Assisting in filtering soul lessons from difficult challenges, supporting you to co-create new pathways...
Ascension Way-shower, Soul Coach, Higher-Consciousness Mentor, and Spiritual Teacher 

​For those who say “you can have it all, but not all at once,” Faith says, "Then you have never known Peace! When you are truly at Peace, you feel as if you have it all already!" Peace is the result of a balanced holistic approach to life: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. To achieve Peace, it requires us to reconnect and to understand our soul and our soul's needs, thus nurturing our soul. And how do you nurture your soul? By nurturing yourself. When we do this, we allow our soul needs to be fulfilled as we are in human form, which is the key to living a prosperity-filled life. If we don't move into this new way of living, our current negative belief systems will keep running our lives. The systems we create in the world will either suppress or support us. Are you ready for you? Faith assists you in achieving a peacefully-balanced life through easy methods that support you!  Faith has a very strong connection to the heavenly realms of spirit and has had many personal experiences with these various realms. She works with your soul and the higher parts of you to specifically assist you as you long for your personal pathway to freedom. Peace is really Love; this True Power resides within you. Got "Faith"?!...~ The past does not have to be your future! ~  Many Blessings to you! ^j^  Faith

Rev. Faith Parent Hendrickson 
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There is a spiritual reason for everything that happens here on Earth and to each of us--everything. Our experiences as human beings are ways in which our soul explores the many different levels of life here which actually teaches us more about the Divine, God/Goddess, Source to learn to stop judging and criticizing ourselves, others, and events and instead to realize that everything is in divine and perfect order, as well as that the reality of what you've observed really "just is" the truth of the situation--this allows you to see the wisdom from whatever you went through or are going through: this is the key to leaving your past behind and creating a new life ahead. Until the situation or challenge is fully recognized from the heart of the soul, the truth, you'll keep dragging this baggage with you. So...

The journey of life is about learning more about ourselves. We are learning more about ourselves as individuals, facing our fears, or our “dark sides”, and understanding the deeper meanings and mechanisms of life and the impact of fear, our lower ego, has had on our lives. Often referred to as our "shadow self," this is an extremely important aspect of our own self we must pay attention to because this is the part of us that's been holding on to our personal Divine Gifts, which we often reject because others rejected us or these parts of ourselves. The beauty of this is understanding the truth behind this rejection: you just weren't ready for you--yet! We've all been there at some level in our lives. You are not alone!

Today’s environment is bringing worldwide challenges to everyone in all walks of life so that we free ourselves from the "gerbil-in-the-wheel" life of the lower ego to a simpler way of life that is a soul-lead life. By the way, your soul decides when to disconnect from that way of life...which is probably why you're reading this information right now! There's your sign!

Our challenges are serving the greater purpose of forcing us to address that which no longer works in our lives so that we can live in the ways of higher consciousness. This is done FOR you not TO you. Understanding that everything that happens to us serves a purpose is the key to releasing you from the "victim" mentality that keeps us in the chains that bind us. It is in the realization that your challenges did, in fact, serve you that you experience the "ah ha" moment, and now you're in the victory consciousness stage of your life! The journey of hope, which then becomes faith, can then become a new reality for you--regardless of what anyone else is doing. Your own peace in the eye of the storm.  We need to realize that our beliefs are really what's running our lives and that there's never enough action one can take to over ride the beliefs you hold.  The quality of abundance you're experiencing in your life is mirroring  your beliefs you hold. As within, so with out. 

This, in itself, is a journey towards knowing God, Source, Spirit, our Holy and Divine Father and Holy Divine Mother, and people are opening their hearts and their minds for the true meaning of life. This is a most exciting time where humanity can leave their fate, their karma, once and for all and move into their destiny.

Tired of the daily grind and drained by your life situations?  

It's time for a new routine designed just for with the assistance 
of all the invisible arms that love, support, and guide you...
a new enjoyable routine that is rewarding, replenishing, nurturing,
and positively life changing so you can master this material world!

Need "Faith"?

As a spiritual teacher, soul coach, and higher consciousness mentor, Faith provides “Words of Faith”, brain food, to feed hungry souls with empowering spiritual logic and processes that, when practiced with a loving heart, is positively life changing. 

In short: Faith helps you to find the deeper meaning in life so you can live a life of ease and freedom.

doing the same thing over and over again 
and expecting different results.
 ~ Albert Einstein 

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