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Words of Faith

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by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 06/28/16

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New Blog location!

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 07/27/15

I much prefer the format at Wordpress, so please click here and visit my blog, "Words of Faith": 'Brain food,' feeding hungry souls with spiritual logic." at https://faith936.wordpress.com/ 

I look forward to seeing you there!

Much love,

The Universe Does Not Punish Or Bless You; It is RESPONDING TO You

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 02/01/14

The Universe doesn't judge; the Universe delivers at your (frequency) request. To change your life, your inner/outer world, your frequency, take a few moments and hold the vision of what you want until you feel it. You'll notice you shift on the inside, and this is your indication that you've now aligned with your dreams, which is how we manifest positive abundance (finance, career, love life). You'll notice that you now feel the relief as if you already have it! This is the hardest part of positive abundance manifesting because most of us feel the pain of the "lack" of something in our lives.

You must have self-discipline to raise your vibration. How do you do this?

First of all, take time every morning; otherwise, you'll find that you're entertaining everyone else's ideas/frequencies, which are mostly rather limiting and lower frequencies. By taking time each morning to co-create with the higher realms, you are raising your vibration which results in positively manifesting. This is how it works. BUT, don't give up doing this daily spiritual practice. You must let go by delegating to Spirit, assuming that Spirit will bring you what you are calling for in perfect time--not necessarily when you think you should "get" whatever it is you're calling for in your life--sometimes there are other pieces to a bigger picture, so patience and allowing is key! There are others involved, and you may be waiting for other pieces of this bigger picture to fall in to place first.

Peace is where our power is - this is where unconditional love is - if we understood the power of Love, we'd accept nothing else in our experience. "Keep the faith"! It surely beats the other method, which is struggling--you can struggle if you want to, but that's a belief system I don't care to lower my frequency to!
Understanding this will improve your inner and outer world, your life experiences...you're helping society and Mother Earth, too. It's the science of spirituality.

For more tips and ideas, please visit the rest of my website, such as the information I have posted on my monthly teleconference calls.

"Everyday Sociopaths" ~ Are you too nice? Standing Up For Yourself and Others: personally and at the workplace

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 01/15/14

This topic has come up quite a bit lately, so I thought I'd share some information to help explain what many are experiencing either in personal relationships and/or at their workplace.

Personally, I have seen this very often in work environments, large corporations and smaller businesses, and I'm sure as you scroll through this article, you'll recognize this as well in your own work experiences. How many times has someone risen to the position of power only to be destructive and demeaning to their employees, but everyone is so afraid to lose their jobs "in today's economy" that they allow it to happen. When someone "calls" that person out, no one supports that person. The destructive person and behavior continues. These people know how to work it; it's been going on for many, many years, and is actually a good description of how the "good ol' boys' network" has kept alive.

Perhaps, too, if you've loved someone who's first very charming, then slowly begins down a path of destructive behaviors that also targets you that is demeaning and distracting, and then they disappear OR return and makeup just so this abusive cycle can return.

Please take the time to understand this topic also because as our teens and young adults are getting sucked in to relationships, not just adults, because of each of our own needy or empathic ways. 

I'm including two resources:

1) An article that explains being targetted and how to protect yourself, http://www.sott.net/article/268449-Empathic-people-are-natural-targets-for-sociopaths-protect-yourself

2) A new book released by famous author, psychologist, and 4th generation psychic Doreen Virtue that also explains this further. It's interesting that someone who's written over 50 books has written this one (released November 2013); that tells you how "common" this really is: http://www.amazon.com/Assertiveness-Earth-Angels-Loving-Instead-ebook/dp/B00F8KX59Ahttp://www.amazon.com/Assertiveness-Earth-Angels-Loving-Instead-ebook/dp/B00F8KX59A

We are each responsible for changing our own lives; no one's going to rescue us but ourselves. We first change ourselves and then we are empowered to change the world by assisting our families/spouse/mate, our relationships, and our work place. 

Please take a moment and let me know if you found this insightful and helpful...hopefully, empowering!

Much love, Faith

Current Energies: Winter Solstice, Venus Retrograde in Capricorn and Sun in Capricorn, Jupiter Continues Retrograde

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 12/23/13

December 21st was a big day for what influences each of us: the Winter Solstice began here in the Northern Hemisphere which is the shortest day of the year--least amount of solar energy, AND Venus went retrograde until the end of January 2014, joining an already retrograde Jupiter in Cancer through March 6, 2014.

"...In Latin, solstice means sun set still and Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun's strength builds, and days grow longer. It can be a time to rest and reflect. It's the fruitful dark out of which new life can eventually emerge. In ancient times and for some today, the darkness itself is the spiritual cradle into which the Sun is reborn. Father Time with his sickle appears briefly, and bids us farewell, before the newborn babe appears at New Years. Everything lies dormant in the silent night, a sacred time of rest before the awakening, and the slow build toward longer days. In Latin, solstice means sun set still and Winter Solstice is the great stillness before the Sun's strength builds, and days grow longer. It can be a time to rest and reflect. It's the fruitful dark out of which new life can eventually emerge. In ancient times and for some today, the darkness itself is the spiritual cradle into which the Sun is reborn. Father Time with his sickle appears briefly, and bids us farewell, before the newborn babe appears at New Years. Everything lies dormant in the silent night, a sacred time of rest before the awakening, and the slow build toward longer days..." (excerpt link)

With Jupiter retrograde in Cancer since November 7, you may have noticed a slowdown in projects or anything developing, but it's a GOOD thing because it's a very supportive and needed time of reflection and the much-needed self-awareness of what is motivating us behind the scenes; what do we need to change for our own personal development and growth.

A Venus retrograde influence is where you are taken into the darkness of that place to heal, to grow and to return stronger, more courageous, more beautiful, more creative, and more empowered. Being retrograde in Capricorn while the Sun sign of Capricorn also began on December 21st, we need to take responsibility for our own well-being when the going gets tough and the pressure’s on. Venus' influence through Capricorn supports us to be down-to-earth, practical, and to see that every-day life has beauty within usefulness; this is a great time to focus on managing material concerns with skill and knowledge.

Venus' recent retrograde to go within is definitely being assisted during the solstice and Jupiter's retrograde, as you can see, so please remember to be gentle with yourself and be loving and nurturing to yourself during the weeks ahead and especially during these holidays! I hope this is helpful during this time of year as we naturally turn our thoughts to self-review and reflection as we approach the New Year! Happy Holy Days!

 Love, Faith 

P.S. Consider joining me for monthly updates such as this beginning on New Year's Eve, December 31. The Capricorn energy is asking us to have a disciplined approach on our practical levels of every-day living, Venus says to see the beauty in it, and Jupiter is helping us see this newly found wisdom through reflection!

Additional References:

"If you're going home to an unsupportive family this holiday season...

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 12/22/13

...remember that your worth is not defined by what they say or how they treat you." This was a great posting I saw on Facebook, and it's timeless advice and perfect for all situations. You can, instead, choose to shift yourself into the role as "observer," and really listen to what they are saying. Why? Because what they are saying is really the blessing of insight to you as to what they are experiencing within and struggling with. Maybe you'll gain the wisdom of seeing behaviors handed down through the generations and realize that the "stuff" isn't yours, and you can release it--don't buy into it. When we lash out, and when we even compliment, it's our soul asking us to see the same thing inside of us that either needs healing or our acknowledging our own light that is shining through for us to embrace even further! The holidays are a wonderful opportunity to hold and exhibit a new level of compassion and gratitude that you may not be suffering in this manner. Perhaps you're in this position to help bring in unconditional love, healthy boundaries, and change! Look through the eyes of the angels and Happy Holy Days! Much love, Faith

To Love is To Win Powers of Manifestation

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 07/18/13

To love is to win powers of manifestation.  Here is an excerpt from the *Law of Manifestation"

"...Manifestation is not a process of being primarily in your head, concentrating on positive thoughts. It is much more than that; it is not an intellectual process. It is a process of knowing something on an intellectual level and then allowing it to take root within your heart chakra. Once it has taken root in your heart chakra, you will know because inside of yourself you will know that you know what you have known intellectually has now been truly understood within every other aspect of your body. Therefore, body, emotions, mind, and spirit unite in a powerful foursome of energy creating the boundaries in which your new life or experience will take root and grow, eventually manifesting into the physical reality that you have deemed it be.

"When you draw consciousness into every aspect of your body, and by this I mean allowing it to anchor its essence within all your chakras, you benefit immensely. This is how your soul masters the lessons of living on Earth, and when you have integrated energies, positive or negative, into all of your chakras, that is when the true manifestation process unfolds..."

If you harp on fears and take no action to heal it, then fears are manifest; this is what we are mostly used to doing and often it's due to habit. Even if you're telling the Universe that "I release and surrender and thank you," but you keep noticing that you haven't manifested in your physical life your prayers, you keep asking "where's my stuff?" "where's my relationship?" That is still the energy of fear, and you're actually continuing what it is you're trying to change. This is a "choke hold" on the energy of allowing the positive to flow. The Universe will bring it to you when it's the divine time or forcing it will allow the old cycles to return, haunting you and wondering why your prayers aren't being answered.

Either the energy of love is in the heart or it's opposite: the energy of fear. Which do you hold most of the time?  Know that when you face your fears, this does not mean you’ll manifest what it is you’re afraid of. Because your intention is to heal the fear, that is an action of self-love and self-worth. There is a huge difference between the two energies of fear and love. When you take this love-based action + knowledge gained from the experience = wisdom, and these fears are now transformed into a positive, higher vibrating energy which becomes part of your future.

Hope becomes Faith and then Faith becomes Reality.

Let go from your heart, and feel as if you already have what it is you wish to manifest. Within the trust, which is love, is where the Universe does proper assembly. You have positively created this for yourself! 

Love, Faith 

*Law of Manifestation from Michelle Manders at the Palace of Peace: http://www.palaceofpeace.net/default.php?ipkCat=66&sid=66

Love in the "Eye of the Hurricane"

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 07/12/13

Clarity disables fear and allows you to see beyond the illusions and false beliefs ~ The power of love in the middle of a storm ~ Self-love, peace, being an observer of life, free of judgment...practicing this feeling and holding it each day to create a new natural habit of choosing to go within one's self is the key to replacing worry, fear, and doubt. We hold either one or the other most of the time: Love or worry. Since both are magnets, it is this conscious choice and the awareness of "how it works here on Earth" that attracts the different physical manifestations and experiences we each pray for, and it requires being aware of which feeling we are in most of the day and BEFORE we take an action.

Clarity disables fear and allows you to see beyond the illusions and false beliefs: love + information = wisdom. Love is the only real constructive and sustaining power of endless supply, which is "God"; power based on the opposite (fear) is false power, which is destructive and cannot be sustained any longer.

Practicing holding self-love, peace, etc., each morning with your Guardian Angel, the higher part of you (I AM Presence), and the Angelic Host before your daily physical activities ensures your "magnet," your heart, is connected in the vibration of Love. This also deepens your trust in your "answers" to your personal prayers because you've got the experience of how receiving answers works for you. Even at the most chaotic times one can focus on this in the heart for the "God solution" to be presented.

It's like standing in the calmness of the eye of a hurricane as a storm chaser: You are in the quiet calm space, seeing the destruction all around you, but you never lose sight of "your mission," trusting that there is far more than what you see right before your eyes.

Believing is seeing and receiving the higher solutions in life. I know this to be true, and I count on it! On how to do this and why, please read more, which is in my newsletter "A 'Commercial' From the Angelic Host." Try this new way of starting your day! Today, the Moon is in Virgo, which is very supportive in starting new processes, even diets, so try this new spiritual diet! It is worth it; the peace, joy, love, freedom...it is well worth it!

With much love and appreciation, Faith xo

Newsletter: http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs143/1101954614140/archive/1113868832525.html

Newsletter Archive: http://www.faithparent.net/ArticlesandArchives.html



Career and Work: To increase the flow of money in your life, it requires that you value you.

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 07/05/13

If you’re finding yourself “stuck” in your career/creativity, or even unable to manifest funds to do something important or special to you, it could be as simple as you stepping back and looking at how you view and feel about yourself and your own talents.  Perhaps the work you’re doing is only because “you need the money,” which is fine for now as it does give you some peace of mind to pay the bills, but that will only last so long, and you will not see the change you desire. Perhaps, too, you're not able to manifest a position within a particular company because THEY don't truly honor your gifts, and this can also be a sign it's not the right place for you--no matter how badly you may think you want it!

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

                  Albert Einstein

Not paying attention to the signs of your boredom, resentment, lack of what you’re manifesting, etc., could have you facing a push from your soul into an experience that forces you to do things differently, such as losing that job, or whatever it is you’re afraid of losing or not getting.  That is a false power we give our lives to, which is part of lust consciousness; this no longer a part of living here on Earth. Losing a job, a home, etc., is not meant to do you in or bring you down, but rather it is “tough love” from your soul to understand this and can also be as a result of not taking actions on prior nudges/signs you’ve wondered about before. Losses always teach us something and can be meant to move your awareness into a newer level of self-love/self-worth, and then follow it through with proper actions, remembering to put love-motivated actions first.

"In God We Trust"

We’ve forgotten that there is only One True Father/Mother God/Goddess and this is where the endless supply of everything truly is. What separates us from this positive abundance and from one another as human beings is the vibration we hold most of the time: if we are in the space of peace, self-worth, self-respect, self-love most of the time, then our vibration is a fast pulse, but if we are in desperation and self-loathing, etc., most of the time, then our vibration is a lower pulse. In both cases, we attract the quality to us here on Earth that are either positively abundant (fast pulse) or negatively abundant (low pulse).

Most of humanity is unaware that it is our God/Goddess-given talents expressed through our own creativity, along with the higher realms, that is meant to sustain us. It is not the prison or shackles of a job that wears us down. In these new times of leading a soul-directed life, anything that is really not meeting your needs emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically, is an indication that it’s time for a change.  But most don’t know what to do or how to bring about the change. First we have to admit to ourselves the time for the change is now.

"I searched for God and found only myself.

I searched for myself and found only God".  Sufi Proverb

Each day make the conscious effort to connect with your Guardian Angel and your I AM Presence, invoking the Angelic Host that is meant to help us all…do this from your heart in quietness—especially before you go to work each day or before your physical activities. It is this daily conscious action in your life, along with the believing and feeling you’re your heart this love motivation and not desperation, that creates what you see here on Earth as the qualities of positive experiences.  It is not the former ways most know as “seeing is believing,” which is a lower consciousness way of life—that will trick you into staying in your old ways and your remaining in your own insanity.   

Take the time to write down and embrace from your heart--truly feeling—what  you’re “good at,” which is a great place to start. This is also getting to know yourself and forming the most important partnership there is—your relationship with you. When you start appreciating yourself first, that allows your authentic self to become the strongest part of you, and then you are able to humbly move into the move love-supported and peaceful life.  This allows the Universe to bring in the positive manifestations you're praying for.

"The Law of Money"

The number one thing to know about money is that it is energy, too, and the level of self-love and self-appreciation (fast pulse or low pulse) is the key to the quality of the abundance you’re attracting. Money is a tool of bartering for your talents, and if you don’t appreciate or can’t accept money because you don’t feel worthy, or just not feeling worthy/self-appreciation alone, then you will see this manifest in your own physical experience as lack. It’s because money takes on the quality you hold inside of yourself.  It is what we hold in our hearts and minds that create the physical manifestation here on Earth.  It is true that you are worth what you believe you are worth, and our own belief systems create our physical manifestations far more than most are aware. It is extremely important to know your motivation prior to taking any action. This is really an investment you cannot afford NOT to make.

We are all the best at being ourselves, and we are not to be anyone else but our authentic self. This is where the peace and freedom truly is, so be extremely honest with yourself. Be your own best observer of your own actions. Don't judge yourself or your actions and just take self notes!  Are you envious of others because you wish you were more like them? Are you often criticizing others, gossiping, judging, or even just plain angry? This does far more damage to you than it does when expressed towards others, by the way.  Don’t store that negative energy in yourself by holding on to these feelings. Don't fall in to the old trap of skipping working on yourself (self-love, self-worth) and desperately changing jobs/careers because of your fear of lack of money.  If you do, you will drag that old energy with you, attracting the same unfulfilling situation and people that are also sharing that same energy within your work group. It’s “how it works” here on Earth as we are all spiritual beings in human form: the Law of Attraction is always switched on, just like the Law of Gravity.

Figure out what your talents and gifts are and appreciate yourself, and take on your life in a new way!

Love, Faith 

There is a solution for everything; the quality is made manifest by your heart.

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 05/08/13

Regardless of whatever it is you do, no matter how much action you take, or how hard it is that you work, or even what the subject matter is, there is never enough action you could ever take to make up for what you are holding in your heart. Most people are unaware of what they are holding in their heart and that  what they are actually holding in their heart is what they are aligning with each day, whether you are conscious of it or not.  

If you're in fear and that is the "software program" running in the background of your life most of the time, you are lining up with the matching energies which are "lack" and negative experiences. You don't get to pick and choose the experiences that come with that. It's a matching energy and doesn't discriminate. This also includes psychic attacks.  

So, if you take a few moments to connect to your heart and line up with love FIRST, which is God, the One and Only True Mother/Father God/Goddess, or Source Energy, or Spirit, etc., then your experiences are lining up with that--positive experiences based on love, which is God. 

This is when people experience miracles because just as with lack and negativity, you don't get to pick and chose the positive abundance you attract either! This alignment also allows clear guidance, vision, and the awareness that you are not separate from the heavenly realms. The separateness felt is completely an illusion and is not the truth. Fear blocks vision and guidance. Love aligns us with positive abundance in all things, including the awareness of the invisible arms that support us!

  • This is why it's important to know that the quality of emotion, fear or love, is made manifest by your heart and what you hold most of the time.
  • This awareness can empower one and is the action behind "God helps those who help themselves." Every prayer is always heard, so this is how we have to do our part as well and hold the quality of energy within our heart that we'd like to bring in from "Heaven to Earth."

Absolutely know there is a solution for everything, but what is in your heart most of the time is the quality of the experience you are bringing into your life. The Universal Law of Attraction works through the heart chakra.  This quote below is the "Daily Quote" in my inbox on May 7. Although from a workshop in 1998, this is timeless wisdom, and a great suggestion to add as part of a daily spiritual practice each morning:

"Take the time to line up the Energy first, and action becomes inconsequential. If you don't take the time to line up the Energy, if you don't find the feeling place of what you're looking for, not enough action in the world will make any difference. "
Excerpted from the workshop in San Diego, CA on April 11, 1998

Our Love,
Esther (and Abraham and Jerry)

And all of my Love, Faith

Creating A Positively Abundant Life In the New World

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 01/19/13

There are many times in our lives where we are inspired to begin a new cycle as we are feeling ready to experience something new or a higher level of positive experiences, excited to see it manifest externally and physically, as well as internally.  Whether it’s the New Year or a birthday or some other significant event, we’re inspired and ready for a change.  Often times it is because we have mastered a particular area within our life (“good” or “bad”, “light” or “dark”).  This is a very natural process of the new conscious acceptance that is it logical, practical, and safe to try something different.


As we’ve heard many times before, “our head creates our world,” which is because what we think and focus on is what we manifest—whether we are aware of it or not. What most people aren’t aware of is the fact that:


Our imagination is stronger than our willpower.

The images in our mind either empower or deplete our willpower, which is our inner flame, our passion, our light.


Now that the dates of December 2012 have passed, post this Ascension Wave, we are being taken into the very depths of who we are. This new world, this moving beyond the destructive, chaotic, projective lower-ego based, fear-motivated world is not what will motivate us any longer IF you choose it. We are moving into a space of objectivity where you perceive life from an aerial perspective. It is from this higher perspective that one can see more of one’s self, which is the most important part of this Ascension Wave.


It is this awareness of our motivation that is a key to living a positively abundant life in the new world,

especially before we take action.


Are you taking inspired action from self-love and self-worth, rooted in victory consciousness, prosperity consciousness, and unconditional love of self, which is of the Illumination Matrix available to those who chose it? We are being supported to make these changes, but it means the balance of body, mind, and spirit to do this.  No longer are we separating our lives into parts, but rather we are emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts. This is what the term “holistic” means and balancing the body, mind, and spirit.


Actually, from the cosmic law, the Law of Power, we learn that“…Power is not about controlling forceful natures, it is not about exerting force on another in order to get your own way, or to attain selfish gain. True power is the ability to stand firmly within your body, grounded on Earth and connected to Heaven, centered within yourself and surrendered to life, and the ability to objectively observe the various natures of life interacting with your physical self.


True power is an inner essence like beauty; it is a vibration which is emitted through the chakras, like beauty is. This power, however, embodies highly charged energies in the form of the signature of wisdom and the signature of love.


Those who are power hungry are motivated by fear-based origins. Those origins have been created in a number of different ways for a variety of reasons; however, regardless of the way or the reason, the bottom line, so to speak, is that the motivation is fear based. True power is love based. It reflects all the parts of you that are at one with life, all the parts of you which have surrendered…”


So how are we choosing to express our full self? Through whose eyes do we see our own self? Are we standing in our own inner authority of love and cooperation of self first or more worried about how others see us, allowing their own critical and self-judgment world to take our inner power and inner authority? Is our inner/outer world now theirs because we gave it to them—maybe it’s a habit we don’t realize as part of self-sabotage?


It is true that as long as we are human, we have ego, but we need to know that there are different levels of the ego. The ego is actually a divine and holy ally because our ego also keeps us in check, creating a harmonious and balanced relationship with the self.

For more information, please read my Newsletter, "Building Your Life in the New World"!

Love, Faith

Happy 9/9! This is another beautiful energy activation!

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 09/09/12

I sent out another energy update today, as the one I released a few days ago was so well received, so enjoy reading more about the energy of 9/9 by clicking here.

These are amazing times because we are, in fact, being supported to truly look within and look at everything we hold on to that limits us. The energies are building as the December 2012 energies are arriving soon, which will be a much faster manifestation energy than what we are used to, so it's very important for each of us to follow our spirit, our soul, with the guidance we each receive to see what/where it is we have an inbalance of energies...what is our motivation in our heart...so that we can experience a happier, more abundant life.

Love, Faith

Important Energy Update

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 09/06/12

Last night I released a brief energy update via my newsletter to explain the heaviness many are experiencing right now; particularly as it relates to exhaustion. Personally, I have been feeling this exhaustion that no matter how happy I am and the sleep I get, it would feel like I wasn't getting enough rest.  I am a very active and busy person, which I have become more active physically and far more physically fit than I have been in years, but this was so different and new for me. Some are just experience incredible density, depression, or energies around them they are picking up on and don't know why. I'm hearing this from parents as well, so if you'd like more information on this, please click here to read more and consider signing up for my newsletters by entering your email in the box that says: "Join Faith's Mailing List."

It's my prayer that the information I share, including how I walk through my own life, addressing my own fears and stepping into my destiny, is helpful to you as we move from survival consciousness to thriving consciousness!

The bottom line is no matter how hard we work, it will never be enough. There's not enough action in the world to compensate our individual belief systems and illusions we hold on to as our own personal truths. Are you ready to make a change?!

Posted with much love, Faith ^j^

Happy September 1, 2012!

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 09/01/12

The first day of September! This month we are supported to work with the energies around observing that which is coming to a point of completion and working with our Guardian Angel in ridding ourselves of what we have come to recognize as an aspect of quality of life no longer needed.

Taking the time to reflect on our "wounded self" is one of the key ways in which we can shift our perspective from that of lack to one of higher knowledge and awareness. This is how the process works to move from fate (karma) into our destiny, which is leaving the survival consciousness world behind as we consciously choose to move into a thriving consciousness.  There is a big difference between fate and destiny: karma is what you need to master, which is mastering your fears/the material world. Destiny is living the life as a result of mastering the initiations we faced! You can begin living a life where you are living the equal but opposite of what you're accustomed to knowing as lack...it is now plentiful in your life.

To learn more about this, please read my September newsletter and check out my regular postings on Facebook as support; I'm also offering at least one class and one course this month to offer various ways to support those searching for practical and grounded ways to move into their destinies!

Have a lovely day!

Love, Faith ^j^


September Energies, Balance, the Law of Fair Exchange, and Your Destiny

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 08/31/12

...just to name a few topics in this month's newsletter I sent out today for September.  I also included the name of a bank and contact to help those in the US looking for assistance in their mortgage, as this is a private bank that is able to help many who have been told "no" in the past.



Your Map for the Year ~ Energies of Each Month

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 08/04/12

Whew, what a summer this has been. I have never seen so much change happen all at once.  It has been a challenge for me to manage the new people I've met, the rekindling of old relationships I've had the opportunity of reconnecting with at my recent 35th high school reunion, new opportunities...this not only is true of my own life, but that of my family's as well.  Colleagues and friends are also enjoying some amazing times of manifesting heaven on earth.  In fact, this is the reason I have been rather "quiet" on my web site, Facebook, and on my blog.  I have written my August newsletter which provides some updates, so please visit that tab for the archive link to read it. If you'd like to receive my monthly newsletter, please also visit the same page to sign up.  The tab is "Newsletters" here on my web site. Thank you for stopping by and please do take some time to read about the energies of August, as well as the upcoming 7-week course on the 55 Cosmic Laws.

Love, Faith   ^j^

Aligning with the Manifestation of the Magic and the Miracles of Life!

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 07/08/12

On the date of 7/7/12, I wrote an e-newsletter about the energies of the month of July, which is the aligning with the Manifestation of the Magic and the Miracles of Life.  If you would like to read this newsletter, please visit the Newsletter tab on this, my web site, or click here

These days remaining from the summer solstice until August 22nd are key for us to change our lives from the old, fixed ways of lack and limitation into allowing and aligning with the higher energies made available to us in a prosperity consciousness...this is where the positive abundance, joy, peace, and the freedom of all things reside, but you must choose this for your life.  This is done by knowing yourself, having the awareness of self, and where your heart-felt intentions reside.  All things begin and end with you and what your motivations are along with your intention.

Please take the time to read this newsletter, as it is very helpful in understanding the spiritual science behind manifesting the joyful life you came here to experience. You deserve it!

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"Same Old Struggles"? and "Ascension Symptoms" Quiz

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 06/15/12

If you're finding that you're facing more situations that are "more of the same struggle," often what we are feeling (and do not recognize) is that we have these lost parts of our soul seeking reunion with us so that we can become complete and at oneness of all that is.

Most people are unaware that the things happening our lives right now are the parts of us harassing us for our attention so that we can love those wounded parts of ourselves to "death," as we can transform these wounded parts of ourselves (also known as our shadow or dark aspects) into this newly empowered, reunited self--There are parts of you that you have rejected which seek reunion so that you can return to the complete and full self you are meant to be.

Just the awareness of this alone can help shift your perspective and realize that every moment has a purpose, and when you stop and face a difficult situation and ask, "what is this moment showing me right  now?", and in that moment, truly surrender and accept where you are, this allows the Law of Change to work through your life and the Law of One & Abundance can now work in a positively-yielding, abundant fashion.

Developing a relationship with the self through healing and reviewing all that no longer supports or serves you actually helps you realize a new pathway before you. Take the time to pay attention to wounded parts of yourself calling out for this reconnection so that these parts of you can now be realized as empowered conscious aspects of the self. We can now be reborn as these "dark aspects" of the self return and merge.

Through this reconnection and with the power of being grounded within the power of light, you are uniting the power of your energies, and you are able to be reborn through the power of the intention of becoming one.

During the webinar I taught last night (Cosmic Laws course), the angels explained that many are feeling these Ascension Symptoms right now with "unexplained joint pain or illnesses."

Please note that this journey also develops the four lower bodies (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), which means this comes with many emotional/physical symptoms; these are known as "Ascension Symptoms."  I found an article which is an excellent overview of Ascension Symptoms  you may find helpful and insightful as you address your own healing needs.

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by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 06/01/12

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The White Fire Element: a powerful tool for your spiritual tool kit for healing and protection!

by Faith Parent Hendrickson on 03/07/12

Originally posted on Facebook on March 6th (see the picture of the Angel radiating light from her heart)...

An extremely powerful tool for your spiritual tool kit and life: the White Fire Element, which is the core of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom, also known as the Golden Ray of Oneness.  As we lead our individual lies and face our individual fears, illusions that love is lacking, etc., we're actually bringing light to these dark areas within, and the first half of 2012 is huge in the energies to compel us to face our own experiences since childhood so that we can stand within the core of our own Light essence. Standing in your own Light essence is when you come to realize, to truly recognize and own who you are, what you are made of, what you deserve, and where you are going.

Many hear "astrology speak" of planets going retrograde, but they don't know that these are compelling energies that are actually gifts to help us stop and face anything that is an illusion that we think is real. These areas of our lives are actually huge "energy depleters" and huge distractions from what our soul would like us to now experience. The clarity as a result of the "intensity" is an incredible place of love, peace, and freedom.

So the first half of 2012 includes Mars and Saturn retrograde, and Mercury joins these planets as retrograde on March 12th; these are all energies with archetypes, and these three spiritual planetary energies represent the action you to or don't take that support you, your light/dark sides that sabotage you, and the part of you that cheat/con/thieve/lie to you about your own life, self-love, self-worth, etc., as well as witnessing others doing this, which we all then make up our society...our families, neighborhoods, town, governments, medical, financial, and education systems, etc.

The White Fire Element "...is one that tolerates no illusion. It ensures that any density that hides the truth from the conscious self is revealed, and you have no other choice but to look at it. By looking at the deepest, darkest, and densest aspects of yourself, you allow yourself to get to understand its core essence, it motivation; in other words, you become empowered. Your journey extends beyond your wildest imaginings and not even your greatest dream, hope or wish will come close to the truth of what it is you will come to experience.

"The only requirement is that you have the courage to look your greatest fear in the eye, to feel the fear, and do it anyway; that, my precious ones, I suggest you make your new motto in life.  Feel the fear but do it anyway. Don't let it stop you, paralyze you, or inhibit your deserveability, your light, and your love in any way whatsoever..." Master Kuthumi-Agrippa through Michelle Manders, May 17, 2008, "Golden Gate to Oneness Channeling" www.palaceofpeace.net

The White Fire Element brings with it the power of the Wind Element as it blasts through you, clearing all of the debris in the cells, the molecules, and the DNA of your body, penetrating all the way to your atomic structure down to the minutest element of light inside of you. During these wonderful opportunities of self-reflection and truths being reveled during the retrogrades, this is a wonderful energy to call in IF YOU ARE READY FOR IMMENSE CHANGE.

This is also true of any situation you may be involved in; call in this most powerful element that will assist the greater good of all those who are READY. It is a constructive energy to be called in with the Angelic Host where there is destruction currently.

Also, I have actually seen this work during an in-person session when I did NOT consciously call it in. A very powerful golden white light came through like a forceful wind that took away a dark being that was pestering my client. All I did was say to the being, "I'm going to have to ask you to leave."  Whhoosh!  He never returned!

Note that there is no reason for us to hold on to fears any longer, absolutely no reason, and the White Fire accelerates your ability to work through those issues. It does not have to a long, drawn-out process with continuous endless processes of therapy or counseling or whatever it is. This is a short cut to freedom in terms of breaking old cellular patterning and memory, so this "tool" is for those who are ready. VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE is that it an be brutal, yes, but the White Fire empowers you to take action rather than be paralyzed by the fear.

Use this White Fire Element along with the Angelic Host, as they are the Guardians of mankind in our experiences of this world, and they ask us to call on them: "You can do this wherever you choose to bring forth something lovely to bless yourself and others, as more of the Legions of the Angels that can come into the lower atmostphere of Earth, the cleaner our atmosphere will be!" BELOVED ARCHANGEL MICHAEL SPEAKS ON THE ANGELICT HOST, Volume 16, Saint Germain Press

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