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Faith assists you in rising above what is limiting you in your life. As a student of the ancient teachings of Medieval Astrology developed by Robert E. Zoller, she also uses this to assist you in getting to know yourself on a very deep level. "(Wo)Man Know Thyself."

Understanding that all of our experiences and our challenges are really our soul lessons is the first step to the key to freedom of life here on Earth. The second step is knowing what to do and taking proper action.

Faith assists those who struggle with limiting beliefs find their personal power, thus achieving a powerful new point of self-perception. This is extremely important so that we are fully grounded, honoring our life while we are here on Earth: our soul sent us here to learn, to grow, to heal ourselves, and to be in service in joy by using our “God-given” talents. 

It's time for you to live YOUR idea of Heaven on Earth. Learn how to live a happy and prosperous life!

Faith Parent Hendrickson
Founder, HeartLight Communications
P.O. Box 2311, Apex, NC 27502, USA
Office: (919) 362-0787
Email: [email protected]
Web Site: 
Faith is co-hosting weekly broadcasts, Soul Chat, each Tuesday with Michelle Manders and Sean Manders of Aurora Ascension Academy 

Regardless of the area of life you need assistance, Faith works with you, your higher parts of your self, and the many benevolent beings of living light to assist you in providing easy and practical methods that support you so you can live a joyful, empowered, balanced life, while living “Heaven on Earth”—even in the midst of chaos. One of the primary benefits of this work is the natural building up of one's auric field, so if you are an empath or sensitive to the energies of others and the energies around you, this work will help you as well..

Faith is an ordained minister, and a student of a two-year diploma program for Medieval Astrology (prior to “Traditional Astrology”—Medieval Astrology is the parent of modern astrology). Faith is also the Founder, Owner, Director of HeartLight Communications. 

More About Faith and Her Work...       
Faith has 40 years’ experience in business, including a career in corporate America in administration and technical service management; HR; finance/accounting and revenue recognition/billing; contracts/legal and contract negotiation; as well as small business, owning her own businesses including an S-Corporation; and experience working in the entertainment industry. She’s completed the two-year diploma course in Medieval Astrology (known as traditional astrology which birthed modern astrology), expanding her studies on the journey of the soul.  Faith is married, a mother of two young-adult children and is a licensed Zumba® Fitness Instructor (aerobic group fitness), which adds great joy in her life, as well as the extremely important subject of balancing the body/mind/spirit.

Many people do not understand the analytical process of not only deciding but “dissecting” their life in order to manifest the process, the order, the routine, and the boundaries which are required to bring them into a higher state of their own being. During sessions Faith connects with your soul and higher forms of guidance and streams of consciousness who provide important information to assist us. In sessions, you are assisted in breaking things down into small, bite-sized pieces and rebuilding it. Faith assists through bringing practical processes into manifestation which enables stable processes to be implemented as a routine for the body, mind, and soul. She has the ability to see the big picture, helping one to gain wisdom through experiential learning, for it is when we realize that is through our pain and not getting “what I want” or “what I expect” that we can grow. 

In actuality, these discomforts are where we can learn most about the attachments we hold about ourselves. Faith helps you to realize that in order to manifest, the first step is to be able to accept limitation first, and this means we are to become a master at something in our life. To do this, we sometimes have to limit ourselves to a specific activity until we are proficient at it. This includes assisting in indentifying the gift within the limitation from which wisdom can be taken, releasing the rest. Regardless of who we are in life and in society, we are not able to manifest all of our needs met if we are unwilling to accept limitation. When we can accept these limits with grace, nurturing ourselves--which nurtues the soul--this is when one can manifest prosperity for the self. If we don’t learn to do this, we are kept in survival mode.  

During sessions, Faith is able to provide specific suggestions for many areas of life in ways to take grounded, love-based actions to be able to move on. Her broad background and experiences in the many realms is extremely beneficial in developing one’s own complete holistic approach to life. After a session, people comment that how much they received spiritually from sessions and feel a change and connectedness that’s a fresh new start with a new perspective and new energy, feeling a sense of peace and believing in a better future as you receive assistance in how to build your life in this New World!

Faith has a very strong connection to the heavenly realms of spirit and has had many personal experiences with these various realms; her abilities include clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairvoyance, and she has been providing "Ascension Readings" since 2007. 

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Before taking any action, which "wolf" has your heart? This is important to know/understand as that will be the motivating energy behind the actions you are about to take. The foundation you are building. Read the above "Cherokee" before taking action....the action you're about to take may not bring your intended result!