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Peace Talk Radio: 
"Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith"
Came to Series End: Dec. 11, 2018
The broadcasts remain extremely relevant for these difficult times...
Faith, HeartLight Communications, is in collaboration with Michelle Manders, Aurora Online Ascension Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa, and is co-hosting this weekly broadcast with Michelle. 

It has been a dream of Faith's for many years to have a platform where free, candid conversations about living life here on Earth in the New World can take place, and Michelle has created such a platform! 

We are ALL co-creating this new world together! 
The lower ego complicates; the soul simplifies.
Join Faith and Michelle as they share
essential soul skills for these new times!  

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Faith with Michelle Manders
Pilgrimage to Greece
September 2013
We are now in a world that embodies a totally different system of action, communication, and living, which most of humanity is unaware. Everything still "looks the same." This new world we've recently entered (between the dates of August 13-20, 2016) requires of us to take actions in every-day-living in a whole new way from now on!

Perhaps you're thinking that things look like they're getting worse, there are even more challenges than ever before? Instead, the truth of the matter is that what needs to be exposed for transformation is being brought to the surface and out into the *Light*! Anything that does not serve the greater good is showing you that it's time for new, higher solutions.

This is the realm of "mind-full living," and your soul has anticipated this for a such a long time! We are learning to master the material world, the old world.

These new solutions and the higher ways of life can only be obtained by detaching from our habits of old-world living.

In order for every soul to meet the empowering aspects of their internal Palace of Peace, they have to make peace with challenge, as challenges are often times the soul's way of detaching from the experience of fear.  I wrote a newsletter about this at the beginning of 2016

The soul essence does not experience fear, so 
it will initiate the detachment process.

Michelle and I have been writing, sharing, and speaking about many of these changes over the years, but what makes this a most significant time is that Mother Earth has recently (August 13-20, 2016) undergone a major "reset" as it relates to no longer anchoring major energetic grids that has kept us prisoners of a very greedy and fear-based world.

The intention of this Soul Chat series is to provide a platform of discussion for real-life living processes on this "new Earth." 
Michelle (the Aurora Online Ascension Academy) and I (HeartLight Communications) are in collaboration together to bring awareness and to reach as many people as possible by discussing the new way of life so that you know how to change your own life, what to do, and to answer the many emails they both receive from many who are weary.

We must understand and get used to the idea that Mother Earth is like a new planet: it's like moving to a whole new world and learning how to live AND how to communicate. This is how significantly different these times are for all of us, but because things look the same and worse, it's assumed things are getting worse.

This is an opportunity of deploying the many simple methods we've been taught over these many years and to work together to bring this New Earth now and for the future.

The reality is " Things Are Getting Better! " Life on Earth since December 2012 has changed significantly as we've known it, and since then there have been major planetary events to assist Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants to leave the old world behind of poverty and lack consciousness so that we can now bring our own idea of what Heaven on Earth means for each of us. Regardless of your own vision, the commun-unity of prosperity consciousness, victory consciousness, unconditional love, etc., is the primary motivation fueling the lives of those who are ready to heal their wounds and own their lives in a whole new way!

If you're interested in learning how to live your life anew, to change the physicality and/or emotional/mental/spiritual parts of your life, please join Michelle Manders and I by listening to our broadcasts below.

Welcome to the new world, the new you!

Welcome to Peace Talk Radio's "Soul Chat with Michelle and Faith," 2018! 

This program is a platform where free, candid conversations about 
living life here on Earth in the New World can take place!

We talk about all things spiritual!

This is an extremely important time for you, 
for humanity, and for Mother Earth.

Life is no longer to be lead from a "lack" mentality, 
no more victim consciousness, no more poverty consciousness.
There is a zero tolerance zone (ZTZ!) for lack now!

Learn more about these new times and how to properly use your free will!
BE the change you want to see in the world.

You, standing in your Light, can make a difference--more than you know!

This is your live, free guidance and support webinar 
for living life in the
New World of Prosperity Consciousness.
This is a new time of merging Heaven on Earth,
Regardless of what's going on around you!

Michelle Manders, your Host, www.MichelleManders.com
Faith Parent Hendrickson, co-host


Click on the date of the Soul Chat broadcast below to download the show's MP3 recording.

December 11: "The End IS the Beginning!" After almost 4 years of broadcasting our weekly platform, Soul Chat Peace Talk Radio, we announced today the end of the series. 

Michelle and I have shared undiluted information regarding calls to action, and we shared from our very love-filled hearts all of our experiences in the field, our wisdom, and all we've encountered.

The year 2018 began with us being on a brand new foot and experiences in life in Harmonic Universe #4, 4th density. We are now to live a life beyond the 17 years of 2000-2017, which were a pressure cooker where false ascension timelines were at their peak: they have now collapsed. We're inviting our Benevolent Sovereign Creator into our lives. 

Take a look back at 2018 as this year was the morphogenesis: life is changing shape and begins anew. 

The new energy as of January 1, 2018, is incredibly potent. It's totally different, so we have to do things differently and make radical changes with so much coming to light this year. This has been an extraordinary year as to what it has switched on inside each of us: 
What' truly not working any longer?
What's moving you or trying to get you to move in a different direction?

Acknowledge that our Supreme Father's taken us into His Heart, and lets us know loud and clear what's not necessary. Our Supreme Creator is unpacking all that's been in storage for us to look through and discard anything that's not necessary. You may not like it, but it's to truly support and assist you.

This is the end of a cycle! Truly start something new. Regroup and be clear how best to serve YOU as the best vessel of purity to serve, so you and I can thrive by doing what I was/you were created to do: "Show me the drama" so I can get on with life. 

It's true that you have to close some doors so that others can open.

If you resist what you know needs to take place, then you're resisting what life's showing you. Change what you think is impossible so the impossible can show up! 

For me, Faith, I felt this strong need to be in a sort of "void" as the only way for me to really know what my next steps would be as it relates to my life overall. In today's broadcast you'll hear me explain that through synchronicity, I found the words and great explanation for what I knew deep inside I needed to do. I've shared this with you at the end of the show's description below.*

In the meantime, the work continues. If you've signed up for Soul Chat only, then you will no longer receive emails from me. Be sure to follow Michelle Manders by subscribing to her email list, and for any updates from me, follow me by subscribing to my list as well. At this time, I am out of the office until sometime to be determined in January 2019. Also, please remember that all of our broadcasts with descriptions can be found on my website pages of either Soul Chat or Newsletters. 

Thank you for being a part of this amazing community of service, walking arm in arm as we take back our personal power as sovereign beings. We send you much love and with deep appreciation, we say "see you in the new"--whatever that creation will be! 

It's time to celebrate something new! Happy and Prosperous 2019 and beyond!

Love always, Faith and Michelle.

*"As long as we're debating whether or not we should be doing what we're doing, more than half of our energy is lost in that internal conversation. We get so caught up with questioning what we're doing that there's no space left in our head for fresh ideas about how to do it...everything feels like an uphill climb. Once we go all in and throw ourselves into whatever we're doing, all of that mental chatter fades away and we're free to be inspired about and creative with what's in front of us. Full engagement is a game changer because everything starts to feel easier...Once we throw ourselves into the endeavor, even the steepest challenge feels well within our capacity...When I'm enjoying myself I have much richer experiences of whatever it is that I'm doing. I'm less distracted, more present, and able to ride the stresses, strains, and variances of a typical day with a lot more ease and grace. 

"When I'm fully engaged, I perform better. I'm able to contribute more. I'm incredibly capable. I'm surprisingly wise. My curiosity is unleashed, everything becomes fascinating, and I inevitably begin to enjoy whatever it is that I'm doing...Effortless productivity isn't about working harder or even smarter. It's about showing up to a project with a sense of play and a heart full of joy, fully committed to the task at hand and completely open to whatever may come. It's about throwing yourself into things as if your life depended on it while knowing full well that it doesn't.

"Whenever you do this, your connection to the invisible giant of the Universal Mind grows stronger. I can't tell you exactly how this works, but I can tell you that it always happens because while ideas and opportunities rarely unfold the way we think they're going to, they do unfold. Each time we go into the 'Big Nothing' of the creative unknown, new ideas and opportunities will come. And knowing that is worth its weigh in gold.

"Indiscriminate enjoyment and engagement are completely natural and the keys to effortless productivity." 

Excerpt take from CREATING THE IMPOSSIBLE: A 90-Day Program to get your dreams of out of your head and into the world 
by Michael Neill, pp. 35-37 
ISBN: 978-1-4019-5057-6

December 4: There was no broadcast as Michelle lost power due to the load-shedding that often occurs in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

November 27: Today’s broadcast, “Life After the New Age,” is the last of our monthly series for November of “Proper Power is Sovereignty.” Probably the biggest most important thing that came out of today’s discussion is to understand that intuition is still very much alive and well! After all, how else do you receive the answers to your questions, your seeking, your prayers? 

It’s as a result of one’s newly-found safety and sovereignty that you’ll experience a super-charged intuition! This is a newly-found clarity, a beautiful unconditionally-living-love power where there is absolutely no judgment.

We’re learning to eliminate everything that is outside of us so as to avoid the massive infiltration currently underway, including that within the astral plane, the 4th dimension, where in the past we have been lead to connect. We're learning the importance of performing a spiritual detoxification. 

Try putting down your Tarot cards, checking with your astrologer, psychic, etc. What might you be using that unbeknownst to you may be actually holding you back from your own spontaneity, your creativity, anything that you give your power to because you must “follow the rules” or whatever someone else said to do, to follow. 

Do you have any idea to whom you’re really speaking when you invoke angels, archangels, gods and goddesses, and other “divine beings?” 

Is there something in your daily life routine that keeps you feeling that “the struggle is real?” 

Maybe it’s something you do that subconsciously works against you, in other words, you may be feeling some sort of depressive state and not truly be aware that you’re feeling this way, especially not knowing what is keeping you there. 

It’s best to listen to the broadcast to get the full explanation and to understand the type of spiritual detoxification we discussed today.

There’s a “process of life” we each follow. What is yours and does it support you? Are you able to enjoy this amazing time of life experiences? Everyone is unique and should have their own process.

And very importantly, too: don’t be afraid to acknowledge that there IS an unseen world!! You may be like many of us where we also have memories of bad energies in our room as young children! Acknowledging this is to learn how the anti-Christ works.—Speaking of fear, the dark beings are actually afraid of the Holy Trinity. 

It’s important to leave ignorance behind and to understand how the New Age is actually Satan’s playground. You can learn more about this by reading Michelle’s recent posting and upcoming 3-day event, The New Age: Satan’s Modern Playground. You may not like what you discover, but it’s the truth! The event is over the three days of November 28-30, and there’s still time to register as of this writing. If you’ve missed the registration, please email Michelle directly for the recordings by emailing her at [email protected] 

Thank you for the many great emails with questions and comments that follow from last week’s broadcast where Michelle shared her testimony of leaving the New Age behind. Today, she further discusses the spiritual detoxification she’s been under, and she encourages us to test drive the experience for ourselves. 

Perform your own spiritual detoxification. Trade in your psychic abilities for the Supreme technology that awaits, that provides, nurtures, and protects! You’ll be leaving the highly infiltrated astral plane, the 4th Dimension, you may be unknowingly tapping into instead of receiving the divine truth, the answers you’re seeking. Super charge your intuition! 

November 20: "Why I left the New Age: Michelle Manders' Testimony" Nothing is held back as Michelle describes her life from the beginning to now: her early-years with Christian roots, her journey to the New Age, and why she's completely left the New Age behind. She is now a self-described "spiritual Christian." There's a lot more to this story than you'd think! Listen to Michelle as she reveals the reason behind her leaving the New Age. 

November 13:Due to a scheduling conflict, we will not meet on November 13 for our weekly broadcast, but we do plan to return on Tuesday, November 20. 

Soul-Investing Homework for this Month: Take some time this week to reflect on how you write sovereignty into your own life. Do you have your own inner unconditional living love within, which is the true and proper supreme power? What does sovereignty mean to you? Do you still have areas in your life where you're judging yourself, where you need to extend forgiveness to yourself, others? Embrace your meaning of sovereignty, your proper power fueled by unconditional living love by feeling it, and invite it in several times a day. This is positively life changing. <3 

November 6: Welcome to November! This month's series is "Proper Power is Sovereignty," with this week's Soul Chat, "Re-Form to Re-Launch Your Life," which is perfect segue from last week's "Evil Ends With Us." 

If we consider the meaning of evil to be any action, thought, or attitude that is contrary to the character or will of God, or contrary to Good, true Goodwill, being kind--especially to our own self!--then this month will support you in any and all efforts of forgiveness, transformation and reformation, and putting down your weapons of self-destruction so that you can step into your own proper power, which is unconditional living love: sovereignty. 

We open this month's theme, "Proper Power is Sovereignty," talking about real-life situations where we've put the theory to practice, including a great example from one of our listeners where she visited a website and felt judged and shameful as a result of the information presented. This was an empowering, loving, supportive conversation about the judgment of others, and remembering "do what you will and harm none." 

As much as the current energies may be providing you with immense challenges, this is to ensure that everything holding you back can be released, forgiven, transformed and reformed without any judgment, so that you can step into your proper power more fully. Don't skirt any issues that may come up. These intense November Scorpio feelings when managed properly will make you feel revived with new goals and optimism so you can initiate what feels right for YOU. That's what follows November's Scorpio energies: Sagittarius. 

As you'll hear in this week's broadcast, interactions between you and another person will occur, and if they're not yet ready to "see" with their "awakened eyes," you'll be exempt from the situation. The person may still have to face what occurred of whatever the current drama may be, but for you, you're no longer involved. All is balanced and in its proper perspective, and you're not bound to the situation. It may very well be that the other person still wants to and needs to grow by remaining in the experience. Their higher self will assist in some manner to continue their current situation; you'll not be a part of it. It's their business not becoming your concern--a welcome relief, I'm sure!

Free sovereignty reclamation support: Learn to create a balanced and peaceful inner connection in which your soul can thrive. We strive to assist you in truly understanding what it means to INNER connect your mind, body, and soul. 

Get your FREE 5 week mini-course at Aurora Online Ascension Academy. Here is the link to"Resetting Your Life Free Course." 
Check out our FREE Soul Chat Radio episodes listed below, as always!

October 30: Wrapping up the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast is "Evil Ends With Us." Keep in mind that just because the series ends today, the"fight" remains, and we must continue our efforts to transcend our lives as the mentally-, emotionally-, and spiritually-mature sovereign beings we really are, leaving all negative illusions behind. 

Our thoughts, our mind, rule so much of our lives: this feeds our emotions, and this, then, controls the body. 

It's vitally important to understand that the many systems which work behind the scenes in daily life are actually an illusion of extreme negativity to steal our own living love and living light energy. The astral plane is where the controlling forces work: they traumatize, depression energies exist here, etc. 

The dark forces, evil beings, cannot create the living love and living light energy. We are their power, their energy source, and we must starve these beings!

Don't let them take your energy. You are meant to and are extremely capable of rising above any of your challenges. Choose to focus on your original blueprint of your own gifts. Invite your most advanced self in. It's not your responsibility to ensure anyone else does this. Connect with your inner goodness of yourself. In this broadcast, as well as the entire October series, you will hear examples of how I've responded to evil presences, my own experiences, so that you may be inspired by the truth of what occurred and my absolute knowing that true living love is the most powerful energy in existence. Even in situations where I may not have known "what the right thing to do" was.  

We must educate and free ourselves about these false ascension timelines and the astral plane, how life has worked here for so many thousands of years. Our emotional body has been hijacked by the different demonics, so learn to master your own mind, thinking, and emotions. We are leaving the Piscean age of victim consciousness to the higher mind of the age of Aquarius.  

These October broadcasts are like coaching sessions. I hear from many people of all ages about how afraid they are of these demonics, how they are afraid of their own home at night because they are sensing and experiencing some sort of dark activity. Listen and learn! Feel safe and be inspired! Remember, we're not picking fights. It's how we handle these situations and to truly know and feel you are more powerful than you realize. Anything that happens in your space: consider it an opportunity to practice YOU stepping into your sovereignty. It's the most amazing experience!

Please take the time so that you can empower yourself and others who may ask you for assistance as their friend, family member, healer, etc. Knowledge, truth, is true living love and living light power! This is the endless source of our creativity where all positive abundance is sourced, and "they" cannot create or replicate this! Starve them so they leave once and for all!

October 23: Continuing the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast is "It's an Inside Job." It's time to question everything you've adopted as your belief systems, attitudes, and self-expectations, especially your motives and reasons. What you once thought was the reality, your higher intellectual mind will say, "Now look, here's the reality." Then, you'll see it's not what you originally thought it was!  Download and listen to this broadcast to learn more.

Also, don't rely on psychics psychics, mediums, etc., as they, too, have their own belief systems, attitudes, and expectations, which has nothing to do with you, and many do not know to or how to put them aside. They are tapped in to the 4th dimension, the astral plane, which has been hijacked by the dark forces, by evil. Know in your own way with your entire being your own inner world. Learn the truth of prayer: intention setting within and fully embodying the intention. It's not outside of you or depending on what's happening around you. 

And that said, Michelle opened today's broadcast sharing that many are feeling authentic permanent healing now, and this is an exciting experience for those in that space, for those doing the inner work we talk about here on this Soul Chat platform each week.

Our topics are numerous again today, including prayer as an inside job as well, as a full embodiment, sensory intention setting. We answered great questions from our live audience: "Do we still have guides, or are we past that, too? Or is it our Soul that guides us?" "How do you know when it's an imposter spirit, guide, or ascended master? So it's ALL about US now. The highest part of US, that we have not allowed to believe we are?" "How do I know if I am serving in my destiny?"

Another topic came up regarding those who are sensitive healers, or if you have a client that won't follow your advice, how do you handle these situations? If you're observing that the work you're doing isn't helping your client, or if they're not implementing what you're suggesting, you have the right to say that you may not be the right person for them. It's important to NOT TAKE ON SOMEONE ELSE'S STUFF (drama included). This is very healthy boundary setting, and what they do is their choice--just as you'd like to be left to make your own choices as well. No one knows you better than you. You're to mind your own business: it's an inside job. Don't criticize or judge others--if you do, then lovingly and honestly ask yourself, what is this reflecting for you in your own life? Really learn and live this: it's an inside job for all of us!

Also discussed is the increase of spirit activities, which is expected since we're getting closer to Halloween. Please be aware that horror movies / shows / music / Ouija boards, etc., bring in dark spirit activities into the environment, and impacts people, sensitive or not. Then, people will go to their environments and homes where if there is a spirit attachment, will come along and impact those at their home, etc. You'll hear some examples of what this can be like so you can tell if someone's being impacted.

Remember, our fight is not with flesh, it's with the invisible realms that interfere with us. So as part of your "inside job," ask yourself and answer truthfully: who are you energizing by your negative beliefs, attitudes, and self-expectations? Who are you giving your power to? We perpetuate victim consciousness if we attach to negative thought patterns, which is exactly what "they" want.

Programming Note: Michelle's monthly 3-day planetary event for October begins October 24: "Know Thy Enemy to Know Thyself," where you'll learn over these 3 days (about 8 hours) of how we're sucked in to drama, negative thinking, self-hate. It's important that we can see the enemy pattern entering our field, how a weakness becomes a trigger where we're confused, riled up; where we're unstable!

If you weren't able to make it live, email Michelle for the recording as registration is closed.

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." 
Ephesians 6:12 New International Version (NIV)

October 16: Continuing the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast features our guest: "Jenessee Roy: Chakras Root to Crown." We had a wonderful time getting to know Jenessee and her work as her "primary language is with the chakras," and our conversation is a beautiful tie in to our last week's broadcast, "It's All About You and It's Not About You."

Listen to Jenessee describe her work in after school yoga programs to empower young ladies from grades 1-12. She explains that any mentor working with someone that looks up to you, it's extremely important to ensure that you serve as channels of clear love so that none of your own dysfunctions can be picked up on by the mentees. Jenesee and her mentor partner help these young ladies learn through their body systems (emotional body, mental body, etc.), to help these young ladies to actually see themselves, to allow them to receive their authentic self. It's very inspiring to hear!

We also discussed grounding and the chakras in general, with Jenessee providing some suggestions. This was a beautiful segue into information surrounding each chakra with the physical, emotional, and spiritual/karmic lesson; its shadow; and then Michelle and I tied Jenesee's description to the planets/astrology.

Have something to write with to take notes! There's great insight and helpful information to assist in the necessary part of knowing yourself, especially as we learn to move away from negative labels to describe our life experiences, to see that the things we go through are, in fact, a beautiful part of life and to experience more of who we are, as Jenessee said: you're then able to experience more of your total soul!

October 9Continuing the October theme of "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween," today's broadcast is "It's All About You and It's Not About You." We had a great conversation surrounding the topic of giving your power away in ways you might be surprised: negatively thinking about someone and directing judgement, blame, resentment, and anger are not only examples of giving your power away, it's also psychically attacking someone. This can make the person ill and suffer in life. Also, if you're getting psychic attacks, there are many reasons why this may be happening, including that you yourself may be unknowingly engaging in this behavior, so you're going to suffer the same attacks. 

Look at how you've enabled this in some way: Is it a projection? Remain neutral from a full inner awareness and feel confident to understand what is being enabled.  Is the projection showing what I missed? Find some sort of information vs. who/where is it coming from. You can discern if it's meant for you or if it's an opportunity to understand and make decisions for our highest good vs. torment, negative thinking into loops, and now angry and caught up in it. Don't play the victim game. Don't buy into anything without understanding how the energy ended up there first from your inner world. The situation can actually show you what's vulnerable so you can see what's vulnerable about you! So discern: does this belong to me? My space?

See this as another block of information--yes, it's often challenging, maybe it's sad, but necessary, to have to make some strong boundaries and remove people from your life. We have to unhook from the thoughts of how a client may be facing challenges, etc., and focus on yourself. Otherwise, you're wasting your energy, and this is another distraction. Respect their life theme. 

So getting to the root of anything is an important part of life awareness; however, as a part of the New Age teachings, it's often become a finger-pointing and a blaming game towards an individual or groups of people instead of going inside first to honestly reflect on what may be going on in your inner life to bring these experiences towards you. However, this said, it's also true that as Sovereignty Warriors/Warrioresses, it's par for the course that there will be times we experience retaliation from the dark forces when in a position of exposing something dark into the light.

As part of the "it's not about you" portion of the broadcast, I shared my experiences of being a Medium since 2005 as I was asked to by our listeners. This is a very dangerous role to participate in if you or the Medium don't understand the systems of life here and some of the process of leaving the physical body.  Unfortunately, this time of year brings activities involving seances and Ouija boards. 

You'll hear me explain how a young woman in a coma helped shape me into the roles of service I adhere to in all of my work to this day. I had communicated with her without her family or her asking me to, which was absolutely none of my business. From that point forward, I always ask, "Is this the for the highest good of my client? For the person who's passed? As a Starseed myself, and as with all Starseeds, we are programmed, so to speak, to aid in the activation of our or brothers and sisters in collective advancement through moral, ethical, mental, and spiritual guidance. It's not ever about you when in service, whatever the healing modality being practiced. Sadly, many in the New Age arena, as well as in other religions or healing practices of the body/mind/spirit, get caught up in "wowing" others.

Mostly, we are unaware of our motivation behind our actions, and anything that is not from love and peace is susceptible to the astral plane and negative beings/dark forces or some imposter spirit, etc. 

This is a wonderfully empowering, jam-packed broadcast as we discuss the fact that psychic attacks may not be what you think the source is--you can be completely wrong, as well as some incredible stories of dealing with those who've crossed over. Also, if you're experiencing not recognizing where you are in the moment, maybe your car doesn't even look familiar in the parking, we've shared brief stories of not recognizing where we are or that we seem to be invisible: cars seem not to see us until the very last moment or not at all.

Programming note: Jenessee Roy will be our guest next week!... 

Having unknowingly developed her Clairvoyant gifts at a very young age, Jenessee has always been drawn to the metaphysical side of life. At 16 Jenessee started studying chakra theory and other metaphysical sciences until theory took a back seat to practice. Today she teaches others how to develop and fine tune their own unique gifts and talents. Jenessee facilitates this unfolding by using techniques and practices focused around a person’s energetic field and chakra system.

Documenting her own healing journey, Jenessee published her first book at 29, “Root to Crown, A 94 Day Chakra Journey” still unfolding the book turned into an Oracle Deck and Workbook. These tools are now used to help teach others about the energy surrounding a unique soul journey.

Today, Jenessee is guided by spirit. She has found a connection between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields surrounding not only her journey, but the journey of everyone she comes in contact with. Her purpose is to help others find and cultivate a loving, trusting and vibrant connection with divine source in their own authentic way.

October 2For this month, Soul Chat will actually be a month-long theme for October: "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween." Today's Soul Chat (October 2) was centered around several emails from you, our listeners, and since the topics were varied and due to the energy of this month and Halloween, we decided to create this month-long theme. A month-long theme may also be the case for November as well, as November begins the day after Halloween and in the intense energies of Scorpio. 

So! This week's broadcast includes the following four emailed topics:

1) One listener wrote in with feedback that they followed the advice from the prior Soul Chat about how to change our reactions in life situations by looking at what was either said or someone's (or even your own) emotional reaction: view it as a snapshot of information. This is just information happening at this time. This places you in a position of neutrality and allows it "just to pass." It allowed her to let go with what happened, and it made her be kinder towards herself, too, as she didn't go into judgment or whatever negative emotion she may have adopted. She said she is more forgiving, a kind of instant forgiving! Also, since 8:8, she feels a bubble of living light whenever she intends it, and when that is there, she finds she reacts positively towards her own self and others, which results in an "awesome and relaxed feeling. Yippee!" 

The remaining emails are the following questions:

2) "I have been getting a daily psychic pounding at school with the WiFi and computers that we are required to use daily. I set space--sort of...but maybe I should use crystals like Michelle does? I just don't know where to source those crystals. So many are programmed to reverse pure energies. Any suggestions would be welcomed."

3) "How do I help to create a climate for change here in Israel? We have the same issue of leadership as you do in the States. As a Guardian, how can I go beyond "peace on the inside, manifests peace on the outside?" During meditation and prayer, the answer was: time for the next generation to step up. So maybe through my grandchildren and students? I just don't know--yet. I do know that each act of love carries that energy of light."

4) "I have two friends who are about to die, and their greatest concern is to leave their loved ones behind. So my question is: HOW can we communicate with our loved ones on the other side?"

Listen in to the great conversation surrounding each of these topics! Email Faith at [email protected] with your comments, feedback, and questions! 

Programming note:  There will be no broadcast on September 25th due to Michelle's leading a 3-day event from September 24-26. The next broadcast will be October 2nd.  We look forward to "seeing" you then! 

September 18: "Stepping Into Your Sovereignty Warrior/Warrioress Role" is not an easy path to be on (as you already know!), and recent, very intense life events may be happening for you which can leave you wondering what's going on? Relationships, health, finances, career...aren't things supposed to be getting better already?

Simply stated, whether we like it or not, these are additional layers being brought into visibility, our complete awareness, regarding anything which may paralyze us emotionally and may keep us in some sort of survival mode. So anything that gives you stress around money or whatever it is enslaving you in your life right now must fully collapse.

We're moving into the 8th House in the astrology wheel now (naturally ruled by Scorpio), which is forgiveness, transformation, reformation, death/rebirth, so dumping all deep, intimate emotions regarding yourself and others, self worth...we are all in a state of dying to the old which inhibits us to thrive naturally. We must really understand our worth beyond the physical and material things in life to feel safe, which will free ourselves from poverty consciousness: we're unhooking from the slave system.

This is an important time of breaking away so our vital life force and our creativity can awaken giving rise to a rebellion. It's a breaking away from the inside, wiping out lustful, greedy, diabolical energies that are parasitic and vampiric.

We're entering an extremely volatile time soon, so as sovereignty warriors and warrioresses, we're being alerted to collaborate so our benevolent energy can "break the beast!" Focus on your breaking away from the inside out. This powerful energy can dislodge these negative energies!

On a side note and upcoming events:
1) Astro 101 8-Week Class: If you're interested in learning more about yourself and your life's blueprint, please consider taking the Astro 101 8-week class I'm teaching beginning September 26th. You'll fall in love with yourself and your life in a whole new way! Understand and love who you are as a sovereign being. As of Sept. 24, I have 1 seat left! Learn more about this 8-week class by reading, "Wrap Up 2018 By Getting to Know Yourself!"

2) For information surrounding the topic of "Benevolence Breaks the Beast," Michelle's written an article she released today, which also includes a three-day event Monday through Wednesday, September 24-26, 2018.

Do whatever it takes to focus, feel, be aware of, and live from your true love-filled sovereign self! This is the time to remember who you really are! Join us!

September 11: "Energy Transference: Soul Capture via Photos and Technology." In a world fixated on capturing themselves on camera, it begs the question - What happens energetically? What energy is being CAPTURED at that moment? Have you thought about the energy you are picking up on when looking at the endless stream of selfies and fakeness on social media? We see one thing, but the true essence of the energy captured at that moment is what we sense and often take on. This is a form of baiting to get caught up in the drama of others or to create drama in our lives where before there wasn't any, simply because we spent time on social media and absorbed the energy present in the pictures. Sean and Michelle trust that what they shared during this hour will shift your awareness and inspire you to make adjustments where necessary. Awareness is empowerment!

September 4: "The process of life is changing." Daily life is revealing that the way we handle things may not be working any longer. In some cases it's another layer in one or more areas of life. For example, perhaps you feel your guidance is being "blocked"; maybe your mind is too busy to hear your guidance; maybe you're now starting to feel a heaviness when traveling to different locations, businesses, stores, malls, sacred sites, hospitals; maybe you're feeling your protection isn't working; or maybe you're not sure what to think when people make comments about situations--you're actually not sure what to think about what was just said: what IS the truth?

These are some of the great questions, you, our listeners, are asking.

We are not educated on inner guidance, and this can feel scary because we're not feeling it's safe or to be trusted. We're also not aware of how the infiltration process works. There are many groups, organizations, institutions, businesses, schools, etc., wanting to do good and have really good intentions, and then, unknowingly, infiltration happens.

You'll hear some great practical advice about how to handle these situations, as well as how to make sense out of things like, "what does it mean when there are dead birds around the homes we're looking to purchase," and why it's extremely important to clear the crystals you've just purchased, including the proper way to do so.--Crystals receive and transmit information (some are dormant), but they are thick with layers and layers of energy as others' energies are picked up in the store. Understanding crystals and the elementals are extremely important!

The Sun is in the sign of Virgo, so it's a beautiful time where we're being supported to look at and change anything in our daily routine to support ourselves, making necessary changes for our own unique process of life, a process that is just right for YOU!

August 28: "Death: love having your own exit plan!" Today's discussion is regarding clarity about the false white light that greets us at the time of death, what we should be connecting with, and how at the time of death we're empowered to make the choice as to what energy is calling us! 

First, it's important to understand that we've reached a point in this galactic ascension event where we've become more empowered due to the truth, true information, and about the true white light. The false white light leads us back to a closed-loop system, keeping us here, herding us to repeat cycles of reincarnation and certain mistakes:

At the time of death, a white light appears to us, our soul is met by familiar angels, ascended masters, and ushered off where it's an immediate life review which ensures we stay in a closed loop of time. This is where a scenario is painted of how blessed we are to reincarnate and to address the problems or to fix the issues from the current life. This is how we're kept in this closed loop of time, this closed system. (Refer to last week's broadcast regarding karmic superimposition.)

The natural truth you embody, that you feel, is the true white light. The living light awakens within your core self and aligns with equal energies which creates new opportunities vs. the closed system. 

It's important to remember that when a person dies, the consciousness held at that time of death is the same consciousness during the death process.--A few days before the time of death, we connect to the light inside of us: it can look like a golden liquid honey. We're able to connect from that living light so we can connect FROM that instead of an external white light to fetch us. This is an awakening. We've been disconnected from our inner light, but now we know that we IN-scend using our inner light, using our lightbody, as to where our energy takes us. 

We CHOOSE what we want to experience and to continue evolving to. We're awakening monad and avatars. We embody our avatar self (4th dimension) and our Rishic energy self (5th dimension), thus we travel in our lightbody and not rely on this flat false white light.

So be aware of your intentions and use words like "organic" and "living light" to consciously connect to this open system of opportunities vs. the closed system. Hold in your heart your intentions and practice discernment.

The key is the more you trust and set intentions daily, you'll be shown subtle and invisible agreements, the invisible bars of your prison of any contracts. Make statements such as, "I have the right to know the truth as well as my bloodline, past, present, and future," and that you are "fully reclaiming any energy you invested in that may have been part of karmic superimposition," etc.

Be aware of distractions and what depletes you. 

Think for yourself and don't be redirected to something outside of yourself. It's essential that we are aware of the light and dark, to raise the collective vibration, and look at our own achievements thus far. Celebrate! Keep it "so(ul)" simple!

August 21: "Selfless Service Means Being 'Self-Fish.' " The question came up asking what is the meaning of karmic superimposition, and this is a very, very important part of what we are learning about at the moment in terms of understanding the many different dynamics that have contributed not only to the hijacking of our system, but to the hijacking of our energy. 

What happens with karmic superimposition is beings who chose not to take responsibility for their their karma and energy, transfer the energy onto other souls to basically work the karma off on their behalf. This we've done through a number of cycles and one of the ways we've been tricked into doing this is by believing we are connected to benevolent beings, some being the false ascended masters, the fallen angels and archangels, those whom we've bought into contracts with because we believed that they were the "good guys". 

We are dumping many layers of these energies that we've taken on and are processing as our own karma, which isn't our karma, so handing back energy to every single and to every collective group of beings who've "passed the buck," these energies are being returned to the rightful owner both ways.

When we look deeper into our ancestral impact, our genetic coding, we are then able to also see that these things must be released because if we want to to get out of the closed-source system of reincarnation into the same timeline over and over again, we need to understand how karma binds us to this wheel of reincarnation so that we can eliminate all of this extra baggage, focus on what is our responsibility, what we're being held accountable for either as individuals or group souls, depending on what we're involved in, and the rest we let go. 

Also, as a big part of this "hand back," or the reclamation of our energy and the revocation of these contracts and connections, is that it's so important, right now, that we, to a degree, turn away from the very deep, intricate aspects of cleaning up the timelines and now we are able, due to all of the work we've done this far, to discern these energies so quickly and thoroughly that we can easily in a moment of sensing a distorted energy, send that energy back to the rightful owner, reclaim whatever energy we have invested in any kind of distortion and regroup. 

This is the energy that's been made available to us which is now a grounded part of our timeline, which opened on August 8th, the 8:8 gateway. So much has changed since this gateway, it's like a whole new reset has set in place. 

Please take a listen to last week's Soul Chat and the free 8:8 event because there is so much information that can answer so many of the questions coming in. 

The karmic superimposition is just a small part of what we're claiming, but it's a HUGE deal when we realize and recognize how much excess baggage we've been carrying that has nothing to do with us.

The other part of the karmic superimposition release is the anger that arises as a result of the realization that these beings whom we loved and trusted deliberately tricked us into taking these extra responsibilities on out of a deliberately misdirected sense of duty, and this extra baggage is part of the distraction and the lower densities which keep the lower ego occupied in petty dramas rather than seeing that we are entering a timeline where things are changing, where we are claiming our power in a whole new way.

There are two very different worlds being experienced by people right now, and the split in the timelines, the experiences of people's realities as they stand now, are becoming more and more distinct where people aren't paying attention to the new energy coming in, to how their bodies are responding, and this can make it increasing difficult to keep up with where the energies are going. 

This is not about putting pressure on anyone to keep up with the flow, this is about saying, "Stop the whining and complaining. Stop and look at what's going on around you. Stop projecting and focus on what needs to be done on the inside out in order to shift whatever drama in the external world draining us of our energy."

It means we need to know ourselves better, to acknowledge certain aspects of ourselves that contribute to us constantly giving in to forming agreements with beings who aren't who say they are. When it comes the discernment that's required, only you can know who is or what is right or wrong for you. Follow your own inner lead!

The core around much of this is that we need to challenge our own inner limitations whenever anything comes up to trigger us before any kind of reaction: go within and identify what's triggering that reaction. This is extremely important and discussed so often on this platform of Soul Chat.

In this broadcast, you'll also hear the answers to questions such as, "Do entities often try to find a way to confuse organic intuition and exhaust the heck out of humans at times?" YES! "Could you elaborate on the difference between channeling and what you refer to as 'transmissions' for the Aurora Guardians?" "How do you discern benevolent energies?" This is an information-packed hour, along with tips in day-to-day living, including the discussion of the importance of letting go of judgments. It's an episode NOT to miss! 

And again, if you still have any further concerns or questions surrounding polarity, protection, etc., please do listen to last week's Soul Chat (below) and the 8:8 event--links for both are below. 

Next week our topic will be about the false white light, the false light that greets us at the time of death, what should we be connecting with, and also how at the time of death we're empowered to make the choice as to what energy is calling us! 

"See" you next week!

August 14: "'Good God!' Life in a polarized system!" Our last broadcast of July 31st (see below) brought about wonderfully positive feedback and great questions, both emailed and asked live, regarding topics such as being safe as a massage therapist with direct contact with clients, Ouija boards and that they do open doors, etc. 

We're now in a space of making conscious decisions to clear all of this energy in our lives and spaces. This is part of our "super powers" as infiltrators, even unconsciously. We're being authentic, good beings, navigating through life here in a world of duality: good/bad, dark/evil, etc. 

Since the recent 8:8 (August 8) gateway and event, there's been a massive reset where removals of implants are providing awakening at accelerated rates. There's a shifting out of density, and organic truths are replacing them. 

Since we live in a world of duality, we must be prepared to accept that all light systems have a dark side within, a realm of polarity. As long as we're "contracted" or in any kind of agreement to the see the world in a polarized fashion, we'll experience light and dark things. 

Michelle discusses the consideration of the word God taken from the word Good: a hijack of our infinite system to feed the dark's finite system. "Who is God?" "Is God Black? White? Man? Woman?" This is all part of the trap to fight over what God is when it's inherent goodness, pure goodness that we embody. That Godliness is Good-liness. What does it mean? What does it feel like to be inner-governed and self-sustained?

The message IS God and don't get distracted by semantics and focus on what counts: authentically good people, do good and harm none. Focus on the essence of something from unconditional forgiveness, unconditional living love, and goodness. 

This focus can shift everything. Sense and feel the goodness for yourself vs. pray to something outside of yourself and "hope to God" it's answered, and if not, you'll potentially feel unsupported and abandoned, a victim. Instead, what can I DO to change this with the goodness and love feeling. Godliness is the good-liness in our world we live in. We've been forced to look away from our inner self and always taught to look outside of ourselves and with fear and doubt. This is "God not delivering," and the masculine wound of the father. Be inner connected. Play around with this and see where it takes you.

This is an amazing time for us, and we're being supported by the current retrogrades, with Mars and Mercury to station direct in the next few weeks, too. This is the perfect time to relook at some important well-thought through projects or plans that need your follow through, something for you to present to the world. Cut fears/ties to anything and to any traditions that no longer are a part of the new flow. Be prepared to take action with proper discernment. Review anything you're launching in September: work, projects, looking for a new job, any really bold actions, a new exercise program. Get your ducks in a row so in mid-September you'll fee the energies flowing, that you're destined to follow! There's some great advice regarding any changes you're intending to ensure we thrive. There's also great advice on what to do as a healer/massage therapist, etc., for space clearing. It's a very full broadcast!

So, as one of our listeners shared, instead of feeling shame and guilt about being different or "weird," function as unconditionally loving and forgiving people. Return to work and to your life with a whole new feeling, and invite organic intuition to switch on so the inner body intelligence as wisdom keepers can switch on!


July 31: "Safe Space and Boundaries - Dead or Alive" This past weekend of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius (Sun in Leo) was a gateway closing all to the past. Now, it's onward to a whole new vibe and and tribe! You may feel a very excited anticipation as your inner child IS very excited! It's that excitement like when you were little anticipating your birthday or Christmas: you're excited about the day's possibilities with no ideas of the gifts in store! 

The Christos Mission, the Christos team, has arrived and is ensuring our "new" solar system has arrived! The arrival of this massive crew (our Guardian Jeshua, etc.) is anchoring the Law of One where it's lacking here on Planet Earth, the solar system, too, and it's become the core of what we're doing. Become more aware so you know this upliftment. The future is NOW. This is a huge rewiring so our Christed Blueprint can engage on a whole new level. This will result in much change.

It's extremely important that you manage your changes for yourself vs. feeling uncontrolled with emotional outbursts. This requires your setting up a safe space for yourself, as well as proper boundary setting. Ask for support so you don't spin out of control. Ask yourself: Am I safe to be around? Can I manage situations? Or am I in constant crisis? Get help with someone who's a coach, preferably someone who understands the metaphysical aspects. Put your intention to Spirit for the right person.

In addition we discussed that over the last few years, the death process has changed--thankfully! No longer when we die (drop our physical body), do we go into a "trapping" of a false white light that kept us here preventing true ascension from this universal time matrix. Since the bifurcation happened and the higher realms secured, when someone dies, they're undergoing much-needed rehabilitation now and not experiencing any closed-sourced systems of reincarnation any longer. We're no longer dying into dead-world spaces. The Astral Plane is no longer a realm of being trapped in which we become enslaved. 

As a result, you may experience an increase of "lost" souls in your life or space. They can be strangers or even your own ancestors. We're clearing up our karmic baggage and ancestral imprints.

Compassion, and once again the very important topic of boundaries, are discussed with examples of recent experiences and suggestions on how to handle these situations of experiencing a soul in your space. ​It's very important to understand this topic and not to feel like you've "done something wrong" to attract a soul or this type of situation, and Michelle and I feel very strongly about the need of this type of understanding for your own personal, love-based proper strongest "power" and so that no one feels isolated, afraid, or not knowing what to do. 

Awareness, acceptance, and responsibility: the ability to respond. Moving from fear into love, peace, grace, and humility with these experiences are positively life changing! 

Enjoy this week's broadcast, and as always, please email me with any questions. Let me know if this week's broadcast was informative or helpful, too! 

We look forward to "seeing" you in two weeks!

July 24: "A Total Eclipse of the Heart! From Eclipse to Revelation" This coming weekend we have a massive gateway opening as we will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse involving the signs of Leo and Aquarius, which is also happening on the same day Mercury stations retrograde in the sign of Leo: Friday, July 27th. 

As Susan Miller explains, "They [Eclipses] are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving. They shake us out of our feelings of compliancy so that we can move from one level of maturity to another, to a higher plane, and they work very rapidly. Eclipses want us to change, and change we do!"

This Full Moon in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo are at the same exact 4 degree and 44 minutes. This is extremely powerful for so many reasons: in numerology, the number 4 is stability, structure, and it's also the 4th chakra (our heart chakra), so this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Moon in Aquarius, Sun in Leo) is access to the 4th Dimension Astral Plane where huge upgrades are able to happen, thankfully! We've been upgrading our Green Ray Heart to the higher Blue Ray Heart, anchoring this through the upcoming weekend's amazing energies.--There is also another Avatar Ascension Event this weekend, supporting the 7th Dimension Violet Ray and the planet's crown chakra. ("Christos Mission 7D Crystal Lightbody Activations and 7D Violet Ray Crown Chakra Rectification - Our DNA IS the Code - We are Divine Natural Angels!) 

So, in summary, we're experiencing a "total eclipse of the heart": we're upgrading our wounded Astral Green Ray Heart that has been attached to the dangerous, torturous astral plane. We're used to focusing on our astral heart vs. now the Blue Ray Heart. We're ascending the Green Ray Heart and rising above the intensity of what the masses are experiencing. True love doesn't hurt!

This Lunar Eclipse will help us see our behavior behind the scenes we don't want others to see. It will trigger our own internal process. With Mercury stationing retrograde in Leo, research, review, and revisit areas of your life brought to your attention just as you would discern a person in your space. Discerning the energies around you makes it easier to understand what's going on. 

Listen to this week's broadcast to learn more about the current and very important intensities, how it my impact you and others, as well as this year's upgrade of our heart and the astral planeEclipses are important times, and with the other current planetary events, you may experience a rather heated energy with challenges to be aware of. This eclipse can deliver shocking news up to one week after the actual eclipse, too.

None of this is to be in fear. This is a morphogenesis, a changing of how things are shaped from where it originated. This is our first year into the new Harmonic Universe #2, so think of our lives right now as that of a new born baby that can't hold its head up, and you now bear witness to the baby's growth where the baby is able to hold up its head, able to laugh, able to sit up! 

All of this is changing through our heart chakra with things ready to release. This is what this year is about! 

"A Total Eclipse of the Heart!" This weekend is an extremely powerful Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. True love does not hurt. Let this be your Eclipse to Revelation!

July 17: "Life Restructuring and Bifurcation Courage" As you know, at the end of 2017, the planetary body shifted into a higher frequency--if you're new to this Soul Chat platform, scroll down for our previous broadcasts for more information regarding this new higher frequency band we've recently entered and is referred to as the next Harmonic Universe. 

Since humanity has never experienced life in this higher frequency, daily life continues to bring challenges as we move through these amazing (and often confusing) times and consciousness shifts. Much of what we've relied upon as our own personal structure for daily living is changing, and this means truly doing things differently. The areas within our lives begging to be restructured may surprise you and perhaps create fear within you. If ignored, these challenges will make life extremely uncomfortable until we acknowledge and properly address them. We're learning to go with the flow in a whole new way so as to stop feeling like a slave to life and live life joyfully. Often, it's much easier said than done, and quite frankly, it does take courage at times.  

One example is the way we structure our life during the week: do you dread Sundays because it means going back to the grind of work on Monday? Do you also dread Mondays? 

Our discussion this week explains and provides examples of how to shift that for yourself, as well as understanding that new structures are coming in for the emotional body, too. It's very important to recognize where in your life you are giving more energy out than receiving. This is the masculine and feminine energies within that also needs understanding. In addition, we're also experiencing for the fist time ever an extremely powerful ancestral bifurcation! And what does that mean?

Learn more about these important topics, why these are important to understand, hear some suggestions of simple approaches to shift any feelings of "slavery" in your weekly life, as well as ascension symptoms and being careful with the upcoming Mercury stationing retrograde in the fire sign of Leo, which this time will either refuel you or burn you out. It's up to you!

Also, this year is an 11 year in numerology, so this is demanding that the masculine and feminine stand as equals and reflecting each other for support vs. the dark aspects within one person being reflected through the dark aspects of the other. Relationships remain an important topic for this entire year.

There's a lot discussed in this week's broadcast! 

Remember that this is a time of going with the flow, deep faith, and the courage, self-awareness, self-love, and self-respect to make necessary changes as life is restructuring in a most powerfully beautiful way to sustain us!

Program note: This is the link to Michelle's website she mentioned at the end of the broadcast: https://aurora-ascension-academy1.teachable.com/.

July 10: YouTube version only "Making Man Sense of Ascension and Astrology Updates" In a world where women predominantly participate in healing, ascension, and self-work, we are now seeing a very welcomed and much-needed increase in men joining us. In this week's Soul Chat, Michelle asks Sean to give his perspective of Ascension. As women, it's essential we make man-sense of ascension so that we can understand their perspectives, behavior, and what they need from us so that the Divine Masculine can continue to heal and Rise. 

July 3: No broadcast due to power outage in Johannesburg, South Africa.

June 26: "'Finding Your People' vs. Rejection" Most likely you've probably heard (over and over again) the expression "living your truth." It may conjure ideas of people yelling or expressing in anger their current position in that particular situation, but if you're like me, I didn't consider it in other ways, such as moving forward in life in ways that doesn't look like how things are being done by others in the world. 

As more love codes come into our being, we're being washed away of anything that won't serve us with our new blueprint and "body" coming in. We're clearing pain, stuff from the past, the old world of suffering... We are clearing with love. 

Understanding this new world and how it may show up for you will be very helpful indeed! And yes, this means people will be leaving our lives, but it's because we're all ready to be with others for different experiences. Some may return, and new people will come in. Address any wounds that may come up surrounding rejection, as this is not the truth of what's happening. Even those of us who are empathic and FEEL the rejection, know that in truth there is a far greater picture involved. We are all sorting out our lives. 

Listen in to this week's broadcast because there's nothing like listening to a conversation of people openly and honestly sharing their private revelations as we move through these very challenging times. 

If you've been keeping up with our broadcasts, you'll know that we're seeing great changes within our lives that are emotionally AND physically challenging, and this includes all of our relationships--still. Especially the relationship we have with ourselves, as this reflects all of our relationships personally and professionally. 

Along with these accounts being shared, you'll be able to feel the shift of, and what to do with (or examples of how to respond vs. react to) what is showing up in life for you.

This is a very important time of change with self-love: rest and allow in these love codes! Enjoy the conversation! 

Programming note: I am on vacation on July 1, returning to the office on July 16. Sean and Michelle will continue with Soul Chat those two weeks. I look forward to returning and joining you then!

June 19: "Ascension Upgrades and Changes" Not feeling well? Our physical bodies are dislodging and releasing densities, anything blocking the organic way of life. We're intending and inviting a whole new paradigm into us, our Living Life Blueprint, so very powerful personal sets of coding that are unique to each of us are coming into us. Furthermore, we don't know how to make the adjustments, which is another level of "ascension paranoia." With the current energies also considered, please take very good care of yourself and be gentle with yourself. 

You'll also notice that relationships, including family relationships (as our work also supports our bloodline, past, present, and future), are changing so that you'll have the opportunity to be with those growing with you or not. Take life an hour at a time if you're "freaking out"! We must rise to the higher vibrations of the 4th Harmonic Universe

If someone is lashing out at you, don't take it personally. Often it's not their soul lashing out. They could very well be negatively reacting to words due to blocker/switcher technology released to that person's central nervous system, as well as an impostor spirit may be in the mix. What you can do without interfering with the person's free will is to invite their soul matrix and higher heart technology to override all blocker/switcher technology from them knowing their own Christ Self and that this all be in accordance with their highest will. 

Remind yourself not to engage or take it personally, and again, if you're being triggered, with compassion, be exceptionally honest and transparent with yourself. See what is coming up for you to address and forgive, let go, and move on. Our relationship blueprint is totally changing, and our relationships are mirroring what we need to own, a deeper sensory connection with ourselves is needed. 

Truly, Unity Consciousness is the way to go. December 2020 is around the corner as we move from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

Listen to this broadcast for the current energies that's very important for you to know, especially as it relates to the upcoming Mars stationing retrograde in Aquarius at the end of June. 

​Continue to lead by example, as this creates a very positive ripple effect.

Reclaim every aspect of yourself, claim it back. You can simply state something like this: "I fully, completely, permanently, and irreversibly reclaim every part of me that belongs to me by divine right." Our lives will go in that direction. Adapt to the higher frequencies!

Be conscious that spirit is unconditionally loving, is supportive and patient, and will always telepathic provide guidance that just feels right--this is part of the sensory connection mentioned earlier. 

Invite your benevolent ascension team to strengthen communications between you. This will build your confidence to trust your intuition and see what's happening on the inside.

Own who you are truly on a soul level, and then engage with life. Choose a side: dark or light. Call for high vibrational responses! 

June 12: "Ascension Burnout 3: Ascension Paranoia" One of the "side effects" of the whole disclosure process is that people are feeling debilitated with fear because they don't know whom to trust, where to place their trust, and therefore, which energies to allow into our own space so we can feel safe. Ascension Paranoia is a "bad thing" when it rules us to behave irresponsibly, so instead, recognize this as a time to strengthen your discernment muscles. Michelle provides an example as she describes what happened in her home environment over the weekend regarding, yes, a children's sleepover: an impostor energy was present.  

With Ascension Paranoia there is also a shutdown from the old parts of yourself to the new pieces. Be patient to heal as the layers come off because there is a rebooting going on. This is a time of healing, change, and transformation, so we're not to be doing more. We're feeling stressed out and a push to do something more, but this is actually because our inner child is very excited about what's coming, and the more we keep asking "are we there yet?," the longer it feels it's taking! 

This also includes the constant wondering, "Where's my _____?!" Fill in the blank with money, stuff, etc. Michelle also shares a recent revelation as it ties into the Sacred Chronicles of Aurora Chapter 3 and the work we're doing in collapsing the Babylonian Black Magic Money Slave System from our personal, ancestral, and planetary grid systems. Perhaps you can related to the anger and hatred of money that Michelle describes in her recent revelation. There can be intense emotions around money due to what was created in your life as a result of any lack of money, which is also a lack of freedom. 

Starseeds experience burnout and paranoia more than others, and we can feel extremely tired with a pining to return home for rest and rejuvenation; we do feel ascension tougher. We also embody aspects of Mother Earth, and she is also part of the galaxy. Starseeds and Indigos experience ascension in different ways, depending on the decade of birth as there would be different aspects determined by the timeline of birth.

This is another important episode to listen to for suggestions on proper focus during this time of reboot. If you don't know what to do, then listen to this week's free support broadcast for suggestions and support to assist you!

June 5: "Ascension Burnout 2"  Feeling exhausted and other areas of life as depleted, it's important to remember that we are, in fact, transforming into purer souls, and the current energies are really forcing us to slow down and honestly reflect on how we value ourselves: How do you relate to your own worth, resources, and money vs. the resources you embody? 

We're also feeling Mother Earth's body and that she, too, is having ascension burnout, as she's also recovering from the abuse she suffers. 

Take the time to make the space for your transformation. Get in touch with nature, yourself, and truly ponder: what do you value about life?

These energies and times support us in cutting away anything rooted and not serving a higher purpose.  You may also experience some shocking revelations regarding how you value yourself! Let unconditional love in and give unconditional love to yourself. Choose to be happy and to enjoy life. Be patient! We're all in this together!

May 29:  Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius! "Ascension Burnout" is today's topic, and this theme of Ascension Burnout will continue here in Soul Chat: We are deeply in our soul evolution during this same time of massive changes worldwide in all systems that enslave us, especially in our slavery to debt, to making money to pay the bills, to "survive." 

For years we've been prepared that these systems of Finance, Education, Medicine, etc., that are "evil-based," will collapse, and, well, it's happening. 

This is an important episode to hear as discussion and questions from our live audience provide examples how to respond to real-life situations and to recognize that another layer of truth is being exposed to clean up and out once and for all. Yes, we are all exhausted by living a life of being a hamster in the wheel in a cage. It's time to really DO things differently with patience and love. Instant gratification and quick fixes are not real and sustaining. 

We must take responsibility for our own awareness of what is at the CORE of any particular life situation where we wish to transform, to be honest where that situation needs our true unconditional love and patience.

Actually, think of this Ascension Burnout of you having to slow down and really look around at what's really going on. Where in your life is it that needs your attention first? The inner landscape must change first, applying patience and love. As Sean said today, if you're running out of patience, then you're running out of love. 

The process of life here on Earth is understanding your own self first and to also be aware of that which impacts you. This includes the current astrology which by understanding this can help you identify what is inspiring or animating you with or without awareness. You'll see that in truth we're being supported to set a solid foundation of unconditional love from which to build a sustainable life: where all of our needs can and will be met! It's the true way of life, an organic flow. Remember: The inner landscape changes with your patience and love.

Hear some real-life, practical questions and answers from our live audience concerning "I don't have enough money," as we're detaching from the old money-slavery system. The energies are exposing tools we need in our lives. 

Remain centered and neutral, disciplined (self-teach). Do things differently and from unconditional love. Full authentic ascension requires us to look at the skeletons in our closet. We have to stop running and making excuses.

We all have a deep inner need for a spiritual philosophy, which this Full Moon in Sagittarius is highlighting for all of us! Use this time to nurture your spiritual path and life philosophies, or identify what spiritual path or philosophy is needed to elevate your energy.

This is a great base episode for the next several weeks of Soul Chat to come.

May 22: This week's Soul Chat is being postponed to next week due to Michelle's jaw surgery. We look forward to having you join us next week for our topic of "Ascension Burnout," as well as answering many of your questions and sharing your feedback and experiences!

May 15: "Prosperity Minded" with Michelle and guest Peta Panos of Spiritual Quest Journeys and Crafted Coaching (featuring her 90-Day mastermind for awakening Warrior Women of Light & Love, which begins in June.)  I'm travelling and am not able to join the broadcast. Click on the links to learn more about Peta and click the broadcast date to listen and/or download the broadcast to your device!

May 8: "Bridging vs. Drowning in Troubled Waters" Feeling exceptionally sad, heavy, and being confused is very common at the moment because we are continuing the journey of authentic awakening sensing through our body the collapse of 4 major inorganic architectural grids of mass genocide which impact us all. We're in a time of "bridging" to this important next step, which is the next body of work occurring over the next 4 months.

First, we focused on what may have been just below the surface so that anything in our lives that needed cleaning up (things that hold us back) are no longer swept under the carpet, such as dramas, attachments that are not ours, and human meanness vs. humanKINDness in society: what's really been driving us. This is the Sacred Chronicles of Aurora Chapter One. 

Then, in Chapter 2, "Why Religion Must Go and God Must Stay (GodMustStay)", the focus was on violent religions, cults, etc., where nothing is about the self but rather a world we live in of controlling and manipulative forces. 

So now, with Chapter 3 beginning on May 15th, "Collapsing the 4 Houses of Poverty", these exceptional feelings just described are actually part of this time of bridging, and this bridging is inclusive and as a result of our wrapping up our work on focusing on what we love, what we don't love, what enslaves us or entraps us, how all of this impacts us on a day-to-day basis... We're building a bridge now, as the collapse of the 4 major areas of planetary consciousness we're anchoring through our own systems, we can set a powerful new foundation in place. 

The 4 systems collapsing are:
1) Money-Slave System
2) Education
3) Medical/Pharmaceutical
4) Media/Advertising (human trafficking)

We're experiencing the collapse in our own lives of anything connected to that which enslaves us, such as the money-slave system, and this is so we can step into a completely new flow. It's the attachment to the archetypes psychologically, emotionally, psychically, sexually, mentally, etc., where we are unhooking, and this unhooking will probably be the biggest catalyst in change, so "how do you partner up with life?" is the next natural step and the work we're doing and anchoring in with Chapter 3

Paying the mortgage, utilities, medical bills, education, etc. These are areas that drain our life force, so now we're taking our power and talents back. We're cleaning up ourselves so we can radiate our gifts and ascend together. As forerunners, we must do our bit, and this should help explain some of what you're feeling: your energy is sensing the collapse of these 4 houses of poverty. We're bridging where we dump old ways of fear and survival to a place of being neutral: things aren't what they seem--in a very good way!!

Keep in mind that all of us have had trauma and need special care to restore faith and trust, to restore confidence, and to live in a space void of abuse. Trauma and abuse rehabilitation is very tough, and we're also rehabilitating a planet's that been through a lot of trauma and abuse! Be gentle with yourself and remember: we're bridging vs. drowning in troubled waters!

May 1: "Astral Heart: From Burden to Loving Life" This broadcast was like a tapestry with many topics and announcements! Starting today we shall enjoy having Sean Manders, Michelle's husband, join us each week. It's great to have a chap's perspective in our chats! :o)  Welcome, Sean! 

And as many of you have been with Michelle since the "Lightweaver" days, which then became the Palace of 
Peace -->Palace of Peace and Prosperity, Michelle announced today that the name of Palace of Peace and Prosperity is integrated into the new name of Aurora Ascension Academy: a place of transformation. 

This Soul Chat platform continues to be a place of free support for you on your path of transformation as we provide you with tools based on our own path and struggles, and we will also include a few guest speakers who specialize in topics such as anchoring prosperity consciousness, plasma technology/plasma healing, etc.

This past weekend was the Avatar's Living Light Ascension event, Astral Heart Clearing. Today, we briefly discussed the very important main topic for the event, as this is also the main purpose of the work being done across the Palace of Peace and Prosperity / Aurora Ascension Academy: the past and current abuse of the 4D Astral Chakra, the Green Ray. 

The Astral Heart is used as a primary target to debilitate us and keep us trapped in torture/torment in the lower three chakras. Please know that this is changing!  We must understand the nature of our pain which is feeding the metaphysical realms that most are unaware of, don't understand, or fiercely deny they exist. We need to be aware that everything in our reality pushes us to drop the lower ways of loving: conditional love, and now step into our higher heart space.--About 95% or more of what occurs here in the physical is based on the metaphysical first, and actually, one way our wounds can be recognized is when one's behavior is that of lashing out.

Disclosures are occurring across all of life, and the intensity of life provides for grateful gifts afterwards.

There are simple processes to stay on track, tools of opportunity, not a focus of one teaching, but rather focusing on unity, collaboration, etc., that allows your true hidden talents to come out! We are working on healing both planetary and personal mitochondria and DNA.

This slightly-extended broadcast is also where we've answered your questions if you were a live attendee for the Astral Heart Clearing weekend. There's something for everyone in this tapestry of woven topics to assist you from what burdens you in life to loving your life.

April 24: "Shamelessly Identifying Entities and Pain" Feelings of heaviness, sadness, pain, etc., are indicators and clues for you to look deeper within at your fears, anger (which is fear on steroids), limitations, and to truly identify what's driving you so you can surrender to the new theme of life that is organic, in other words supporting you and your life instead of feeling crushed by life. These feelings may be turned up for you and you're wondering why, what's going on? These are symptoms of the recently retrograded Pluto, joining Saturn ("Satan") and Jupiter which are also currently retrograde.  There's a great deal of emphasis at the moment regarding us moving to a place of wisdom from the darkness we've become accustomed to holding and carrying. 

It may surprise you to learn that 1) you could be carrying karmic baggage from your lineage, your ancestors; 2) there are dark beings, entities, imposter spirits, that are fueling what you're experiencing; and 3), all pain and disease connected to pain and trauma have a negative presence feeding it.

Then, these entities also feed off of these negative energies, which you unknowingly continue to generate and to feed them!  

So, addressing your your ancestral karma is key! 

This "entity" topic is an incredibly important topic that many feel ashamed of, and this is *NOTHING to be ashamed of. It's a natural part of life here and our many incarnations. It's your own responsibility to look at your fears, limitations, anger/fears and identify what's driving you, which can be these ancient entities as well. 

Learn about what's driving you and learn to break away from the fears and ancestral drama: Resign from this now. You'll hear us discuss this, as well as Pluto, Mars, and Saturn in Capricorn, which is assisting us in addressing our internal darkness. Jupiter in Scorpio is helping us go within and see the bigger picture, to transform and descend into these insidious densities where the demons of our psychology elude us. In fact, reviewing your own fears regarding death is a great topic for your own inner research; the current energies also support this.

*Take the time and identify where there are entities, ancestral demonics, because quite frankly, as Michelle said, it IS bullshit to hide this, and it's part of the New Age trap and their judgment.  We ALL have these and and must deal with imposter spirits as we are ALL healing our own bloodline.  

The Astral Gates is where the Astral Heart is, and the beings in the Astral Planes are used to keeping our pain and wounding ongoing, but we are now upgrading and healing. The Astral Heart is an integral part of healing our base and heart chakras. Let this Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio assist you in authentically and truly forgiving yourself, your bloodline, etc., to be free. 

See everything as an attachment or an entity. Then, by identifying that there is some sort of imposter spirit (or whatever that entity may be), you can be a compassionate observer of yourself. An example of how to work with this: If you're experiencing guilt, ask yourself, what is this guilt doing for you? What is the guilt from? What unfolds for you when you in guilt? Meditate on this. And guess what?

There's an energy that's feeding certain vulnerabilities, such as guilt, stress, etc. The main focus of these negative entities is to prevent you from moving forward in your life, whether it's not getting work done, doubting yourself, turning on yourself and/or others... 

By identifying the "imposter," you can see that this being is feeding negativity and painful memories as a time loop being used to harass you. If you feel like this is just too much, then claim your space as a God-sovereign being. Use this alignment prayer, which was recently updated with links to definitions:   Updated Palace of Peace & Prosperity Alignment and Protection prayer with links--long and short version. Feel your inner core strength and feel truly grateful for something that gives you a source of true happiness. Step out of your body, the situation, and look at it from your Avatar self. This can be in all situations where you're addressing pain, finances, etc.

You'll also hear us share feedback from one of our listeners who uses the alignment prayer, and her results using it with one of her clients. 

Truly, this inner work is something we can't afford not to do. We're trail-blazers, so we CAN do this as we are meant to! <3 

P.S. Here's a link to this weekend's upcoming event Michelle mentioned, "Astral Heart Clearing and Upgrade to Rectified Blue Ray Diamond Christ-All Lotus Higher Heart." 

April 19: "Who am I?: Symptoms and What to Do in This Restructuring"  Whether we like it or not, none of us here on Mother Earth at this time will escape the push to re-look at our own structures in our lives--especially our inner structures, routines, our inner home-base from which we live our lives. Many really don't know how to self-contain, how to self-address, and, therefore, blame other people and other situations instead. Worries, fears, not feeling protected, loved, not being grounded, etc., this all continues. However, it's also the same symptoms of those who are doing the self-work, to form/to improve their self-relationship, as these are also symptoms of restructuring. 

This year will prove to be extremely dynamic if you're truly ready to actually DO things differently, but before we can move forward in our lives, we must go within and form a strong, trusting, and loving bond with ourselves first--where all answers and support stem. The Universe is supporting us to do this inner work through the current and upcoming cosmic influences, spirits, the cosmic energies and cosmic beings of the Planets, and we must work to transcend their archetypes, so that later, we can move forward DIFFERENTLY and manifesting what we truly want that also sustains us, whether it's your career, your love life, family, finances--it all starts and ends with you in a new organic structure. 

Listen in to this jam-packed conversation with Michelle, Sean Manders, and Faith Parent Hendrickson with specifics regarding the current and upcoming cosmic influences (see the 2018 Retrograde Planets) that will impact you to perform this all-important inner work you'll need to conduct, as well as Sean's description of his full identity collapse that occurred over an 18-month time frame, how he managed through it (looking at his life in quadrants), and his upcoming programs, specifically the G.O.D. Program which launches on May 14.

So answering your questions: "Who am I? What am I? Where do I come from?" Any other questions you may have about yourself, getting to know yourself from the inside out first, you'll then see the bigger picture. You'll be able to select different experiences with a new strong foundation. Be patient and gentle with yourself. Give yourself the time and space. Do not rush through anything! You'll just get more frustrated with life.

There's a great deal of information, discussions about this "next generation of intensity" symptoms of our body's shifting, as well as suggestions for you moving through these times.

Download the recording and enjoy this week's broadcast, as one participant shared in today's broadcast, "The realness of this conversation is refreshing and brings much peace. Thank you SOO MUCH!" 

April 17th Soul Chat is rescheduled to April 19th; we couldn't launch GoToWebinar today! "See" you soon!

April 10"Rebuilding Your Spiritual Tool Kit" Having not sufficiently used discernment and spiritual protection, it is vitally important more now than ever to understand why it's required to do so, that we ensure a daily lifestyle that includes self-awareness and awareness of what's happening around us. The energies right now are supporting our shifting and changing beyond the current consciousness and ego. Be a compassionate observer and don't lose the gist of what's happening if analyzing too much. Take as much time DAILY to just check in with yourself and where you are on your journey. Do you feel your own goodness and love within, do you feel authentic peace? Are you calm when connecting? Are you scared? It's essential to have a safe spiritual foundation. Use the Palace of Peace and Prosperity Alignment and Protection prayer, which we discussed in more detail today. (This was updated on 4/23.)

Great questions were asked, such as: "what benefit did the false ascended masters have, what was their motivation in working with us as they did," "is the Violet Flame part of the false ascended master realms," "do we send prayers or Unconditional Living Love and Living Light to beings not of the Light," "what do I do with my oracle decks, my crystals," and more. These several weeks' broadcasts have been extremely helpful as we continue the path in a whole new light--literally. 

It's recommended that you listen to the broadcasts in date order, so download them to your favorite device and listen while you drive, walk, do your housework, whenever! Take us along with you! Enjoy and thank you for joining us! 

April 3: No broadcast today as Michelle's internet at the office was up and down and "hanging" all day today and yesterday. Thank you, Mercury Retrograde! Let's hold the intention that the internet will be strong and stable so we can broadcast next week. We're so very disappointed to miss you today. "See" you next week! Lots of love, Faith and Michelle

March 27"Make Life Purpose-FULL" Continuing the conversation just a bit as we discuss your feedback and comments (thank you!), Sean Manders, Michelle's husband, joins us today to also share his perspective and experience as a man experiencing these changes as well, how he sees himself--more now, in fact, and how he handles his masculine energy, which we all have. Sean shares some great insights about his own feelings of safety in the world, as well as providing a safe space for his wife, his home/family, and his comments are great take-away's for all of us, as well as being able to provide some conversation/basics for our own relationships with our spouse / partner / mate, if we have one, but most certainly with our own self as this is where all relationships, successful or not, stem. 

Our own "feminine storm," our emotions, need our self-awareness and self-management. We must learn to hear how we speak to ourselves, our own tone--talk to yourself out loud so you can hear it, and build that relationship with yourself on the inside first. This also includes the tone and awareness behind even the foods you choose to eat, how you feel when you prepare your food, when you eat your food: You are how you eat, not just what you eat! These are all components of the new self-supporting structures, proper power, independence we're being encouraged to create, to hold, and to sustain for each of us. Really be aware of the underlying feelings / emotions as you live your daily life. Body / Mind / Spirit are all one. Connect with your inner world, knowing that the action you take now will be with you--life is our main university. Use it with love and wisdom! Make Life Purpose-FULL! 

March 22"A New Foundation of Trust" It's definitely a process that will take some time, still processing the impact of the awareness of the false ascended master and fallen angelic realms. The bifurcation that happened at the beginning of 2018 is still feeling like a burn as the burning of the veils of illusion and false timelines continue, deceptions are exposing themselves. The Law of Structure is bringing the crumble, and some good news to report is that our managing through this, along with our continued awakening to new levels of awareness, is contributing to the fall of the Astral Plane. This is opening a huge opportunity for rehabilitation, and those beings not wishing to heal are being sent back to their groups. Everything's changed as a result of the bifurcation split, and just a reminder: no one knows where this bifurcation will go.

Although it may feel like a daunting spiritual process right now, this is actually beautiful. As with times of deep spiritual struggle, there's going to be that point where the Light starts shining through: A deeper understanding of why, seeing the much greater purpose...focus on your intention. It is the most important aspect in terms of past and present. Intention is the heart of everything we do. Turn inward and question your own intentions, what's fueling your motivations? We're absolutely entitled to our feelings, but it's extremely important to remember that we're required to deal with it constructively. This is actually a wonderful time to form a new bond of trust, and as things start to settle down, a feeling of being safe and more at peace will unfold, a beautiful result of working with the Holy and Divine Mother.

At the end of the broadcast, we discuss briefly the work being done at the Palace of Peace and Prosperity, as well as information about the mitochondria and the need to give up sugar! Our cells hold Light, but we need to be sure our cells are supported to do so, and sugar is destructive. We need to be able to listen to what our body is communicating to us!

March 6: "Feeling Unsupported and Alone" In this episode, Michelle shares our recent February 2018 trip to Sedona: "we ripped asunder what the dark mother has bound to her blackened heart. This was especially important so that our Holy and Divine Mother can be received by her children she is returning to reclaim. Many have forgotten she exists and resists her call. This is another vital aspect of our Divine Mission and the task at hand. A lot of this I have shared in Tuesday's awesome Soul Chat episode with Faith. Please take a listen. I go into great detail regarding Sedona, and this month's free event being released here in this newsletter is also full of info regarding the astrological impacts coming up and why now more than ever it is extremely important to come to know ourselves beyond the controlling forces of the false gods, the archetypes, and their fear-mongering time-looping technology." 

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Due to the upcoming two day Planetary Mitochondrial DNA Purification and Healing Ascension Event, Soul Chat will be held on Thursday, March 22, instead of Tuesday, March 20; it will be at it's usual time. We hope you can join us for both Soul Chat and the Ascension Event!

Feb. 7"False Ascended Masters: Rebuilding Spiritual Foundations After the Bifurcation" As we know, ALL structures that have been a lie are being exposed, but mostly we've thought about areas involving the world of finance, medicine, justice, religion, etc., but not so much the realms we've come to rely on: the Ascended Master realms and angels. We're following up to our last January 30th broadcast with more information, answering your questions, and Michelle's speaking out for the first time in her own full disclosure. So what do we do now? As always, do your own research, clearing out, find your own truths, be your own GURU (Gee, U R U), your own minister, or preacher. Never others. And remember, in Peace, all things are found. The truth will always be revealed, never need defending, and will set you free! Download for more information and for more about rebuilding your spiritual foundation! Here is the YouTube version.

February 6th's broadcast is postponed to tomorrow, Wednesday, due to power outages at Michelle's office. If you're registered for Soul Chat in GoToWebinar, you would have received this notification, as well as an email--check your SPAM folder or your "Promotions" tab in your Gmail email account, as this also includes that we will be traveling to Sedona, so our broadcasts will resume on March 6th!

Jan. 30"False and Fallen Energies" With the bifurcation that's taken place at the end of 2017, we no longer have the dense 3D world, the Personality Matrix (focus is on body/materialistic concerns first and foremost/fear-based living only) as a base level consciousness any longer. With that rung of our ascension ladder gone, an entirely new rung of the ladder is now present for the first time ever, for all who are ready to hear the call. This is the Avatar Matrix, which is the Avatar Mind, the Buddhic Mind, the Christ Mind, and it's where true positive abundance flows, where there is zero tolerance for any lack, BUT we must resonate this from within to participate and see the results we truly dream and wish for instead of the nightmares humanity has endured. 

This is a time of a complete new structure in the way we live, and this means WE MUST SEE WHAT'S HIDDEN TO UNDERSTAND IT. It requires having the emotional, mental, and spiritual maturity in fully understanding what has fallen (and continues to fall) so that you're not in fear as things around you/us crumble, and in fully understanding the new extremely important life-giving systems that now rule our Universe, your own life. 

In this and all broadcasts, we ask you to use your discernment, to be open for your own truth, to have the maturity to be open to only the Living Truth that stems from Unconditional Living Love and Living Light from our Supreme Heavenly Divine Father, Mother, and Christ, thus preparing yourself for some information on "false and fallen energies" that you have been accustomed to connecting with in the past. We've been in deep training for this time of going within, without the use of middle men/women, etc. It has been revealed that there have been many false beings connected to the Astral Plane, the 4th dimension which is a place of "heart damage and soul-based trauma," and those beings are not who we thought they were. 

Referenced in our broadcast was information provided by our colleague, Lisa Renee, regarding the Family of Michael, as well as a prayer space format you may wish to consider using for yourself that Michelle prepared for the Palace of Peace and Prosperity community to use. 

As with everything in life, use discernment, do your research to find your own truth with harm to none. This conversation is an in-depth follow up from last week's broadcast. We talk about the importance of learning to step fully in your own true power, to use our consciousness in a new direction so we transcend the lower ego into a new loved-based lifestyle and routine. We need to understand we're in a state of rehabilitation, that we need to be fully grounded in our bodies as we leave the former and false matrix, the Personality Matrix. It's naive to think that once you die, you have ascended. The consciousness you achieve here while in your Earthly life is what you take with you. You don't automatically qualify to ascend just for being here. We have to transcend every karmic imprint. 

Be prepared for this week's information we've shared, and remember, we will each have our own and perhaps powerful responses when finding out we have been "duped." This is all a part of leaving the inorganic systems (the false matrix) to be in the organic systems of Unconditional Living Love and Living Light! 

(illustration, the Universal Time Matrix; referenced project, the Planetary Imperfection Purification event) 

Note: Here is the Youtube version of this week's Soul Chat.

Jan. 23: "Permanent Healing and 'Where have my guides gone'?"  Today's broadcast involves a listener who after last week's broadcast had a self-described "massive epiphany." She explains that she spent a couple of days in shock-mode when she thought about her past struggles, that her parents struggled, and she continued THEIR pattern from the time she was 15 to now at 58 years old. "During the last 4 years, I have been stripped bare and getting by on unemployment benefits. I really do understand this journey I have been on and why, I have grown so much in this time of change and uncertainty. I feel I am about to break into the new soon, but this struggle habit has to stop now. It cannot come forward with me into my future. Whilst it hurts my pride to admit this, I have been struggling to the point that I have resort to shoplifting to get my most basic of necessities met, and I have justified this to satisfy my guilt or lack thereof!!! I can't change this pattern if I am not honest about the details and face it head on....I have to change this struggle habit FAST if I am to step into the NEW now. Until I looked at my habit of 'STRUGGLE' in the eye, I could not even see it, let alone change it."

Download and listen to the great conversation surrounding this honestly and openly shared epiphany, as you'll learn more about how to work the changes desired, how to work with trauma, such as this, that is locked in the body.

Also, another listener asked about why they're not receiving their guidance the way they're used to, so we also explained the ways communication has changed since the bifurcation. We are learning to connect from a totally different place than we are used to, and yes, your physical body is a very big part of this communication! We're not going "up" for answers anymore! 

Jan. 16: "Joy or Struggle? How To Change The Pattern: Understanding Harmonic Universe 1 and 2." The struggle isn't real any more. It's an illusion and a habit. If you want to better understand what the split in planetary consciousness means that occurred at the end of 2017, then this will put a lot into perspective for you! It's the perfect start to the new year! (Click here if you prefer a YouTube link.) The absolute most dense and basic consciousness here on Earth that existed for thousands and thousands of years that was of pure Personality, the Personality Matrix, the 3D world where people have no thoughts whatsoever that they are more than their body, that they also have a soul, is now removed from Planet Earth! If you're not familiar with this concept, then I invite you to review our broadcasts from 2017 below or visit the many newsletters I've written.  

Basically, the world of the lower ego (fear, lack, fixations on looks, glamour, owning the best of everything, money and possessions, etc.) is now replaced with a higher level on the rung of the ascension ladder, so to speak. So the Personality Matrix as a base level of consciousness is replaced with the higher next realm of the Soul Matrix, where the heart is involved with the mind. We're learning to step out of any 3D consciousness defaults. 

It can be a very frustrating time for many, especially those new to this level of consciousness, as well as for all of us because we're so entrained to the old way of life of lack of everything! So there's going to be bursts of frustration and anger. You may also be feeling drained and exhausted because of dropping the old world consciousness, lies, and deceit. This is what Michelle calls the "Birfurcation Burn." 

In 2018, how life shows up is 100% on you, whatever it is you want your life to look like, and that's because when one rung was removed, a new one was added: Harmonic Universe #4, or Density 4, and in this frequency, we can have all of our needs met. It's a brand new world, a brand new time, and a brand new energy for all! Please take the time to download this broadcast and learn more about this amazing time and how you can go with the flow!

July 2017 throughout the rest of 2017
Please click here to read this email for details, as we had another event on Wednesday.
Tuesday, July 18Our new Foundation for our NEW LIFE is set! Click here for the recording of today's broadcast as we discuss what the Reunion is, why it's important for all of us, and Harmonic Universe #4.
Wednesday, July 19Want to have a life you LOVE? This is not a Soul Chat show, but a very important opening (in a Soul Chat format) to the next step of a massive Ascension Wave and the project we are working on for this massive transition: The Sacred Chronicles of Aurora. Click here for the meeting and to view the presentationClick here for just the MP3 and the full presentation--no video.

Click on the date below for the Recording Link for broadcasts from July 25, 2017, to present:
July 25: Discussion around this new Harmonic Universe #4, what it means to you, and what you need to do.
August 1: Authentic Awakening and Ascension: Be brave! It's a time of stepping out, honestly communicating your truth--which may not come in a sophisticated, lady- or gentlemanly-like manner. Learn more about this and the Universal Time Matrix experiencing a reality that houses the Earth many different levels of consciousness. Within this is 5 densities of different levels of consciousness systems. Those connected to the 5 senses are having massive wake-up calls, some having major losses, think the world's gone mad etc. This Universal Time Matrix is teaching everyone!
August 8: This is a powerful day today, where the 8:8:8 transmission is held, and this is discussed in today's broadcast. Begin to consciously direct energy to the good--choose prosperity consciousness over poverty consciousness. This is an important overview of the recent and upcoming August energies and how to live your life. I asked questions such as: families and/or spouse/mate/partner verbally attacking us, where is our divine counterpart, and why you may be feeling sick. This is such an important time for all of us. Hear the tips on how to manage life!
August 15: "The Masculine Rising": This month is such an amazing month of events where we now have parts of our life blueprint integrating where we've never been able to before. What does this mean? This month is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ensure that the Golden Age of Peace comes together, ensuring love-based unity consciousness is successful. This is a massive healing taking place: not just a little, but a MASSIVE cosmic wound healing. You'll learn more about this, how EVERYONE is being effected, and the importance of choosing a different way of reacting, and what to do when negativity comes your way. You'll also learn more about the dark force agenda deliberately doing all that they can to throw you off center. This can show itself a great deal in our relationships and within our families as well. The dark forces have retaliated in full swing after this recent weekend of the "Switch On". Implement valuable lifestyle tools now! Hear more examples and tips in this broadcast. 

**We also highly recommend that you strengthen your 12th Dimension Platinum Shield of Living Liquid Light, the energy system that is specifically designed to strengthen our energy multi-dimensionally and multi-universally. Your shield ensure every dimension of our authentic self is aligned with the higher dimensional energies which are beyond Harmonic Universe #1, #2, and even #3. At Harmonic Universe #3, we're already accessing the pulses that these higher dimensions offer that becomes the invitation magnetically drawing the energy into our spaces where we've awoken, triggered, activated on these advanced levels, so the more these advanced levels connect with us, the more aware and conscious we become. There is an excellent piece of work by Lisa Renee that you can use to strengthen your 12th Dimension Platinum Shield. Here is the link to her page that includes a video (scroll to the bottom), which is very easy to follow. At a MINIMUM, do this twice a day, morning and night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhuLXYLhz-c

The following link provides an explanation about the Harmonic Universes and is also by Lisa Renee: 

August 22: "Staying positive IS the remedy."The energies of August, including yesterday's eclipse, are simply over-the-top, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities we've never experienced before, so listen to today's broadcast to hear more about symptoms and WHY you're going through what you're going through. You also hear more descriptions and definitions of key terms used and part of the new world. Some of the questions sent in: Why am I having such intense emotional outbursts? I've been "releasing" and "doing my inner work for years, so where's my "stuff" (relationships, job, family, etc.) I wish manifest in my life? We have so many "selves," that I'm loosing track: our higher self, Christ self, empowered, future self, etc., what are the differences? Explain the 24 God seeds, as the show of July 25th had a connection drop. And listen to the feedback we're receiving from our listeners! Have a question or comment? Email me: [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you!

August 29: "When will my ship come in?!" In today's broadcast we expanded on last week's topic of "where's my ___?" and called this broadcast "When is my ship coming in?" First we talk about ways to quiet your mind, as asked by a listener, and that was a beautiful segue to fully discussing why there's an area (or even areas) of your life that is not manifesting as you wish. Quite frankly many are frustrated and just fed up! This is a great conversation that is like having a personal coaching session for living life in these very challenging times. You'll hear tips and questions to ask yourself that can be very revealing. Enjoy! 

Sept. 5: "Planetary Ascension" Lip service, cliche? Much of what is said about our Ascension does sound like a bunch of strung-on cliche catch phrases, but this is when it's taken in the mind only. When you actually embody the Living Light and Living Love invitation being extended to us, it takes on a whole new experience of Healing Intelligence. In Part 7 of the Sacred Chronicles of Aurora we were told that our healing intelligence needs to be awoken by us and to invite this into our entire system to communicate to us: Invite the intelligence of the organs of your body to speak to you. Listen to your body. Faith shares an example of an easy technique she used to reveal a surprising answer. This may leave you quite inspired in doing the same for yourself! "God within itself is now ready to know itself in its fullness in you. Therefore, you in your fullness knowing you means God know you in yourself in that manner you know yourself." Part 7, Sacred Chronicles of Aurora This will shift your idea and previous notions of your own creativity and limited thinking/fears around this critical life skill in the new world! (Please note that we had a problem with the first few minutes of recording the show so the initial introduction was lost.)

Sept. 12: "Shielding and Protection" This is a time of seeing every single soul on Planet Earth being touched in some way or form; whether they believe it or not is irrelevant. The energy touches every single soul. This is the massive shift that will result in us manifesting the Golden Age of Peace on Earth and this is an extraordinary event and opportunity. While the world may be in chaos, you can still experience a deep sense of peace and live your life in a state of bliss; however, there are times where we do have rough and tough times. This Soul Chat platform Michelle and Faith hold to nurture you, our tribe, our family. Tune in to listen that we are free and can rid ourselves of every single code, frame, structure that resembles the old word ways. We're placing our power back in our hands. Focus on 100% re-establishing your real Mommy and Daddy's full protection where you are that third element of what we know as the Trinity (our one and only true Father God and Mother Goddess of Unconditional Living Love and Living light and you), where there is no ego or arrogance. Let this emanate through every fiber of your being. Step out of this lifestyle of "I have to make ends meet." See any weakness as the dark agenda's means to an end, and unhook from it. Involve the full presence and essence of our Supreme Heavenly Creators, "Mommy and Daddy," to completely saturate every level of your being, etc. There's great examples and easy, basic assistance in this broadcast. It was also announced today that the Palace of Peace is now the Palace of Peace and Prosperity! Welcome HOME! Heaven On Mother Earth! 

Sept. 19: “Experience first-hand the FEELING of being safe, standing in your *Light*!” If you wish to connect with Prosperity Consciousness, you must embody your own *Light*. It’s non-negotiable. In today’s broadcast, connect with the energy and use this in your daily prayer space and intention setting. We’re using a “Opening Space Intention Prayer” which you can also use the transcribed copy provided below--click on the picture of the paintbrush. Fyi, Michelle’s recorder stopped at the end of today's show, so the last 5 minutes are not included. To summarize those last few moments, Michelle explained that you can take the transcribed version of the prayer she read from and add the extra points she transmitted in your own handwriting onto the transcribed original copy. These are additional points because she was transmitting directly from all the Beings invited in. Furthermore, she explained to take and hold in your heart the benefit of what this process will manifest in every realm of your being by using it on a regular basis. Two times a day is ideal. Feel free to share it with your tribe as well! Include your children BUT for anyone else you cannot do any of this without their soul’s permission. You are allowed to do this if you’re a parent, grandparent, or custodian to that child’s soul ONLY. That’s the only time. Even if it’s your partner, there is no invading any other soul’s space without their permission, and this includes healing and prayers of upliftment to anyone who’s not asked. This will be a good topic to go into another time, “The Do’s and Don’ts for Prayers of Healing.” We hope you enjoy and thrive from today’s sharing! (If you'd like to perform the 12th Dimensional Platinum Shield mentioned in the transcribed "Opening Space Intention Prayer" below, you can either scroll up to the Aug. 15 program where we first mention it or click on this hyperlink to take you straight to the video.)

(Sept. 26: No broadcast this week due to loss of internet/power experienced from massive storm in Johannesburg, SA.)

Oct. 3: "Discerning the Dark

Oct. 10: "Protection and Discernment"

Oct. 17: "Clearing the Emotional Pain Body"

(Oct. 24: No broadcast this week due to illness. "See" you next week! <3)

Oct. 31: "Clearing the Land, Elementals, etc." Today we answered questions about clearing the land, plants, etc., as well as some reminders about the "Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween." Click here to enjoy our "Light Within the Dark" BlogTalkRadio show from October 28, 2014, "The Boo's and Don'ts of Halloween, and click here for my newsletter on the same topic.

(Nov. 7, 14: No broadcast these weeks due to Michelle not being able to get a connection. "See" you next week! <3)

Nov. 21"Countdown to the Bifurcation: What you need to know"  Lightworkers, Lightwarriors, et al, as we are now facing the end of the birfurcation timeline where the 3D Earth as we know it is no longer part of our world, you need to know what this means and what we're all needing to do. Humanity's consciousness is shifting, and those who are anti-humanity ascension, anti-Christ, are pulling out all of the stops to ensure they have as many souls as possible before the end of the year. Please listen to this important discussion as you'll learn more about what this all means, what to expect, and how to govern your actions accordingly. Be aware of how this anti-love energy will trigger you so that you then focus on anti-love behavior/thoughts. Live organically, which is the opposite of their inorganic ways and tactics. Don't get caught up in chaos around you. Those who are caught up in the Personality Matrix and unaware that they have a Soul are struggling as they don't understand what's going on. Listen and learn how to maneuver during this difficult times, live organically, be happy, and feel peaceful regardless of what's going on around you or in the news. We need you to join us during this most amazing time! And remember, you are NEVER alone or forgotten!

Nov. 28"Stay the Course! And Mercury Stationing Retrograde" There are 33 days left of this year, and with the 3D world coming to an end, the energies are INTENSE. Many of us are experiencing relentless harassment to suppress our personal power, and this is meant to distract us, to keep us frustrated, helpless, hopeless, etc., including the feelings that nothing is going our way. Keep in mind that this is a way for us to be "duped" into continuing to "donate our energies" to the dark force agenda's feed lines, which is in the process of being shut down. Many are also feeling like they're in a different world as nothing resonates with you at the moment. There are worries about our loved ones, family, children, grandchildren, friends, spouse/partner, etc. In this broadcast we explain more about this and what to do! You'll also receive a very important update as it relates to the upcoming Mercury stationing retrograde in Sagittarius on December 3rd...just remember, the angelic host is asking us to feel and be happy, no matter what and as much as we can!

Dec. 5"What if I (we/they) don't make it?" In today's broadcast we answer many questions and concerns regarding the splitting of the worlds, the bifurcation, and what it means to each of us, if we feel we're not getting personal insights on what to do, and anyone we love seeming not to "get it," not being on the same pathway as you might be. 

Remember, there are as many pathways to God, to Source, as there are people. 

Think of a mountain with a ski slope--there are many paths to accommodate many different experiences and not all are difficult, some are joyful, but in all cases, they are opportunities to learn. Let each of us choose our own path. There is no way to know what the person's journey is as a collective soul. Make no demands or judgment. Everyone has their unique path to walk, and you don't and can't know the entire soul history of anyone you know and love.

The point is every soul has within it the natural state of ascending, so we all yearn to go to the "top of the mountain" in each of our own time.

We don't know if any soul, includes those we love and know, has a history of containing excessive karmic debris, debt, and there's nothing you or I can do.

Be proactive and embody systems of Trust extended to each of us--these are systems we cannot see. Pure intentions will be responded to, so Trust!

If you're still worried, then look at your own beliefs surrounding victim consciousness that you may be projecting. We must each mind our own life and frequency fully, and rest assured knowing that this will also assist others. Trust in the bigger picture unfolding. Each person has their own instruction skill set, it's their evolutionary path. Otherwise, we're allowing our own lower ego in the space, which can create a mess and be very unfair to that person.

Perhaps you have unfair expectations that you've placed on yourself and have projected this onto others? 

This broadcast is an excellent "and in summary" type of discussion to help connect the dots and provide relief (permission, perhaps?!) to drop worry and concerns you may have. I've also written a newsletter on Dec. 3 that may provide an "and in summary" assistance as well, "A December to remember!"

Michelle followed up from this Soul Chat with a newsletter "The Law of Expectation Up Close and Personal," which will provide further support.

This broadcast is an excellent "and in summary" type of discussion to help connect the dots and provide relief (permission, perhaps!?) to drop worry and concerns you may have. I've also written a newsletter on Dec. 3, "A December to Remember," that may provide an "and in summary" assistance as well.

Michelle followed up from this Soul Chat with a newsletter "The Law of Expectation Up Close and Personal," which will provide further support. 

Dec. 12"What is Organic Living and Expectations Revisited" In this, our last broadcast for the year, we answered your questions: What is the meaning of "organic presence"? Do you really need expectations--is it being redundant? What will happen to our country (Russia, USA), the power, the regime? What will happen to the Dark Agenda beings? We also spoke of today specifically, as it's an important date for all lightworkers, lightwarriors, lightweavers. Today is 12:12, the Universal Solstice, which is an amazing window of opportunity for us who are living in the Living Light. This opportunity leads us into our illuminated self even more! We hope you enjoy this and the prior broadcasts to assist you at this most amazing time! It's time for Faith and Trust on steroids! 

We hope you can join us in 2018, as our broadcasts will resume on January 16, 2018! Please register using this link, as we have a new meeting link for the New Year.  "See" you then!

Tuesday, July 25, and each week, we will be discussing this incredibly important time of stepping into the new realms now available to us:

On Tuesday, July 18, we discussed the powerful transition we are all in as a result of the recent success of the Reunion project anchored physically in England and Scotland: The Reunion of the Divine Alpha Masculine and Feminine, activating a new super-conscious, a super-intelligent creative force, peacefully radiating forth through us and from within us. The recording link is available above.

This is the end of "family feuds," the war between the sexes...we now have a brand-new foundation, Family Grids--along with the Play, Curiosity, and Creativity Grids--have been created for all of humanity, for all souls who, through their own free will, wish to choose to participate in a whole new prosperity realm never made available to us before.

"It's time to be more than you have ever been before! There is no reason for fear in any way whatsoever...When you are fully merged with the Supreme Living Mother and Father of the Living Light, you will never, ever in your living days or beyond, ever again, experience fear or suffering or anything that depreciates your energy and value. When you're nestled firmly within Their Christ-All Heart Presence, suffering can never be imagined again!" (Michelle Manders, Reunion Project, Part 21, June 13, 2017, Oban, Scotland.) (https://www.michellemanders.com/the-reunion)

Join us every Tuesday as we discuss this MASSIVE transition of stepping out of the dense Harmonic Universe 3 into Harmonic Universe 4, and the practice of practical steps to connect with this new realm, as well as the analytical and creative sides within-our inner Divine Feminine and Masculine.

It's time to wipe your slate clean of the densities you've been carrying and make way for your Higher Divine aspects of yourself by no more stubborn attachment to self-destructive patterns. 

Constant struggle is the illusion!

You're invited to engage with Faith and Michelle through this platform. 
Help change the world by changing your life!

Love, Faith and Michelle

Please send your questions to me at [email protected]
Wear a headset as positive-contributions are always welcome!
Announcements about this broadcast and other events are made through Faith's Newsletters.
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March 2017 Schedule
(The March 7th show is in the February schedule below.)

March 14: Got Pressing Issues?
Click here to listen to the recording.
Life's challenges are meant for you to grow, to learn from them, and to take the wisdom learned; they are not meant "to do you in." Most people don't understand this fact of "Life on Earth 101," and they certainly don't know how to deal with it. 

In this Soul Chat, join Michelle and Faith as they talk about how do you process your life? Do you take the time to process your life on a daily basis? Are you taking responsibility for your own healing? Are you taking responsibility for what you're building? Are you able to trust? How does your life look? How does your life feel? Learn not to be afraid. Learn what conditions you place on yourself, as these are most often what you extend to your life. Learn why this is most important and non-negotiable if you wish to see positive change in your life. This will be a fun and practical conversation to assist you: your life is waiting for you!

March 21: South Africa Holiday observed; there will be no live broadcast.
Listen to a prior broadcast posted here. Enjoy!

March 28: Fully implement your pressing-issue process!  
**Rescheduled to April 4 as Michelle lost power just before the show's broadcast.**
Click here for the recording and click here for the 2017 Planetary Retrogrades PDF.
April will experience 5 planets stationed retrograde: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury, and Neptune. This is a most amazing time of being pushed to go within as anything that is not for your highest good will be brought to your attention. This is not a time to be in fear, but realize instead that this is a huge opportunity to discover the areas in your life that need your attention, to have "love" brought into the area challenging you. Learn more about what to expect so you can use your tools in your tool kit learned on March 14th by joining Faith and Michelle! **We actually spoke quite a bit about the current worldwide challenges, understanding the nature of energy and of the Universe, and that we are actually in a position to make the necessary changes. Choose! Use Free Will! Mostly, those "in charge," don't have our best interests, so listen to this show and what to do and how this time of retrograde will serve you so very positively; it's completely up to you!

February 2017 Schedule
This month is the month of love, self-love, partnerships, and forming new foundations. 
Join us as we welcome guest speakers to partner with us, joining our show each week for the month of February:

February 7:
Dr. Estia Odendaal
Gynecologist and Functional Medical Doctor, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, Presents:
"Are your Adrenals supporting the Foundation of your New Life?"
"What are you doing to support your Adrenals?"
*Click here for the VIDEO recording, to watch the slide presentation.
Click here to access the presentation and assessment with score card files.
*If you're using Google Chrome, you may need to download this to view it.
Estia is a gynecologist and functional medicine doctor, assisting women of all ages in achieving physical wellness that is in alignment with each patient's personal needs. She helps empower women to overcome disease by incorporating the body-mind-soul connection. This is done through the use of both conventional and functional medicine approaches. 
She is working from Nurturance - women's journey to wellness, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
Estia's shares the importance of understanding biochemistry, hormones, insulin, stress on the body/mind/spirit, the chakras and more.
We take what Estia's taught us about the importance of proper self care, body-mind-soul, into next week's show...

February 14:
Ginger Zucchino
Founder, The Gardener's Kitchen, Cary, North Carolina, USA
Click here for the recording, and click here for the one-page reference document.
Ginger teaches organic gardening, canning, fermentation, dehydration and food preservation workshops at THE GARDENER’S KITCHEN. She is a native North Carolinian raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Growing up she apprenticed on a five-acre family vegetable garden and worked for a commercial landscape design business and a commercial greenhouse and nursery operation. Ginger learned to can and preserve fruits and vegetables under the experienced, watchful, and loving eyes of her grandmothers. She formalized her education by earning a Bachelor's degree in Botany at UNC Chapel Hill and a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture at NC State University.
Ginger combines her love of organic sustainable agriculture with creativity and a passion for gourmet cooking. She created The Gardener's Kitchen to share with everyone her passion for growing, harvesting, cooking, and preserving fruits and vegetables through vivacious educational workshops.
Ginger believes everyone has the right to fresh, healthy, organically grown food. She wants you to enjoy acquiring the knowledge to provide organic produce for yourself - no matter where you live - whether in an apartment, urban or suburban home, or rural setting.
Join us as Ginger discusses the spiritual connections that can be made when we garden, especially using Biodynamic Gardening practices of Rudolf Steiner and the strength and unity that can be found and realized in gardening spiritually.  

February 28
Nicholas Mintern
Born in Chelmsford, Essex, now living in Nelson, New Zealand
Click here for Nick's photo presentation and click here for the recording.
If you've ever dreamed about taking your home-based organic way to life to your neighborhood, or connecting more with your own community, or if you've thought about changing your hectic lifestyle to one of living in a community where people know each other, pitch in to help each other, often bartering services to maintain each others' homes and properties, you'll enjoy listening to Nick and how he turned a lost job in in the East of England in the London commuter belt to a completely different way of life he always dreamed of, while also moving to Nelson, New Zealand. Here he is enjoying Community living (common-unity living) with his young family.
But this isn't a bunch of tents and yurts, living off the grid--although Nick does have a yurt and straw bale house.
What's most fascinating is by listening to Nick, you'll learn that you can take your own neighborhood and apply many of the same processes, shaping harmonious common-unity for mutual benefit even if you're still in modern living. This is more than community gardening, in fact, you don't have to start with gardens! It's really a one-step-at-a-time process for reducing stress in the modern lifestyle from you, your home, to a community level.
This will be a thought-provoking discussion that I'm sure you'll walk away with some ideas for your own common-unity!
And the next week is our guest, Nick's amazing partner...

March 7
Jennifer Burt
Nelson, New Zealand
Click here for both Jenni's photos and the recording of today's program.
Join us as Jenni shares her fascinating experience of raising her and Nick's sons, including her empowered birthing experiences at home. Jenni was in communication with her babies from conception onward. I found it fascinating to listen to Jenni describe her way of raising her children, allowing them to become self-reliant, filled up children from a young age. This is done by meeting her children’s needs from birth onward. Her children live in a world where they are the centre of activity not the centre of attention. They are free from judgments, labels and others expectations. They are raised with a huge amount of love, clarity and authenticity. This is a way of living in general, not just parenting. This is conscious, joyful parenting at it’s best in a very sacred everyday kind of way. The seed that unfolded this way of life for Jenni was a small book called the Continuum Concept. 

"Jean Liedloff, an American writer, spent two and a half years deep in the South American jungle with Stone Age Indians. The experience demolished her Western preconceptions of how we should live and led her to a radically different view of what human nature really is. She offers a new understanding of how we have lost much of our natural well-being and shows us practical ways to regain it for our children and for ourselves.

"Though not written as a child-rearing manual, The Continuum Concept has earned a reputation as an excellent resource for parents and parents-to-be who intuitively feel that the parenting "techniques" of the modern era are inherently misguided. It has also been helpful to many adults — parents and non-parents alike — who hope to recover the natural state of happiness lost as a result of the modern child-rearing practices of their well-meaning parents."

~ January 2017 Schedule ~
January 10:
Intention Attention! A "can't miss" for your 2017!
What exactly are intentions, and why set them? Do you find that you normally give up after a short time or that you fail? Do you understand why most New Year intentions fail? Join us to learn how to have positive and actual results from intention setting. You can succeed!
Click here to download the recording of this extremely powerful and empowering broadcast! 
Please listen and share with others so we all can use this most auspicious time. 
Learn how to manage through this transitional time of your life!

January 17:
What's in store for you in 2017?
Click here to download the recording. We spoke a great deal about the current energies, which is extremely important for everyone to understand whenever you listen to this broadcast.
There's a great deal ahead as we hit the ground running for 2017. Michelle will briefly discuss each of the following:

1) Our Golden Monad Returns Earth Guardian Project: Our Golden Monad is our Merkaba Vehicle - a powerful vehicle of communication, we are being introduced to the powerful Higher Intelligence codes that activate the next level of merging with this Higher aspect of The One, thus we shall also be receiving a complete flush and upgrade to the energy mechanisms influencing our electromagnetic field. Energetically we have been working with the 3rd house of the astrological wheel, thus COMMUNICATION and the energy of Gemini will be highlighted during this Project as well as how and where we can improve on and expand our communication skills, and heal all related wounds, if any. We are directed to be mindful and aware of the energy in our immediate environment and how this energy impacts our mind and the way we communicate, including the quality of energy entering our electromagnetic field and mental body. This project further activates our Rainbow Bridge as we continue to build our Rainbow Lightbody so as to access the vaster universes of Superior Intelligence and God-Consciousness. 

2) The Purpose of These Times - Part 4: This series addresses the many issues and struggles a number of people face. Discover pearls of wisdom that deliver clarity and some sane advise to get you through these challenging yet awesome times!

3) Planetary Healing & Blessings for January 2017: This series focuses on channeling healing, light, peace, and relief into our Planet and the Collective Consciousness. 

4) 12 Golden Oracle Master Gateway into Shamballa: Introducing another stream of Michelle's work and energy now extending from Palace of Peace under the auspices of the Benevolent Beings of the Light world - The Emerald Planetary Grids Upgrade Project. This entails the process of upgrading all the planetary grids that have been activated between December 2012 and 13 August 2016. "The Reset" energies have shifted all the dynamics Mother Earth is engaging in as she continues to emanate her "Ascending Planet" status and shine as the "Great Emerald" within our Solar System.Learn what the Ascended Master and higher-realm. The new Metatronic Frequency is designed to stimulate our Quantum Field of Light and that of Mother Earth to open up to the Metatronic Frequencies encoded in our DNA, which, when activated, automatically trigger us to act in accordance with our highest potential! This new frequency upgrades all the energies that were originally channeled in 2012 during this project. If you didn't participate in the original project, you can still participate in this one. 

We ran out of time, as there was so much to discuss about the current energies and the above information! We will cover 5) next week. Join us!

5) The Supreme Alpha Goddess's Full Emergence ~ England, Scotland, & Denmark Earth Guardian Project: We are gearing up to receive the energy of the Sacred, Divine & Supreme Alpha Goddess/Priestess/Shaman/Mother in her full capacity as from June 2017, after which we welcome the Authentic Awakening Codes of the Sacred, Divine & Supreme Alpha God/Priest/Shaman/Father, signalling the full emergence of this powerful masculine energy so that ALL the awakening men of our world can rise fully and heal and restore the Sacred Family Blueprint on Earth. This is preparing us for another powerful Spiritual and Cosmic event happening in Peru in 2018 when the Divine Masculine & Feminine merge to become ONE pulsating Divine Love Code and Signature leading to full Unity Consciousness birthing from within the new Planetary Grids we are receiving and anchoring. This project includes a physical trip to the locations within the itinerary, as well as a private access gathering at dawn inside Stonehenge Circle, England, on the Sagittarius Full Moon on the 9th of June 2017; this energy began with the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 29th of November 2016. (There will be opportunities for people to travel for for the entire series or for day-trippers!)

January 24:
Our Divine Mission Prosperity Oath of Service
(click here to download the recording)
Important information you should know as a result of the 12-day activation and grounding cycle from this important project of communication with the higher realms and Beings of Light: Our Golden Monad Returns. They are assisting and guiding us, their Ground Crew, to fulfill our Divine Mission Prosperity Oath of Service and re-seed the earth and her inhabitants with the original seeds of the Rainbow Golden Age. These projects now entail us re-seeding and re-engaging the Stargates and Crystal Gates that were placed in lock-down in order to preserve and protect the sacred information and multidimensional and quantum passageways of Higher Consciousness Technology and Intelligence they contain.
We also spoke about the definition and descriptons of "self-mastery," along with the announcement that empaths of the world are now freed from their feelings of heaviness due to this recent project as there was a powerful release of pain and trauma in the grids and pressure within Mother Earth. Another layer will be lifting on January 28th CAT/SAST, "Madiba's Planetary Love Project", as we anchor this project of Humanitarian Light & Authentic Love for our planet, inspired by Lord Madiba (Nelson Mandella). We are taking his legacy to a spiritual level, by healing & transcending the root of pain & suffering from within the core of Mother Africa & Mother Earth's Rainbow Lightwarriors, and he has made it clear Michelle that her group and she are to take this Love Project global.
Held: Sat, Jan 28, 2017 5:30 AM - 7:30 AM CAT/SAST
Click here for the recording.

This leads into our next project as we work with the 4th House of the Astrological wheel, which is...

January 31==> Now February 1st:
Our New Foundation! 
"What does it mean to self-master?"
Rescheduled to Wednesday, February 1, 7:00 PM PST / 10:00 PM EST
Click here for the recording.
The Supreme Alpha Goddess's Full Emergence ~ England, Scotland, & Denmark (Sweden) Earth Guardian Project. Personal, Collective & Planetary Stargate & Crystal Gate Activations. In this project, we will be working with the 4th House of the astrological wheel, thus creating our new foundation of life. This has been a build up since working with Houses 1, 2, and 3. This project is still "under construction" with the Beings of Light at the time of this publication--find out more by joining us!


2016 Show Recordings:
"Blueprint 4 Transcendent Living" Series

October 11: Introduction to the "New World" and what does this mean? (click here to download)
October 18: Our Origins Revealed! (Part 1) (click here to download)
October 23: Practical Processes and Information to purge the Soul of Old Energies (Part 2) (click here to download)

November 1:   The "Game Changer" (Part 3) (click here to download)
November 8:   Removing "Stinky Blankets" (Part 4) (no recording available for this week's show; please refer to either the PDF or MP3 for Part 4 available at this link: http://www.michellemanders.com/blueprint-4-transcendent-living)
November 15: Primary Motivation Requires Trust (Part 5) (click here to download)
November 22: Being Grounded in Our Bodies and the Presence of our Higher Mind (Part 6) (click here to download)
November 29: Cannot Fake it to Make it! (Part 7) (click here to download)

Each show will also be recorded. Bookmark this link, so you can download the recording each week OR click on the recording links above.

Please help spread the word, this very important information by sharing this show with a friend. Post it on your social media! 

We all benefit when we understand "Life on Earth 101":
Our families, our communities, our countries, our home: Mother Earth

We are the ones we're waiting for! 

Much love, Faith and Michelle


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