselves, far more comfortable with themselves, feel more loving towards themselves, they understand their life much better and see what their challenges have taught them, they see the wisdom gained and release and surrender as they no longer feel like a victim, they feel “response-able,”…basically, they feel more empowered about their own life and feel better-equipped about what to do move forward. This is crucially important as we leave the old world of consciousness behind (the "Matrix") of lack (Harmonic Universe #3) to join in the new world of plenty (Harmonic Universe #4)!

My personal experience has been that the more I know myself, the more I feel safe. Therefore, my Faith and Trust deepen, which naturally allows all of the good to flow to and through me.

It's also crucial to realize during this most auspicious time that in order to receive, one must feel truly worthy to accept what’s being offered. (Please read my newsletters to learn more.) If it wasn’t for Michelle’s work and love to teach and coach us, adding my own awareness of self (that is forever growing), I wouldn’t be where I am today in feeling peace, joy, fulfillment…which is also forever growing. No longer burdened by life, I realize the truth that a lifestyle of blissful living is up to me. Each day this inner deep knowing grows stronger and stronger, and my day-to-day living improves. Peace can come in where there is chaos. This Peace is a vibration to live in as much as possible throughout the day because this is where the higher solutions reside: within that frequency of Peace, Unconditional Love, etc.

The 8-week "Astro 101: The First Step" Class is using the teachings of Medieval Astrology (a two-year diploma course I've taken by Robert E. Zoller, New York, the author of this historically-based ancient art and science of Medieval Astrology). In addition, we will discuss the 7 major planets only, as these are the gateways we pass through as a soul to incarnate here, and we exit through these gateways, as well. The class also uses the laws of these 7 major planet laws, which is taken from the 55 Cosmic Laws. Each student receives the Comic Law for each planet. (These 55 Cosmic Laws was an amazing body of work also brought through Michelle and that time was the Palace of Peace.) 

Before I continue describing the course, I have to say that when I started studying Medieval Astrology in January 2014, I began to realize I just opened an unlimited Universal inner doorway. There was a huge awareness available to me and that there was no going back to the old ways of looking at myself, my life. It makes accepting the Harmonic Universe #4 much easier and working with my own astrology is a major component within my Daily Spiritual Practice. 

My initial studies of medieval astrology was INTENSE as I was flooded with the most deep, well, “religious experience,” as Bob Zoller explained to me. It was something that I never could have imagined. In fact, it took me almost two months to be able to write my Orientation paper for the course because I was just so blown away, all four of my lower bodies were responding to the Living Light and Living Love I was receiving by opening up in this manner.—Here is my one-page Orientation paper which provides an overview about Medieval Astrology:

So, needless to say, I’m honored to be able to assist you if you’re interested in getting to know yourself better as well. I’m very interested in teaching these very important basics, and it’s actually part of my own personal Primary Motivation as well--this gives me great joy! This is another service that I offer, Primary Motivation Sessions: In brief, your Primary Motivation is where you attempt to find joy in your life. You're “wired” to find joy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but mostly, we aren't able to really be in joy for long periods of time. This can be a great source of insight to your foundation from where you manage your life.

Note: If you feel joyful, then your vibration is high! You’re “high” on life, especially with this new opportunity of Harmonic Universe #4. (My newsletters and "Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith" is where you can learn more.) 

Astrology Services
On Wednesdays, I’ll be teaching Michelle’s "Astro 101: The First Step" 8-week course. If you’re interested in this class OR if you’d like a session about your Primary Motivation, please see below. 

As with this picture above of the medieval pilgrim, we, too, are learning to peek behind the zodiac, the 8th sphere, which is actually a system of learning here on Earth school. (The 8th sphere holds this astrological system in place as our spiritual growth model.) Each sign of the zodiac is an archetype, and it's important to understand your limitations and challenges you’ve created for yourself in this lifetime so you can transcend it once and for all. You will not need to return to Earth to suffer any longer.

You created your own astrological natal chart, or your life's blueprint. By understanding your own blueprint, which you authored in agreement with the planetary spirits you'll be learning about (the 7 planets), you’re bringing in a whole new world to experience Heaven on Earth. You have the chance to learn about the archetypes within your chart that animates you/your life, so we can transcend this once and for all, never to return. So now we’re in training to be in a whole new realm of living yet to unfold!

Note, too, that I will be weaving the information of the current times and projects into our class as appropriate, so that when Michelle says, “if you have Leo in your chart…”, you’ll understand what that means to you, and how to look at that! 

Here are some basics and more information about the 8-week Astro 101 Class.

Basics for all Astrology-Based Sessions, whether private or in a class: 
Email me your *EXACT time of birth (not a guess!), your date of birth with the year, and the city (and state)/country of your birth, so that you will then receive:
A three-page PDF of your natal chart, including a “Medieval Astrology” chart; your natal chart. Save it and print out a clean copy of the first two pages for each time we meet! You’ll be making notes on it!
The recording of each class will include a visual of your natal chart. I will be sharing my computer screen, pointing to your/class charts, so you can see what I’m talking about. This helps you work on your own chart yourself as well! By agreeing to take this course, you’re providing permission for me to share your chart with the class.
   oPrivate sessions / classes will be either a GoToMeeting for private sessions or GoToWebinar for the class, and when you download the recording, you’ll be able to watch/listen as if we’re in the live session!
   oThe class size maximum is 5 people.
*Contact your local government offices for your birth certificate, and ask that your birth time be included. Since most people want their birth certificates for passports, the time isn’t always furnished and needs to be specifically asked for. If this information is still not available, please reach out to Savannah Michalah Koefoed at [email protected] for assistance. (She is located in Denmark.)

Email me to register: "Astro 101: The First Step" Class: Wednesdays, September 26 - November 14, 2018
If you can’t attend every class, I will still cover your chart as if you’re present; all students receive a video recording of each class. All classes are interactive, so I will have you unmuted so you can speak. If possible, please use a headset for the highest sound quality and to minimize background noises.

Participants will receive the same “Basics” above plus:
Course-related materials, such as a PDF of the 12 astrological houses created by Michelle.
The 7 planetary cosmic laws of each of the 7 planets.
The first class will include a brief introduction about Medieval Astrology and how we look at natal charts; this information and the above documents you can use when working with your charts after the course ends. 
Your planet in the sign and house in your natal chart (your divine blueprint) is discussed.
   oYour natal chart will be shared on my computer screen, so that you can see what I’m talking about! 😊
   oThis will be part of the recording, as this is a GoToWebinar class. 
There are many benefits to studying in a small group setting such as this: 
   oThere’s nothing more healing than when you listen to someone else’s info/insight and realize, “me, too!”
   oAs we discuss another student’s planet in a sign, I’ll show you where to find this in your chart so you can benefit from their information and know where that sign is in your own chart.
   oBenefit of listening to others’ life challenges helps you to help yourself.
   oYou get to know and bond with others on the same path.
   oThis is a great way to experience common-unity, community.
   oSometimes showing up with others help support you in showing up for yourself.
Your overall-natal chart ruling planet, in other words, the ruling planet for this lifetime.
We’ll also use the class to cover any astrological “assignments” Michelle suggests we consider. For example, Venus will station retrograde during this class, so we’ll review Venus in your chart with this retrograde.
At the end of this 8-week class, you’ll have a working knowledge of your overall blueprint in life and areas that are specific to you to help you rise above your challenges: transcendence. This is far more than a class; it’s really an amazing coaching opportunity as well. I love that Michelle calls this astro-therapy!
PayPal invoices can be issued weekly ($55 x 8), monthly ($220 x 2), or in one lump sum ($440) for the 8-week course; let me know your preference. (This is a huge savings from working with me one-on-one, one planet at a time, at $200/hour for 8 weeks, which would be $1,600.—Now that would be a POWERFUL coaching session to also consider if you’d rather not be in a small-group setting.) 

To RegisterEmail me:
If you’re ready to start class, that’s great! I will need your:
1. Exact time of birth (not a guess!), date of birth with the year, and the city/state or country, you were born.
2. Let me know if you prefer weekly or a lump-sum PayPal invoice plan:
    --Weekly: $55 x 8
    --Monthly: $220 x 2
    --Upfront: $440 x 1
Please note that payment is due by the end of day Monday, two days prior to class.

Private Astro Sessions
If you’re interested in booking your Primary Motivation (which is the entire foundation of your blueprint for your entire life-- to find JOY), please visit my One-on-One Sessions page, and click on the “Book Now!” button. 

Trust me, the time we spend in any of these sessions will FLY! (Note that the same “Basics” outlined above applies to all the astrology-based sessions I provide.) I spend at least one hour on your chart before we meet.

Remember, I will need your exact time/date of birth and the city (state)/country, so please add that to the comments field when you sign up for private sessions. 

In all classes, events, and sessions, I guarantee you’ll leave with another layer of divine insight about yourself—especially after the 8-week class, Astro 101: The First Step.

With your own attention and intention, you’ll love yourself on a whole new level, one ascension step at a time, because it’s the Law—it’s how the Universe works!

Let's utilize this amazing time being offered to us now! Why wait? I'm excited to be on this journey with you, and look forward to working with you!


P.S. Don't forget, if you have any questions regarding any of the services I offer, please book a FREE 20-minute session with me by visiting my One-on-One Sessions page. You'll be able to choose a date/time that's convenient for us both! I look forward to hearing from you! 

Understanding the Blueprint you brought into this life-time with you is one of the most self-empowering tools you can learn to master, and it is a powerful mechanism in which you can learn important things about yourself that you, perhaps, have not previously understood about yourself or your life, as well as your partner, kids, money, family, friends, career, and why certain areas of your life remain a mystery or a mess. 

Taking this 8 week beginner's self-mastery class, which happens once per week in the comfort of your home or office, will shed light on many of the areas of your life, resulting in greater clarity from your deeper understanding and ability to see yourself and others more objectively. This naturally results in more powerful healing experiences and much shorter-lived cycles of feeling down or challenged. 

Your vibration, therefore, begins to naturally elevate, fueling your stronger will to maintain and keep your energy centered in the flow of ALL GOOD and the powerful streams of LOVE we're ready to receive as the TRUE Science of Love returns to Earth over the next several years. 

This is also a space in which you will come to see clearly how these majestic "Spirits," called the Planets, the Sun and Moon, influence us individually and collectively. I will show you what a powerful connection we have with these Beings and what their Service Mission is with you based on the Sacred Language they speak to you and through you. 

So happy to have you join me! ​

Here are the class dates and times. This webinar meets 8 times, 2:00 PM New York time on Wednesdays.
Week ​1) September 26
Week 2) October 3
Week 3) October 10
Week 4) October 17
Week 5) October 24
Week 6) October 31
Week 7) November 7*
Week 8) November 14*

*Check your local time zone for daylight savings time changes as appropriate. Use a date converter website, such as https://www.timeanddate.com. NOTE: The class will have a time change for November 7 and 14 as the USA resumes daylight standard time. Class will be 2:00 PM New York time each week which may be a different time for your area of the world.