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Co-Operating/Co-Creating with your Soul/Higher Realms
"This whole year I just kept thinking about your encouragement and what you saw me doing. It gave me strength and faith to keep going, even through some of my toughest times."

"Tell people what you see, even if that person can't see it at that time. In time they will be able to see it as I did."

"I think of you and want to say thank you to you! You mean the world to me and I think of your words often, this is what got me through this past year when I had to find my true path in life. I feel so blessed to know you!!"

"I strongly believe that we receive lessons and blessings in our lives. You have taught me a lesson to be patient and persistent. And you are truly a blessing in my life! I think of you often!!"

"I used your reading and I followed everything that you told me that day. I constantly hear your words!" 

"You taught me how to "pray"/ "manifest my intentions" that day. In your newsletter or when speaking to others, teach them what you taught me that day. I do it now the correct way, and look.....I got it! I look back at different times in my life, and when I put my intentions out in the universe the correct way, I received what I asked for."  

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"Understanding that toxic family relationships were something I am not only allowed to let go of, but learning it's a healthy boundary doing so and that it's the most loving thing to do! Plus learning how to establish healthy boundaries, letting them go to experience their own journey, blessing them, empowered me so much. The daily issues dealing with them would drag me down. I still keep hearing your voice in my head, and I keep going. I'm so thankful to you."

"I want to learn as much as I can about angels and communicating with them. I want to learn as much as I can and felt that you could teach me."

"I think of you often and listen to our conversation from a year ago. I will never forget where you told me that you saw me going back to the drawing board with what I needed to do in life."

"I'm happy because I wanted things to change for myself and my family. In order for things to change, I had to believe that there was a higher power that wouldn't let me fail. I felt a closeness with you the very first time that I met you at the Dancing Moon. I kept going because of you!"

"I feel in my heart that you are a true angel, and I'm so thankful!"

"After speaking with you I felt "lighter." How I would explain that is as if burdens had been lifted from me. I felt like I had a new outlook on my life. I felt like I somehow had been given tools to deal with things that had been stressful to me. I think that you have a gift to help people understand both the challenges in their lives and the gifts in their lives. After speaking with you, I was able to step back and evaluate my reaction to some very specific challenges I have been faced with, and I could see where I had fallen short in the past and I felt confident about my outlook and the managing of them in the future. I felt so positive. I felt that although I have some things to work through that might be difficult for me, those things no longer seemed insurmountable. Challenges though they are, you gave me the strength to positively face them."

Medieval Astrology: "Primary Motivation" (The Primary Motivation is where one find's joy in their life. It's like a software program that runs in the background 24/7 in each of our lives that pushes us each day, so that we truly live and find this joy. It could be the need for physical security, the need for emotional security, the drive for freedom of action, or both the drive for freedom of  movement and for freedom of action. This is based on the element of your Rising Sign, also known as your Ascendant. I would need the exact time of your birth, your date of birth, and the city/state/country of your birth.--Faith)

"Dear, Faith, this examination of my "Primary Motivation" through my astrological chart today was truly amazing! I now understand the toolkit I have been provided to work with and transcend my everyday living to be the best that I can be. I also finally understand the frustrations I have experienced in life. I am so excited about the beautiful new conscious context with which to move forward living more fully, happily and in alignment with my greater purpose. You make everything so easy to understand, and being able to see the charts as you explain them in real time is fabulous. You are a blessing. With deepest appreciation and gratitude, Peace, love, and light, C."

"I am most grateful to you for all the wonderful work that you do. I did enjoy tremendously our private session. I cannot begin to tell you how much clarity the session has provided to me. Since I am a novice at astrology, it has been a challenge for me to put my arms around the information provided by Michelle in my reports. The report is very clear and well written, but my challenges were primarily around the lack of experience with reading astro reports.

The sessions with you has provided me with the clarity and the techniques needed for me to be able to maneuver through my chart with ease and grace. Although you have shared a great deal of information, I was able to follow and understand every point you made because you made it clear and to the point. You are such a great teach! For that I am profoundly grateful to you. I would like to say thank you again and again, for providing a space where I felt at peace and grounded to ask my questions without worrying about the level of my experience. I no longer feel as frustrated and confusing as I was prior our session. Now, I look forward to deep dive further into my astro reports. I cannot wait to see what else Michelle and her team has in store for the next few projects. Nonetheless, I am arm and ready to use the comprehensions you have shared with me. Thank you dear Sister Goddess. “You are the ambassador of my Quam”. With Much great Love, D.R."

"Hi Faith, I was profoundly affected by learning my "prime motivation". The truth of it resonated deeply within me. I now realize that my "prime motivation" is actually how I process and view my world. Without it, the world doesn't make sense to me. It's not a "right" or "wrong", it just is. In choosing to embrace it, I can put down the paper tiger I wrestle with and just get on with my flavor of life. Thank you for this clarity so that I can meet myself in a new way. ~K "

"Through inspired suggestion I contacted with Faith, to assist me to uncover my Primary Motivation, her approach was that of a skilled CSI agent in search of the what is my prime motivator in this life time. Her tools were any but state of the art, coupled with wit, understanding of her art, life time of interest, and the all-important natal chart. There is a scene in CSI television program where the all-important clue is found, e.g. ‘a lock or bracelet—in this case it is me’ and in order to identify its markings my Primary Motivation, a chemical compound is used to clean it up. In this case it is her wit, unique skills, and ability to move gracefully around my natal chart, pointing out those key players which I have already known about, though now it was going down to the chassis. I am indeed grateful to Faith’s ability in the understanding of the ancient philosophy of medieval astrology coupled with the modern day astrology. It turns out that my Primary Motivation is not alien to me, or is anyone’s own Primary Motivation alien to them. Since it is that which underscores the personality. ~ I.M."

"Dearest Faith, my Primary Motivation session, since joining you, I seem to have been propelled into a constant shifting that I cannot put a handle on. I can only say that I’ve been propelled into the Diamond Grid work to deeply work on hidden limitation issue that’s battered me on its way out, beneath it all I have such Joy and I am smiling. 

Thank you for the wonderful insights I received from P/M session, the picture shown with my planetary map revealed why my journey has been as difficult as it has been to this point, now the new exciting prospects are unveiled with the Transcendence tools we have been gifted for the creating of a whole new life. ~ C.U."

"I have spent years questioning my purpose. I was always asking myself if I was engaged in the right activities? Where should I be utilizing my time to serve and assist others? What are my true God given talents and how am I to show up in this world? Should I move forward with this endeavor or not? And question after question I asked myself with no clear answer. Even when I thought I received answers, guidance, and advice, I doubted to the point where I would feel paralyzed. 

What a breath of fresh air to work with Faith! In only ONE session she was able to bring clarity and insight. She not only acknowledged my feelings and provided answers to my questions, but she explained WHY I was feeling doubt and WHY I was unable to seek the answers on my own. This was so incredibly invaluable! I have clarity to move forward and not feel trapped in cyclical low level emotions and energies that I had held onto for years. With her work I have a new level of understanding to help propel me forward with a fresh perspective and new outlook on my circumstances."

You Rock! :) ~ A.C."

"Astro 101: The First Step" 8-week class​
I did this class with Faith Parent Hendrickson (who is a great teacher and great fun, too) and can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life - getting to know ME! There is so much information, but the classes are recorded, and you can repeat them as often as you like. I discover something new each time. - CC

"Dear Faith, I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much your reading meant to me! Even though I consider myself to be a "believer", having you confirm information that you could not have ever possibly known gave me such peace. Your reading was so detailed that there could be no doubt you helped pass messages from my mother to me! Before her passing, we discussed in private, dozens of times, a secret message that only she and I knew about! How great it was to 'hear' Mom confirm that secret from the other side! Even in heaven, her great sense of humor came through! Thanks to you!!! There is no measure of gratitude I can express to accurately capture my thanks! God bless, K."

"You helped my daughters through the most difficult time: the loss of their best friend. Your support and caring demeanor changed their lives forever. They still draw strength from the comfort and encouragement you gave them, and from your incredible insight. We are forever grateful to you, and are so blessed to call you a friend. S."

Understanding Negative Energies
"I suddenly became extremely ill. I reached out to Faith to see if she could help. I was blown away by her quick and accurate assessment of my situation. She gave me very specific information about what was happening to me, which was a psychic attack. She also described the person it was coming from. My mind was blown away with what she came up with. I knew immediately who she was talking about. With this very specific information and guidance from Faith, I am now able to protect myself. I am so thrilled I got to experience her amazing gifts firsthand. She is a treasure to behold! With love and so much gratitude, D.H."