"Firework" by Katy Perry in honor of my teens, the teens I've yet to meet, the teens that need our love and support, and each of our own inner teen!   ^j^

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Teen/Young Adult Lightworker Meetup
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These gifted young people (22-25 years old--14 years old when we first started together) are extremely talented, as they are able to "pick up" on energies that most of humanity cannot see or are unaware of; however, this can be extremely challenging. They need help to manage this, as the energies deplete them and negatively impact them, also impacting their families and their social lives--even day-to-day living.

To meet as group, each teen must be ready to commit to a path of *Light* to ensure their own "psychic protection* and that of the teen group. This also means that for the teens to be "safe," they must be ready to build/maintain a strong auric field. To be honest, not everyone is ready for that choice because what weakens the aura (your natural psychic protection) are things most people enjoy and don't wish to give up! Auras are weakened by the lack of rest, poor diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs, emotional upheavals, lack of fresh air, lack of exercise, gossip, etc. Also, it often means friendships have to change.

These meetings are to support these young adults through these challenges, to build tools for their spiritual tool kit, and to help their families understand this, too--the family is a major supportive  element to the teen's success. It's beautiful to see them shift from an anxiety-ridden life into their *Light* authentic self.
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Faith Parent Hendrickson

Because so many have fears of reincarnation and have superstitions, it is extremely important that these young people and their families understand the *Light* side of the "dark."  Requirements to be able to attend these group meetings include a private session with the parent(s) of the teen, as well as my meeting with the teen.

Update: This  handful of teens with psychic abilities used to meet once per month, as they are now off to college or working as young adults. We are always very excited about an opportunity to connect with others and to share experiences as we can learn from each other. This is a wonderful opportunity for empowering teens to make choices that bring supportive energies and positive changes to their lives, as well as providing "tools for their emotional/spiritual tool kit." (See my 10/12/2011 blog.) 

Here are some additional benefits to the ones listed above:
• Help the teens understand who they are and that they don't have to tell people about their special abilities; they do need to understand them.
• Help them learn how to set boundaries when helping other people, including recognizing any self-sabotaging choices they make thinking they are helping others.
• Help the teens learn how to reserve their energy when dealing with other kids or even just the "negative energy" (various energies) at school, home, etc
• Explain how this is a time of transformation, and eventually, they will be able to help others go through this transformation; this is done by leading by example.
• Help them realize they are not alone and that there are other teens  similar to them; since they can't "do things that normal teens participate in," they can feel trapped and isolated, which can be depressing at times.

Finding your inner power, your *Light*, is a journey each one of us travels as we are all spiritual beings in human form. These teens and young adults have the lesson first and foremost in their lives, and they need supportive, understanding, and loving systems for help!

You are NOT alone!  If you or your child is needing support, please email Faith at [email protected].

Psychic Kids" on AETV featured Edy Nathan, practicing intuitive psychotherapist, specializing in Grief and Trauma in New York City.She is very aware of the common psychological and emotional issues that psychic children experience and how she helps them as well.